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Course description[edit]

BALL STATE UNIVERSITY CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Application of psychological principles to personnel selection, training, and evaluation, worker motivation and morale, leadership and supervision, job design, and workplace health and safety. Prerequisite: PSYSC 100.

WIKIPEDIA INFO: A major component of this class will be participation in the Association for Psychological Science (APS) Wikipedia Initiative. The purpose of this initiative is to “support the Association’s mission to deploy the power of Wikipedia to represent scientific psychology as fully and as accurately as possible and thereby to promote the free teaching of psychology worldwide”. [1] Students will work both individually and in teams to update and create Wikipedia articles concerning Industrial-Organizational Psychology topics. This work will be student-driven, but supervised by Dr. Tagler. Students will work together to critique and edit their entries, learn and follow correct Wikipedia procedures, and respond to editorial feedback from the Wikipedia community. This aspect of the course is consistent with Ball State University’s emphasis on Immersive Learning.


  1. ^ "APS Wikipedia Initiative". Retrieved 2 February 2012. 

Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]


Michael J. Tagler, Ph.D.Mjtagler (talk)
Assistant Professor of Psychological Science
Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306

Online Ambassadors


Week 2: Wikipedia Essentials[edit]

  • Create Wikipedia account by selecting Log in / Create an Account. You don't have to use your real name as your Username. Pick a password you will remember!
  • Join the APS-Wikipedia Initiative Portal (APSWI) here. Provide the following course code: BalPSYSC 37337-000-Mjt

Week 3: Editing and Reviewing basics[edit]

  • Complete 11 tutorials at the APSWI portal.
  • Create your user and talk pages, add your userID to student list on main course page
  • Critically evaluate an existing Wikipedia article that you consider yourself knowledgeable about, contribute at least one edit, and leave suggestions for future improvement on the article's discussion page. Come to class ready to discuss and show the class the edit(s) you made.

Week 4: Using sources[edit]

Week 5: Teams and Article Assignment[edit]

  • Teams / Article Assignments announced in class on Thursday 2/9
  • First face-to-face team meetings in class on Thursday 2/9

Week 6: Team Work[edit]

  • PSYSC 373 Students: Each undergraduate team should submit a report to Dr. Tagler with initial plans for article revision and subsection responsibilities (i.e., who is responsible for what).
  • PSYSC 573 Students: Each graduate student should submit a report to Dr. Tagler with initial plans for article revision

Week 7: Building articles[edit]

Week 8: Progress Update[edit]

  • Submit an updated report detailing progress to date, modification/additions to original plan, and remaining work.
  • PSYSC 373 Students be sure to document the contributions of each individual student and responsibilities for remaining work.

Week 9: Seeking and Responding to Reviewers[edit]

  • If there is a lack of external reviewers for your article, seek them out at Wikiproject Psychology.
  • Clearly document your article improvements and considerations on your article talk page and by clearly describing your edits for the View history page.

Week 11: Wikipedia Peer Review[edit]

  • By Tuesday 3/29, submit your article for Peer Review as instructed on the link above.

Week 14: Submit article for quality assessment by Wikiproject Psychology reviewers[edit]

  • NOTE: Article quality assessment can take some time. Thus, if you hope to achieve "B" status (to earn extra credit points), you should aim to submit your article well in advance of this deadline. However, only high quality articles will attain "B" status, thus don't submit before you are satisfied with your article.

Week 15: Class presentations[edit]

ASSIGNMENT 4/24, 4/26
  • Students give in-class presentations about their experiences editing Wikipedia.


Article Students Class Presentation Date
Job analysis Tues 4/24
Personnel selection Thurs 4/26
Mechanical aptitude Thurs 4/26
Employment integrity testing Thurs 4/26
Situational judgement test Thurs 4/26
Wonderlic Test Tues 4/24
Performance appraisal Tues 4/24
Work motivation Tues 4/24
Job satisfaction Thurs 4/26
Organizational commitment Tues 4/24

Article banners

To mark each article the subject of a student project, add the following code at the top of the talk page for each article: {{ WAP assignment | course = Wikipedia:Ambassadors/Courses/Industrial Psychology37APSWI963 | university = Ball State University | term = 2012 Q1 | project = WikiProject Psychology }} That will result in the following banner (and make the articles easy to track):


260 Total Possible Points, as follows:

  • WP1: Create Wikipedia Account, Registering with APSWI and completing tutorials: 10 points
  • WP2: Creating your user and talk pages, adding your userID to student list on main course page, and Contributing your First Edits: 10 points
  • WP3: Initial Plan Report: 10 points
  • WP4: Updated Report: 10 points
  • WP5: Submit for Peer Review: 10 points
  • WP6: Submit for Quality Assessment: 10 points
  • WP7: Team Presentation: 50 points
  • WP8: Team Peer Review: 50 points
  • WP9: Final Article Quality: 100 points


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