This user uses AntiVandal to revert vandalism
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UpdatedMay 24, 2023
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AntiVandal is a web-based counter-vandalism tool. It is similar to Huggle in interface and usage, though it is a more lightweight version.


Due to the ability of the script to revert edits extremely quickly, it is required to have the rollback right or be included on the script's whitelist. If you do not have the rollback right, you can make a request at the permissions page.


Method 1[edit]

Go to Preferences → Gadgets → Advanced, check "Install scripts without having to manually edit JavaScript files", and save. Reload this page, and there should be a button which says "install".

Method 2[edit]

Add {{subst:lusc|User:Ingenuity/AntiVandal.js}} to your common.js.


After the script is installed, beside your preferences button, there will now be a link which says "AntiVandal". Clicking this will activate the script.


  • Q rolls back the current edit, and warns the user who made it with escalating warnings.
  • R rolls back the current edit but does not warn the user.
  • Space or ] goes to the next edit.
  • [ goes to the previous edit.


  • Warn allows you to select a warning template to give to a user instead of using the default.
  • AIV can add a report for the user at WP:AIV (note that this will report the user who made the currently selected edit, so you must report them before reverting).
  • UAA can add a report for the user at WP:UAA
  • Revert with summary lets you enter in a summary to be used when reverting, and will not warn the user.


You can add {{User:Wesoree/Userboxes/AV}} to your userpage, which will display as:

This user uses AntiVandal to revert vandalism.

You can add {{AntiVandal topicon}} to your userpage too, which will display in the top-right corner as seen on this page.