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April Fools' Day is fun, but there are a few rules you need to follow to make sure your jokes have the desired effect

April Fools' Day is a day of celebration on Wikipedia where we test the limits of short tempered Admins by playing jokes and pranks. Some guidelines on making jokes have been established based on last year's complaints by a few of such short tempered Admins and their henchmen who were not amused. Sticking to these guidelines will guarantee that this year's April Fools' Day will be even better than last year's!

The guidelines[edit]

  • Jokes and pranks in the article namespace have a big impact.[1] Jokes in articles will be treated as vandalism by short tempered Admins. Therefore that's precisely where the jokes should appear.
  • Do not tag any jokes using {{Humor}} or similar templates, or the inline template {{April fools}}.[2] Obviously tagging jokes amounts to spoiling the joke.

Given last year's feedback, following these guidelines is a sure way to have even more fun on April Fools' Day. Note that even among the most short tempered Admins there is no consensus against a complete ban of jokes on April Fools'.[3]

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