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115th Mobile Abortion Detachment
Active2010 (2010)-2014 (2014)
Country United States
Allegiance United States
BranchAMEDD Regimental Flag.jpg  Army Medical Department
SizeMedium (42)
Part ofArmy Medical Department
Base of OperationsBagram Airfield, Afghanistan
Nickname(s)Morning After
MarchOnly Women Bleed (instrumental)
EquipmentBody armor, surgical supplies
EngagementsOperation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan
Last commanderLieutenant Colonel Jennifer Dalten
115th Mobile Abortion Detachment emblem60J

The 115th Mobile Abortion Detachment (115 AD) was a unit of the United States Army based at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. The 115th was equipped with a Humvee (mine-resistant, ambush-protected).

The 115 AD was a new unit, having been established in early 2010 in response to a rising rate of combat pregnancies and a lack of safe access to abortions. [1]

The all-female unit also provided relief to local women, as well as the entourages of visiting diplomats.

It was the only deploy-able abortion facility in the US Army, although plans are underway to create more.

The unit was disbanded in 2014 due to the increasing suicide bombings by the Taliban and attacks on medical personnel.[2]


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