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List of events[edit]

Nominations for deletion[edit]

The usuals[edit]

  • Earth is nominated for deletion for the 8th time on the grounds that it is non-notable and an obvious hoax

New stuff[edit]

Other nominations[edit]

General nonsense[edit]

Main Page[edit]

On the Web[edit]

  • Google played a collection of pranks on April 1, 2013.[1] A sampling:
    • Google Schmick – Place designer elements on Google Maps to "spruce up" an area.
    • Google Maps Treasure Hunt Mode – This is tied to a real event in Australia, and converted Google Maps to look like a treasure map. Streetview became a sepia view through a scratched telescope.
    • YouTube Announced to Shut Down – In a story that gained media attention, YouTube was announced to be shutting down. No new video submissions were said to be accepted and one video would be chosen the best of them all. The decision is expected in 2023.
    • Google Nose – The ability to search by sniffing. Ironically, the video explaining it is on YouTube.
  • Mishapocalypse – when fans of an actor Misha Collins took over Tumblr


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