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Members of the Arbitration Committee hold a unique position of authority and trust on this project. There is a concomitant responsibility to avoid taking advantage of their special status, or of being perceived to be doing so, while acting in any role as individual administrators. Any perceived difference in status between a "regular" administrator and an arbitrator acting as an administrator can be problematic. In view of this, arbitrators should refrain from using their administrator tools in potentially controversial ways. Such controversial activities may include:

  • potentially controversial blocks, deletions, or protections (such as blocks or protections relating to community discussion at WP:ANI or WP:AN, or those relating to complex deletion discussion),
  • situations where many arbitrators are already involved, either due to prior arbitration or direct involvement,
  • any threat of these actions, as such threats also carry a greater perceived authority than those made by regular administrators.

Non-controversial actions (which may be performed by arbitrators in an individual capacity) are limited to:

  • emergency or time-sensitive situations,
  • blatant vandalism,
  • WP:BLP,
  • implementing a committee remedy or with strong community consensus,
  • routine administrator actions such as responding to straightforward requests at WP:AIV, WP:RFPP, CAT:CSD, CAT:PROD and similar.

Common sense should always be applied.