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To watch this quick video tour of Article Feedback, click the grey 'Play' button below. You can also view it on YouTube and Vimeo.

Welcome to Article Feedback V5, a new feature from Wikimedia Foundation that aims to help readers to contribute productively on Wikipedia. This quick video tour (3:50) shows how readers can use this new tool to give suggestions -- and how editors can make improvements to articles based on that feedback. This video was created and narrated by Wikimedia product manager Fabrice Florin.

To learn more, read this Walkthrough tutorial -- or check this Help page. If you have any questions about Article feedback, please contact our Community Liaison or join the discussion on the AFT5 talk page.

Please note that that only about 5 percent of articles on the English Wikipedia have feedback so far, as part of a gradual deployment for this feature. To see some of this feedback, check out this central feedback page. To see if an article has feedback, look for a link at the top of its talk page.

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More information about this screencast is available on this video page.