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This page recognizes those who have helped rescue articles from deletion. To assist in helping rescue articles right now, see Wikipedia: Article Rescue Squadron.

This page also recognizes and records excellent Wikipedia deletion debates in which an article was saved, in the hope that editors can learn from past discussions.

The Hall of Fame[edit]

Here are some examples of articles that have been rescued from AfD. But please do not add articles that need rescue to the list below. Instead, flag them for rescue using the instructions on the project page.

Article Rescue Squadron Hall of Fame

ARS Hall of Fame Medal[edit]

Editors added to this list (or any editor who rescues a page) get an Article Rescue Squadron Hall of Fame medal, Life Preserver.svg for each article rescued, which floats above their talk or user page. See the award example on the very top right of this page. The award may also be placed elsewhere on a talk/user page as per the editor's wishes.

To award this medal cut and paste the following onto a user's talk page, adding the saved article title(s):


For editors with existing medals on their pages, the template is:

{{click|link=ArticleTitle1|image=Life Preserver.svg|width=12|height=12|title=ArticleTitle1}}

...for each medal.


  1. ^ Saved because Key:
    * S = Adding Sources
    * A = Posted on Article rescue Squadron
    * DYK = Like "Expanded" but extensive enough (over 5x) to qualify to be featured in the Did you know? section of Wikipedia's home page.
  2. ^ a b c d e Mentioned at Wikipedia:Village pump (miscellaneous)/Archive 18#Excellent Article for deletion debates