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The Wikipedia Article of the Month is an article chosen from the Featured Articles that have been promoted in the month of September through majority vote.

{{Article Awards}}


Qualifications for Articles[edit]

An article, in order to be eligible for nomination, must be a Featured Article that has a promotion date in the same month and year of the poll. It must also have either won the Article of the Week award, or must have come in 2nd or 3rd place for that award in order to be eligible for nomination. As of right now, only Featured Articles having a promotion date of September 2016 are eligible for nomination.
Articles that cannot be nominated are:

Qualifications for Voters[edit]

In order to be eligible to vote, you must be a registered user with at least one contribution other that a vote'. Sockpuppet votes are not allowed and will most likely result in a block.

How to Nominate[edit]

Most articles that are promoted will already appear here. However, if an article has been left out of the list of nominees, then you can add the article like so.

Add nomination

Copy and paste the following template to the bottom of the list of nominations on this page and fill it out.
Please be sure to spell the article correctly, THE NAME IS CASE-SENSITIVE!

  <big>Number of votes: '''1'''</big>
  <!--Remember to update the vote counter when you vote!-->
; Support:
# ~~~~

; Comments:
* (place any comments here) ~~~~


Under "comments" section put explanation of what work is needed.


After submitting the new nomination, go to the nominated article and put


on the top of the article's talk page.

How to Vote[edit]

Sign with "# ~~~~" on the end of the list of the article you want to vote for and then update the vote count in the subhead. Opposing votes are not counted; see approval voting. You can vote for as many articles as you like. Additionally you can give a comment in the comment section.

How an Article is Selected[edit]

An article with the most votes from will be selected the 1st of every month. For example, the April WAM will be decided on 00:00:00 June 1. In case of a tie, the WAM will be decided by consensus. Also, on the 1st of every month, the set containing all of the promoted FAs will be opened up for voting. For example, on June 1, all of the May FAs will be opened up to the public for voting.

Articles are not removed from the list at any time while they are open to the public for voting, unless the article in question has been ruled ineligible for the WAM.

All winning articles that are selected to be the "Wikipedia Article of the Month" are automatically entered into the Wikipedia Article of the Year (under construction) contest, which is held every January.