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This page lists articles that exist in many other languages but not on English Wikipedia. Articles contained in many other languages of Wikipedia usually are important. Therefore, they should be started immediately.

When the articles are started, please first add the hyperlink in other languages of Wikipedia, then delete the link in this page. If you are not the article starter, please make sure that hyperlink is added on other languages of Wikipedia before deleting the link in this page.

Attention: Please don't use redirects to delete the red words (for example: redirect Black Death to Plague (disease), because the articles listed below are single articles, not redirect pages.

In order to keep the articles not yet started in red, if the article is a redirect page, please add {{delete|wrong redirect}} on the top of the page to alert the administrators to delete it.

There is a quick update of the list here.

The English translations below are only for reference. If they are wrong, please feel free to correct them. If there are more than one common names, please put them together to make a redirect page.

Please feel free to refresh these lists:

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30 or more versions[edit]

Name (link to wikidata) Number of
interwiki links
Link to wikipedia
China (region) 83 China (region) (redirects to Greater China)
Air 81 Air (redirect to Atmosphere of Earth)
Bow 71 Bow (disambiguation page)
Railway system 69 Railway system (redirect to Rail transport)
Ciconiiformes 66 Ciconiiformes (redirect to Stork)
Meteor 62 Meteor (redirect to Meteoroid#Meteor)
Tumor 60 Tumor (redirect to Neoplasm)
Body 59 Body (disambiguation page)
Concentration camp 59 Concentration camp (redirect to Internment)
Augusto De Luca 58 deleted
Giza Pyramids 57 Giza Pyramids (redirect to Giza pyramid complex)
Chest 55 Chest (redirect to Thorax)
Enclave 54 Enclave (redirect to Enclave and exclave)
Left-handedness 54 Left-handedness (redirect to Handedness)
Phalacrocorax 54 Phalacrocorax (redirect to Cormorant)
Carpenter 53 Carpenter (redirect to Carpentry)
Phragmites australis 53 Phragmites australis (redirect to Phragmites)
Witch 51 Witch (redirect to Witchcraft)
Chemist's shop 50 Chemist's shop (redirect to Pharmacy)
Entrepreneur 50 Entrepreneur (redirect to Entrepreneurship)
Regency 49 Regency (redirect to Regent)
Are 47 Are (redirect to ARE, which is a disambiguation page)
Fruit 47 Fruit (article is about the part of a flowering plant, not the food)
Aquamarine 46 Aquamarine (disambiguation page)
Electromagnetic force 46 Electromagnetic force (redirect to Electromagnetism)
Inventor 46 Inventor (redirect to Invention)
Musical band 46 Musical band (redirect to Musical ensemble)
Nurse 46 Nurse (redirect to Nursing)
Technics 46 Technics (disambiguation page)
Juridical person 45 Juridical person (redirect to Legal personality)
Orthopedics 45 Orthopedics (redirect to Orthopedic surgery)
Specific heat capacity 45 Specific heat capacity (redirect to Heat capacity#Specific heat capacity)
Asphalt 44 Asphalt (article is about bitumen as a whole, not about its subclass)
517 BC 43 517 BC (redirect to 510s BC)
Material 43 Material (disambiguation page)
511 BC 42 511 BC (redirect to 510s BC)
523 BC 42 523 BC (redirect to 520s BC)
Cirque 42 Cirque (article is about cirque glacier, which has a different definition)
Colon 40 Colon (disambiguation page)
Consensus 38 Consensus (redirect to Consensus decision-making)
Labour 38 Labour (disambiguation page)
Personification 38 Personification (redirect to Anthropomorphism)
The Good 38 The Good (redirect to Form of the Good)
565 BC 37 565 BC (redirect to 560s BC)
Pistil 37 Pistil (redirect to Gynoecium#Pistils)
Stone 37 Stone (redirect to Rock (geology))
588 BC 36 588 BC (redirect to 580s BC)
611 BC 36 611 BC (redirect to 610s BC)
Contour line 36 Contour line (article is about isarithm)
Predynastic Period of Egypt 36 Predynastic Period of Egypt (redirect to Prehistoric Egypt)
Ptolemy (disambiguation) 36 Ptolemy (disambiguation) (redirect to Ptolemy (name))
578 BC 35 578 BC (redirect to 570s BC)
596 BC 35 596 BC (redirect to 590s BC)
Biosphere reserve 35 Biosphere reserve (redirect to Man and the Biosphere Programme)
Cain 35 Cain (redirect to Cain and Abel)
Electrical conductance 35 Electrical conductance (redirect to Electrical resistance and conductance)
Hotmail 35 Hotmail (redirect to
Sexuality 35 Sexuality (redirect to Human sexuality)
Yodh 35 Yodh (article is wrongly categorised as being about the Arabic Yodh, yet is both about the Hebrew Yodh and the Arabic Yodh)
2 Samuel 34 2 Samuel (redirect to Books of Samuel)
569 BC 34 569 BC (redirect to 560s BC)
583 BC 34 583 BC (redirect to 580s BC)
Boreas 34 Boreas (disambiguation page)
Perihelion 34 Perihelion (redirect to Perihelion and aphelion)
Southwest 34 Southwest (redirect to Southwest Airlines)
1 Samuel 33 1 Samuel (redirect to Books of Samuel)
.bu 33 .bu (redirect to .mm)
603 BC 33 603 BC (redirect to 600s BC (decade))
Shop 33 Shop (disambiguation page)
Singular 33 Singular (disambiguation page)
2 Kings 32 2 Kings (redirect to Books of Kings)
608 BC 32 608 BC (redirect to 600s BC (decade))
Gramophone 32 Gramophone (disambiguation page)
Manometer 32 Manometer (article is listed at Wikidata, but is a redirect to Pressure measurement)
Reportage 32 Reportage (redirect to Journalism)
630 BC 31 630 BC (redirect to 630s BC)
684 BC 31 684 BC (redirect to 680s BC)
Homo georgicus 31 Homo georgicus (redirect to Homo erectus#Homo erectus georgicus)
Karnak 31 Karnak (article is about the Temple Complex, not the city)
quantum physics 31 quantum mechanics (non-English pages should just redirect to quantum mechanics)


16 versions[edit]

Name (link to wikidata) Link to wikipedia
AKS-74U AKS-74U (now redirects to AK-74#Variants)

10 versions[edit]

Name (link to wikidata) Link to wikipedia
Anison Anison (now redirects to Music of Japan#Theme music)


7 versions[edit]

Name (link to wikidata) Link to wikipedia
Political slogan Political slogan (now redirects to list of political slogans)

6 versions[edit]

Name (link to wikidata) Link to wikipedia
SR-1 Vector SR-1 Vector

5 versions[edit]

Name (link to wikidata) Link to wikipedia
Dutch studies Dutch studies (now a disambiguation page)
Kai Kung Leng Kai Kung Leng (now redirects to Lam Tsuen Country Park)
Viktoriv Viktoriv, Ukraine


4 or fewer versions[edit]

|Traditions-Arm-Dreieck||1||Traditions-Arm-Dreieck (redirect to Hitler Youth)

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