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The articles in the following lists have latitude and longitude more or less in the British Isles. They appear to have no image (excluding maps, diagrams, charts, etc.). They are broken down according to the subdivisions of the United Kingdom, and linked to the appropriate page on Geograph where CC-BY-SA images may be found.

While Ireland and Northern Ireland have their own National Grid (due to the curvature of the Earth) this project does not yet support this. Therefore the best way to find Geograph pictures for Ireland and Northern Ireland is via Geograph's place hierarchy interface. [link needed]

This version does not identify locations in the the Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey or Guernsey.

Places from the above territories or that are offshore or estuarine may appear in Unknown, offshore or estuarine, as may the odd place from continental Europe.

Note: Occasionally an article may have incorrect co-ordinates and appear in the wrong section. It may even be so close to a border that it appears in a neighbouring area, despite correct co-ordinates (though I have not seen this yet).

These pages are maintained by Femto Bot, a bot run by Rich Farmbrough. If you find any issues not listed above (notably pages with images listed, or pages without images not listed) please leave a message on my talk page.


Northern Ireland[edit]