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I need help with user:CieloEstrellado who has repeatedly made changes to edits I and other users have made without discussion. He seldom, if ever, uses edit summaries, and makes repeated edits without citing sources even after being requested to do so.

Most serious of these have been a long series of page moves in articles about towns, cities and other settlements in Chile, the most recent being Pilolcura, Chile‎ to Pilolcura‎.

His actions seem to stem from the fact that he doesn't like the settlement naming convention for Chile which he has made quite clear in Wikipedia talk:Chile-related regional notice board. There are several discussions about this topic on this page, the most relevant being near the bottom of the page. Most pertinent are:

  • I voice my opposition to the Chilean city naming convention
  • Settlement naming conventions' Change Proposal
  • Settlement article naming poll

He has been asked by administrator ScottDavis to stop making wholesale changes to place names at least until the latest discussions about place naming resulted in some resolution, but he has persisted.

I believe a review of user:CieloEstrellado's talk page and the discussions mentioned above will illustrate that he is unopen to any resolution other than what he wants and will continue to make disruptive edits as long as he is permited to participate.

--JAXHERE | Talk 15:12, 15 May 2007 (UTC)

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