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Anyone smart enough to edit Wikipedia in the first place must have quite a lot of intelligence

To assume high intelligence should be a fundamental principle on Wikipedia. Although we may not know many of the other people who edit Wikipedia articles alongside us, it is likely that they have a curiosity about life that derives from high cognitive ability.

The purpose of this policy is to address a perceived gap left by Wikipedia:Assume good faith, which allows us to assume that someone had good intentions, but lacked the brains to implement them, potentially leading to implied insults and degeneration of the social environment of Wikipedia.

When examining other people's edits, it is important to remember that they, like us, sometimes make mistakes in spite of "knowing it, really", and that it is possible that they are aware of the mistakes they've made, but were not able to correct them before somebody else did. This can be due to any number of reasons, including slow connections, network failure, computer failure, inefficient peripheral devices, and sudden demands of our real life environments.