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How to release a new version[edit]

  1. Double-check everything, including Wikia support
  2. Download the latest zip version of AWB released from sourceforge.
  3. Unzip to a folder called the same as the zip. Then rename the folder to the new version to be released.
  4. SVN update working copy to latest (Right click on AWB source folder in Windows Explorer and use Tortoise SVN -> SVN update)
  5. Increment the AutoWikiBrowser and WikiFunctions Versions to the release versions and commit: ..\AWB\AWB\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs and ..\AWB\WikiFunctions\Properties\AssemblyInfo.cs e.g. rev 8979
  6. Then do a release build in Visual Studio or SharpDevelop.
    • In SharpDevelop: Select Build → Set configuration → Release and then press F8 to build solution.
  7. Run the AWB packager to build the zip to be uploaded.
  8. Even if you have an antivirus running, use an online virus checker such as to make sure that the zip file is 100% virus-free.
  9. Log in to sourceforge project, you need admin rights for the our project
  10. Click to files, click to "autowikibrowser" folder
  11. Add a new folder AutoWikiBrowserXXXX (XXXX = version, matching zip file name)
  12. Click to the folder you just created, upload the zip file.
  13. Edit the properties of the file (use i icon) to set it as the default release for all platforms.
  14. Wait a minute or two and the sourceforge pages should refresh to show the new release as the latest release at summary.
  15. Update version at Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/CurrentVersion
  16. Now, decide whether to tag the release in SVN
    • On AWB folder in root of working copy choose Tortoise SVN -> branch/tag
    • Fill in path to be as \tags\REL_X_X_X_X to match release version
  17. Execute this and a new tag will be committed to repo
  18. Finally, update the AutoWikiBrowser and WikiFunctions Versions again, adding .1 to the end, to mark the SVN versions, and commit this back to the SVN as a version bump e.g. rev 8982

Update AWB Pages[edit]

  1. Visit Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/CurrentVersion, and set version to current version.
  2. Visit Template:Latest stable software release/AutoWikiBrowser and set release date.
  3. Visit Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/History and update the history for this release, and remove the HTML comments around the release.
  4. If you are an admin visit Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPage/Version, or if not, get an admin to, and update the versions

First update

<!-- Current version: 3900 --><!-- Newest version: 4000 --><!-- Updater version: 2009 -->

Setting the versions: Current version is the earliest enabled AWB release, Newest version is the newest AWB release. The update is mandatory if user version is < current; the update is optional if user version is >= current and < newest.

Remove any of the asterisked old versions, and add an asterisked new version, like below for the new version. Also add one for the SVN version

* enabled
* enabled

where is the svn version. Current version should be the oldest working version.