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Wikipedia:AutoWikiBrowser AutoWikiBrowser (Scripts)
 This is a repository of settings and scripts which perform specific tasks using the AutoWikiBrowser.

Scripts and settings[edit]

Script name Functions Notes Authors
List as Adds a listas parameter to {{WikiProject Biography}}. Also incorporates Magioladitis' talk page tidier and other clean-up. Newly cut code. Will fail with certain types of malformed banner. May well have other bugs. Use at your own risk. Rich Farmbrough
Bracket reference conversion It converts bracket references (such as [1]) to Cite.php and {{cite web}}. none Bookofjude

WP:GUS Userbox fixing Migrating UBs incompletely moved under WP:GUS Check with me before using, it might need updating Phil
de-linking be-bold fixing links to be bold which should go to be bold this is the first pass, catching only vanilla links; piped stuff will come later Phil
migrate babel-x migrating {{Babel-X}} to {{Babel}} and fixing old syntax Phil
ISBN-hyph Tidying up and hyphenating ISBN numbers Pretty robust, I believe. Labels some invalid ISBNs. Be careful with 13 digit ISBNs and trailing hyphens. Now obsolete due to AWB version. Rich Farmbrough
ISSN Tidying up and checksumming ISSN numbers Pretty robust, I believe. Labels some invalid ISSNs. Implements arithmetic in regular expressions. Now obsolete due to AWB version. Rich Farmbrough
Birth and death Converting to {{birth date}} etc. templates Most entries should be already done by humans or by User:SmackBot. You can of course request a run against any specific list/category. Rich Farmbrough
Lifetime Replaces {{Lifetime}} with the components it generates. Templates are of course moving targets. However this one should be subst only before any major changes occur . Rich Farmbrough
Full date unlinking Unlinks dates with day month year, including ISO, dmy, mdy, ordinals etc. most ranges, lists etc. As usual, no guarantees. Attempts to replicate in a short time what User:Full-date unlinking bot learned in months. But it might help spread the load. Note also that it does not unlink lone years, centuries, days, months, day-month or month year combos - most of which it is generally valid to unlink. Rich Farmbrough
/Removing caps in headers Fixes up 623 different common capitalised headers As usual, no guarantees. Some of the 623 are picked by me, and hence subject to human error, probably over half are picked by the AI and subject to bot error. Rich Farmbrough
/Listas diacritics removes all known to me diacritics and replaces them with the equivalent Latin As usual, no guarantees, but seems pretty bomb-proof. Someone might pick at the dipthongs Rich Farmbrough
/NASTRO redirects planetoid stubs per WP:NASTRO As usual, no guarantees, but seems pretty bomb-proof. One off job with some 3k instances left to do when the group culture decided that it was worth sacrificing. Rich Farmbrough
/image requested people Replaces image requested categories on the talk pages of US people categorized by state with a more specific category. Not used in anger, since I am not allowed... But seems OK. Created for User:Dthomsen8.
  • IMPORTANT - script is set up for Texas, two "advanced" rules and the list-maker category need to by changed depending on the state
Rich Farmbrough
/Meta2en Quick hack to make a page moved form en: to Meta link to the right places. Certainly needs work and careful supervision. Script does not know about all the things it should: namespaces, and interwiki links. Rich Farmbrough
Dab cleanup Various cleanups to standardize dab pages with the MoS Some complicated regex and a lot of rules, so watch carefully. Improvements welcome! Swpb

Sample regular expressions[edit]

Replace multiple spacing after full stop with single spacing
Match:\. +([A-Za-z\[])
Replace:. $1

Note: This may replace double-spaces inside <pre> tags, so you need to be careful, or skip pages containing <pre> tags using Special Replace (under Find and Replace Advanced settings).

Remove trailing spaces
Match: +\n

XHTML compliance[edit]

<br> and <hr> to <br /> and <hr />
Match:   <[/]?(br|hr)([^{/}<>]*?)>
Replace: <$1$2 />
HTML Attribute quoting
Match:   (<\w+)\s*(\w+) *= *(['"]([^"']*?)['"]|([#-9A-Za-z]+))([^{}<>]*>)
Replace: $1 $2="$4$5"$6


Between X and Y bytes of wikitext
Single line conditional regex: ^.{0,900}$ where 0 is the minimum and 900 is the maximum
Crude word count
Single line conditional regex: ^\W*(\w+\W+){13,29}\w*$ where 13 is the minimum and 29 is the maximum

External link simplification[edit]

External Wikipedia link to internal
Match:   \[*([^][<>"\s]+) ([^]]+)\]
Replace: [[:$1|$2]]

Notes: The colon is needed to prevent category or images from being embedded. Also, not recommended since it can mess with references.

Wikimedia Foundation external links to interwikis
Match:   \[http://([a-z0-9\-]{3})\.(?:(wikt)ionary|wiki(n)ews|wiki(b)ooks|wiki(q)uote|wiki(s)ource|wiki(v)ersity)\.(?:com|net|org)/wiki/([^][<>{|}\s"]*) +([^\n\]]+)\]
Replace: [[$2$3$4$5$6$7:$1:$8|$9]]
Match:   \[http://(?:(m)eta|(commons)|(incubator)|(quality))\.wikimedia\.(?:com|net|org)/wiki/([^][<>{|}\s"]*) +([^\n\]]+)\]
Replace: [[$1$2$3$4:$5|$6]]
Wikia wikis external links to interwikis
Match:   \[http://([a-z0-9\-]+)\.wikia\.(?:com|net|org)/wiki/([^][<>{|}\s"]+) +([^\n\]]+)\]
Replace: [[wikia:$1:$2|$3]]
External Toolserver to interwiki link
Match:   \[http://(?:www\.)?(toolserver\.org|tools\.wikimedia\.org|tools\.wikimedia\.de)/([^][<>\s";?]*)\?? ([^]\n]+)\]
Replace: [[tools:$2|$3]]
Use newer {{fullurl}} magic word
Match:   [{{SERVER}}{{localurl:
Replace: [{{fullurl: