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Not to be confused with Wikipedia:Autoconfirmed users.

Autochecked is a user group associated with the pending changes protection features. While its name may suggest that those users' edits are automatically accepted when the latest revision is already accepted, rather than requiring review by an administrator or reviewer; it does not grant such right - since 'autoconfirmed' is checked as well and they do not possess this user right. The FlaggedRevs extension always checks the presence of autoreview for any automatic review, and possibly other restrictions on top of it, so 'autoreview' cannot be removed from autoconfirmed users otherwise they could not be autoreviewed in any case. As a consequence, autoreview cannot be used for PC2 either. In conclusion, there is no current or potential use for this group, and it shouldn't be granted.

Currently there are 0 autochecked users; occasionally this group gets assigned in error or for experiments, however administrators generally keep the list empty.

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