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Documentation for the automated taxobox system

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Which automated taxobox template should I use?[edit]

(The decision tree below excludes {{Paraphyletic group}} and {{Population taxobox}}.)

Is the target taxon a virus or other subcellular entity?
YES: Use {{Virusbox}}
NO: Is the target taxon another kind of organism, living or extinct?
  YES: Is the target taxon a species?
   ↓ YES: Is the target taxon an animal that is a hybrid between two species in a single genus?
   ↓  ↓ YES: Use {{Hybridbox}}
   ↓  ↓ NO: Use {{Speciesbox}} (unless the species name isn't a straightforward binomial in which case use {{Automatic taxobox}})
   ↓ NO: Is the target taxon a rank above species?
   ↓   YES: Use {{Automatic taxobox}}
   ↓   NO: Is the target taxon an animal subspecies?
   ↓     YES: Use {{Subspeciesbox}}
   ↓     NO: For subspecies and varieties, use {{Infraspeciesbox}}
For other, special cases (e.g. forma specialis, strain), use {{Infraspeciesbox special}}
  NO: For trace fossils (ichnotaxa), use {{Ichnobox}}
For egg fossils (ootaxa), use {{Oobox}}

In very complicated cases, it might be easier to use a manual taxobox rather than asking for help automating it.

Please remember: There's not yet consensus to convert all taxoboxes to automatic taxoboxes. Please use your discretion when converting: and always preview your edit before saving.