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There are thousands of biographies of living persons that need to be put into Category:Living people. Using tools like HotCat or AutoWikiBrowser, please take a section of biographies, go through each and add Category:Living people. If they are not living please add an appropriate death category such as Category:Year of death missing or [[Cat:"year" deaths]], but do not skip it. When you've finished with a section, please blank it to avoid duplicate effort.

  • 1complete
  • 2complete
  • 3complete
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The following articles appear to transclude {{blp}} in their talk pages but they are not categorised under Category:Living people or Category:Possibly living people:

  • 9 – approx. 2647 entries remaining
  • 10 – approx. 4048 entries remaining
  • 11 – approx. 3573 entries remaining
  • 12 – approx. 4237 entries remaining

How to deal with these articles of the second block:

  • If they are articles about groups of people then just remove the entry.
  • If they are about deceased people then change |living= from yes to no in the talk page
  • If they are about living or possibly living people then add the appropriate category in the article
  • If they are redirects from a person to another person or group then change |class= to NA and add |non-bio= with value yes
  • If they are redirects from a person to itself (alternative spelling, etc.) then add the appropriate coding in the article. For example {{R from alternate spelling}} and consider removing unnecessary banners from the talk page.

Category:Biography articles without living parameter has 194 articles in it. Some of these are about living people, some about dead people, a lot of them are about bands and the like. But where they are about living people, they're almost never in Category:Living people (as if they were, a bot would have filled in the living parameter based on the article already).