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The Bacon WikiCup is a bacon-themed variation of the regular Wikipedia WikiCup. It was created by 2009 Wikipedian Sky Attacker (known at the time as The Legendary Sky Attacker) as a component of an annual "Bacon Challenge" amongst several Wikipedians to add bacon-related content to Wikipedia. The Bacon WikiCup traditionally ends on the first day of March, National Pig Day.

2010 season[edit]

The first season of the Bacon WikiCup was contested from December 2009 - March 2010. Fourteen participants contributed content. The event was started and co-organized by Sky Attacker in December 2009, and then by SuperHamster for the rest of the event. The overall winner was Spinningspark.


The original season saw the creation of over forty new bacon-related articles, the uploading of more than sixty new bacon-related images, and the significant improvement of many more existing bacon-related articles. Several articles appeared on Wikipedia's main page in the "Did you know...?" section during and after the event's duration and other notable content such as a Wikipedia bacon article template and categories for bacon drinks and books about bacon were also introduced to the encyclopedia.


Placing Participant Points
1st England Spinningspark 109
2nd Norway Cirt 94
3rd Jersey Glane23 73
4th United States Drmies 64
5th Scotland The Legendary Sky Attacker 40
6th United States LadyofShalott 36
7th United States ChildofMidnight 32
8th England WereSpielChequers 23
9th United States SuperHamster 22
10th Sweden Theleftorium 15
11th United States Dylan620 7
12th United States Jonathunder 4
13th (tied) United States Giants27
Canada Kelapstick


2011 Season[edit]

2010 co-organizer SuperHamster opened a second season of the Bacon WikiCup to take place starting March 2, 2010 and finish a year later on March 1, 2011.


Position Participant Score
1st Devon Worm That Turned 451
2nd Belgium Cirt 310
3rd United Kingdom Acather96 53
4th Bhutan Spongie555 43
5th Drmies 39
6th Australia Dylan620 37
7th United States LadyofShalott 24
8th Iran SuperHamster 20
9th Jersey Glane23 (Geoff) 8
10th Texas Caknuck 5


2012 Season[edit]

SuperHamster opened the third season of the Bacon WikiCup, which started June 14, 2011 and finished on March 1, 2012. Although content creation was a success, participation reached a new low, making this Bacon WikiCup the last one for now.


Position Participant Score
1st Nebraska Silver seren 477
2nd Devon Worm That Turned 204
3rd Derbyshire Rcsprinter123 86
4th Manchester Doh5678 25
5th France Cirt 12