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Welcome to the William Blake Task Force.This Task Force organizes and coordinates Wikipedia's coverage of Romantic poet and artist William Blake. In Fall 2013, User:Sadads will be having a WP:GLAM-Wiki internship with The William Blake Archive, and has started the project to organize and support efforts to improve content related to William Blake, the collection of The William Blake Archive and other topics related to Blake's contributions to both literary and visual culture. More information about the collaboration, which will include content development and events related to the William Blake Archive, will be coming soon! Make sure that you add this page to your watchlist!

If you are interested in Blake or improving Wikipedia's examination of Blake scholarship, we would love to have your support. Please add yourself to the list of members. Also, check out the most recent update to find out what is going on in the project

GLAM-Wiki cooperation agenda[edit]

The following is a list of things User:Sadads plans to encourage during the end of Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 while he is an intern supporting cooperation with the William Blake Archive:

User:Sadads would strongly encourage discussion of further possible activities or feedback on the talk page for the task force


Scope and categories[edit]

Generally, content worked on by the project will fall within the scope of Category:William Blake. Below is a category tree to help with navigating and curating content.

To display all subcategories click on the "►":

Article assessment[edit]

To assess articles as part of the William Blake project, add the following template {{WikiProject Poetry|class = | importance =| william-blake= yes| blake-importance =}} We assess articles within the project on the assessment scale provided at WP: WikiProject Poetry. Importance should indicate an articles relative relationship to Blake scholarship or public interest in Blake.

Criteria for importance can be broken down in the following ways:

  • Top Importance- Blake's Biography, complete works by Blake (whether epic poems or full publications), work treated extensively in scholarship or taught extensively in schools
  • High Importance - Important poems or illustrations, important Blake scholars, people or places important in understanding Blake's life
  • Mid Importance - Less important poems or illustrations, characters from Blake's mythology that receive considerable attention
  • Low importance - derivative works of little importance, minor characters in Blake's mythology, individuals on the periphery of Blake's life

Content developed[edit]

The below section is to both document content that has been significantly improved and to help communicate the successes of the GLAM-Wiki Collaboration with The William Blake Archive

Recognized Content

This section will contain a list of content brought to GA, FA, FL or Featured picture by the project.


This section will contain a list of articles brought to DYK by the project.

New Articles[edit]

This section will contain a list of new articles created by the project.

From Fall 2013 course at K-State:

Articles Improved[edit]

This section contains article that have been expanded throughout the project:

Content added or improved in other languages[edit]

This section will contain a list of new articles and significant improvements to articles in other language Wikipedias


The Notebook (or "Rossetti Manuscript") was used by Blake from c.1787 until c.1818.

New Commons Images[edit]

Jerusalem The Emanation of the Giant Albion

Visionary heads (new)[edit]

Some other Visionary Heads (in the order of Martin Butlin Catalogue)

see also: Category:Visionary heads by William Blake (51 files in total)

Also, uploading larger versions and better metadata for files found in Commons:Category:Media_from_the_William_Blake_Archive

Blake's Manuscripts
Notebook (the "Rossetti Manuscript").

see also:

Notebook. Blake's Poems from the "Rossetti Manuscript"

Other outcomes[edit]

To do[edit]