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This proposed policy is made below:

The Board will be a place between the informal resolution and the Arbitration Committee, that will ease cases off the ArbCom. The Board will consist of nine members, three selected by the ArbCom, five selected by the public (users), and one selected by Jimbo [1]. At any time, Jimbo may dissolve the Board just as he can with the ArbCom. The board members will handle cases before they reach the ArbCom, so to releave a great sense of pressure with their current 23-25 cases.


The court will hear appeals from either an informal resolution[2] or from a un-solved dispute. They will be exactly run like ArbCom, except with a ligher sense of power.

When a person asks for their case to be heard, they will list it for a request. Then at least four members of the Board must agree to hear the case. After that, the board will enter an evidence, and voting phase.