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The Wikipedia Bounty Board was created in October 2005 and marked historical in November 2013. It was nominated for deletion alongside its sister Wikipedia:Reward board amid general concerns over paid editing and that its aims were contrary to the spirit of a NPOV encyclopedia, and a monetary reward page should not be part of Wikipedia's structure.

The board allowed any user to post monetary bounties for completing Wikipedia-related tasks. If the Bounty Hunters completed the task, the person offering the bounty – known as the Bounty Keeper – donates the bounty money to the Wikimedia Foundation in the name of the Bounty Hunters who worked so hard on the task. The Wikimedia Foundation is the non-profit organization which runs Wikipedia. (Donating money in the name of someone else is called alternative giving.)

Normally, the task was to improve an article to either good article or featured article status.

Expired and claimed bounties[edit]

When this board was marked as historical, all open bounties expired.

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