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A Branchlist is a list of topics presented on the RHS at the top of an article, using a special form of template combined with a set of rules that allow rapid navigation around large topics, assist the process of coordinated editing, and help to eliminate duplication. The examples shown here will take you to Electronics for a demonstration of how it is possible to quickly navigate around hundreds of pages logically using lists of just 10 or 20 topics.

Branchlists are currently named as a series of the form {{branchlist/Rootpage}} or{{branchlist/Rootpage/Hubpage}} etc, using the names of the major topic (root page) and the hub page where appropriate. It is anticipated that in future the generation of all templates in the branchlist series will be automated, using the names between the slashes as parameters, along with the name of the page they appear on, hence the incorporation of the common word 'branchlist' for easy identification. With automation, it would only be necessary for such a parametric template specification to be added at the top of a page for the actual template to be compiled or updated.

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