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Every once in a while, Wikipedia stress levels go off the charts. Unfortunately, that can sometimes cause undesirable effects, such as cardiac arrest, or ulcer, or even spontaneous combustion. This is why it is important for all users to occasionally, calm down, sit back, relax, and breathe.

Why Should you Breathe?[edit]

Sitting back and breathing is important if you match any of the following criteria:

  • Hospitalization due to Wikistress
  • Severe emotional trauma due to Wikistress
    • More severe emotional trauma involving hospitalization, or psychiatric treatment due to Wikistress.
  • Build ups of anger causing temporary "blackouts" during editing, in which you "wake up" with 3 WP:PA warnings.
  • You suffer a heart attack or cardiac arrest during, or related to Wikipedia editing and Wikistress.
  • You find that you are on a respirator, due to Wikistress.
  • You grow a tumor, get an aneurysm, or a related health problem from Wikistress.
  • You find yourself turning to drugs or alcohol to cope with Wikistress.
  • You start failing all your classes, and barely go to school to spend time editing the Wiki.
  • You neglect work, bills, and real life completely to edit the Wiki.
  • And anything else that you think is bad. Use your judgment (yes, you do have judgment)

Breathing can also be used in less major situations, such as:

  • Either during, or after a serious conflict with another editor or editors.
  • During a stressful vandalism streak.
  • After a personal attack was made against you.
  • After you have not succeeded in a goal, such as a RfA, GA, or FA.
  • Other stressful situations that you may come across.

How do I breathe?![edit]

Breathing is important, and sometimes you might forget how to do it due to the level of Wikistress. But, you can remember in 6 easy steps (write them down first)

  1. Turn off the monitor, if you want to do it right, turn the whole computer off.
  2. Take your hands off of all computer electronics, mice, keyboards, speakers, etc.
  3. Wipe the tears from your eyes that have somehow emerged after separating yourself from the Wiki.
  4. Open your mouth.
  5. Expand your lungs, then contract them, forcing air through your trachea, remember to open the valve that sends air to your lungs instead of your stomach. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Get back on the Wiki, feeling refreshed!

What if breathing didn't work?![edit]

Then you've got a more serious problem on your hands! You might have some more long-lasting damage. You're going to have to take actions! Ideas:

  • Take a Wikibreak, it'll help.
  • Go eat some comfort food, that could help.
  • Run around in circles to spend some pent up energy.
  • Go away from the computer, and come back later, without taking a full blown Wikibreak.

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