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Brill is a publisher of academic e-books and journals primarily in the humanities and social sciences, but also law and science. The collection offered here, Brill Online Books and Journals, includes 250,000 chapters and articles on a variety of topics. For more information see their website.

There are up to 45 one-year accounts available to Wikipedians through this partnership.


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Example citation

{{cite book|editor1=Janet Floyd|editor2=R.J. Ellis|editor3=Lindsey Traub|title=Becoming visible: women's presence in late nineteenth-century America|date=2010|publisher=Rodopi|location=Amsterdam|isbn=9789042029781|url=}}{{subscription required|via=Brill}}
  • Janet Floyd; R.J. Ellis; Lindsey Traub, eds. (2010). Becoming visible: women's presence in late nineteenth-century America. Amsterdam: Rodopi. ISBN 9789042029781. – via Brill (subscription required)