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Brion Vibber (left) next to a bi-dimensional replica and surrounded by Brion Vibber Day balloons (2013).

Brion Vibber Day is June 1st, which commemorates the awesome works of Brion Vibber, our lead developer. This is an important day to Wikipedia. The awesome first Brion Vibber Day was observed in 2004. Brion Vibber Day was proclaimed by Jimbo Wales in the following email message:

I hereby decree, in my usual authoritarian and bossy manner, that
today (June 1st) shall forever be known as Brion Vibber day.
Wikipedians of the distant future will marvel at his incredible
dedication and hard work, without which the project should have
collapsed a long time ago. Tonight at dinner, every Wikipedian should
say a toast to Brion and his many inventions.
On Brion Vibber day, Wikipedians everywhere greet each other in
Dankon, Brion.

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