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British and Irish Historic House books recently published is a list of books, in publishing date reverse chronological order, on the subject of historic houses, stately homes, palaces, castles, country houses, manor houses, mansions or their gardens or follies, located in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland.

Each book entry lists the book’s title (in italics), author(s) or editor(s) names, publishing company, hardcover or paperback, length of the book (in pages), the date published, and the ISBN 10 and 13 digit codes, plus details of the connection of the book to historic houses if not obvious from the title. This comprehensive list is intended to be a quick reference guide to the latest publications and research, for both scholars and amateurs, to ensure that all relevant literature is known and read. Books on individuals or families, if integral to a house’s history or the research into historic houses, may occasionally be included in this list. A reprint or paperback issuing of an earlier hardcover will not be listed separately, unless it is a revised edition, then the original entry is removed and incorporated into the later entry. The Future sections lists books, in title alphabetical order, which are currently being written, but have not been assigned an ISBN number and fixed publishing date (for ease of tracking them and reviewing for ISBN allocation), with an estimated date of publishing, if known.



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A selection of significant past books worth reading, due to their wide coverage, ground braking contents or author's prominence:


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