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WikiProject Canadian football

Canadian football Collaboration[edit]

This project is an Article Improvement Drive, a collaborative effort to focus on a selected article for a period of time to improve and expand to a higher article quality.


  1. The article must be related to Canadian football.
  2. The article with the most Wikipedia-registered editors supporting it will win. If there is a tie, the one that was nominated first will be selected.
  3. You do not need to be a WikiProject Canadian football member to participate but why not sign up?!
  4. If you sign support of an article, you agree to assist in improving the article in some way if it is chosen.


If you'd like to keep track of the Article under improvement, you can add {{WikiProject Canadian football Collaboration}} or {{WikiProject Canadian football Collaboration|small=yes}} to your user page which will keep you up to date. Those who sign their support of an article will also receive a note when the article is chosen.


Participants who make a significant contribution in assisting to improve the article's Grade will receive a {{First Down Award}}. A participant who is recognised to have made the most outstanding achievement in the improvement of an article may be awarded the {{Game Ball Award}}.

First Down Award
First down marker.png
Thanks for being part of the WP:CFL/C team that brought Article from Grade to Grade! ~~~~
Game Ball Award
CFL football.jpg

User is awarded the Game Ball for Most Outstanding Achievement in the Article's Improvement Drive

To nominate an article[edit]

To add a new nomination, please:

  1. Copy the template below
  2. Place your nomination in the Nominations section below, at the bottom of the list, with a very short explanation why you are nominating it. Please sign your nomination with four tides ~~~~.
=== [[Article]] ===
; Reason:

; Support:
# ~~~~

; Comments: