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This is the main page for WikiProject Indian History's Chach Nama task force. This task force entails an initiative aimed at improving Wikipedia's coverage of 7th-century Sindhi history. In order to best achieve that goal, the task force will primarily focus on articles relating to the Chach Nama, a chronicle written by the Islamic conquerors of Sindh.

The primary goals of this project are as follows:

  • Accuracy: Using reliable sources to help determine consensus, this task force will strive to use the most accurate information as possible. This includes correct spellings of names, correct dates (if possible), and veering away from anachronistic references to states and entities that did not exist in 7th-century Sindh.
  • Guidance: This is a very open-ended task force intended to operate over a long period of time. Intense periods of activity are not expected, nor will a membership list be kept. Instead, the pages of this project are meant to serve as loose guidelines for those editors interested in improving this topic on Wikipedia.
  • Openness and Collaboration: This task force is open to all editors, even those who know little to nothing about the topic in question. While it is expected that interested editors familiarize themselves generally with the articles they are editing, many of this task force's activities will involve copyediting and general cleanup tasks that anyone can do. Further, this is a collaborative, encyclopedic project through which improvement efforts, both collective and independent, can come to fruition in a civil setting.