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WikiProject Chemistry also operates a peer review service to editors, which can be found here.

This page serves to coordinate the 2009 assessment drive of A-class and featured articles covered by WikiProject Chemistry and WikiProject Chemicals.

Why the A-class review?

Some of these articles have not been formally reassessed since the first assessment drive in 2005–2006, back in the days when the 32kB page length warning actually meant something to editors! Our ideas as to what constitutes a "complete" article in the field of chemistry have come a long way since then. All WikiProjects are being encouraged to conduct A-class reviews periodically, both by Version 1.0 Editorial Team and by the WikiProject Council: this page is WP:CHEMISTRY's contribution to that effort.

Why include featured articles and featured lists?

Many of our featured articles were also promoted a long time ago, and it seems appropriate to ask ourselves if they still constitute our "very best work". Even for recently promoted articles, we should remember that WP:FAC is not a very convenient place for discussing problems with the chemistry of an article. If we have featured articles which don't even meet our current A-class criteria, then we have a problem that needs to be addressed!

A-class criteria from the
Version 1.0 Editorial Team
The article is well organized and essentially complete, having been reviewed by impartial reviewers from a WikiProject or elsewhere. Good article status is not a requirement for A-Class.

Provides a well-written, clear and complete description of the topic, as described in Wikipedia:How to write a great article. It should be of a length suitable for the subject, appropriately structured, and be well referenced by a broad array of reliable sources. It should be well illustrated, with no copyright problems. Only minor style issues and other details need to be addressed before submission as a featured article candidate.

What are our review criteria?

The WP1.0 criteria for an A-class article are given opposite, and reviewers are expected to bear these in mind. However we need to concentrate on the "completeness" of the article, as this is something which can only really be judged here, by editors who have some knowledge of chemistry!

"Essentially complete" doesn't mean "exhaustive". There are several issues which need to be considered, such as article length, the likely audience of the article and the appropriate weight to be given to different aspects of the article topic.

"Well organized" should mean essentially free from serious style faults, although not necessarily to the degree that is required for a featured article candidate, either in the article itself or the effort put into reviewing for style matters.

More specific guidelines for various types of chemistry article can be found at Wikipedia:Manual of Style (chemistry).

How will the review work?

Each article will have a review page as a subpage of this one, listed below. Editors are invited to leave their comments there. There is no formal "nominator" of the review: all A-class and featured articles and lists are being reviewed and the task of article improvement will fall to the projects. The objective is to reach a consensus among contributing editors as to the article's current quality and as to suggestions for improvement. No reviews will be closed before 15 March 2009 to give interested editors a chance to make their comments.

To create a review page
  1. Click on a redlink below. Add {{WP:CHM ACR|title=Aldol reaction}} to the page (please do not use subst:), replacing the title parameter with the title of the article, and save.
  2. (optional, doesn't work yet) Go to the article talk page and copy the parameters from the {{ArticleHistory}} template at the top (assuming there is one). Then paste these parameters (not the whole template) into the {{WP:CHM ACR}} template on the review page.
  3. Add |ACR=yes to the project banner on the article talk page (either {{Chemistry}} or {{Chemicals}}).
  4. READ THE ARTICLE slowly and calmly, but carefully. Then add your comments to the review page.

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