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Cochrane is an international health organization in which volunteers from many countries collaborate to publish systematic reviews of medical research on health care and to share the information broadly. Cochrane volunteers and the organization itself have partnered with Wikipedia since 2013 to improve the quality of Wikipedia's health information.

This is a Wikipedia community documentation page describing projects involving Cochrane and Wikipedia. Anyone can edit this page and it is maintained by volunteers.

Current projects[edit]


Whether you are new to Wikipedia editing or you are a more experienced editor, we welcome all who would like to get involved and improve the evidence-base of Wikipedia pages. There are two projects actively recruiting volunteers

1. Keeping Cochrane evidence up to date on Wikipedia (Cochrane Bot Update Project).

Link to Project Page:[1]
About the project: A bot created list of Cochrane Reviews for which a newer version is available to replace the older one that is currently used in an article.
::Can I get involved? Yes! Follow the simple instructions and if the conclusions have changed in the Cochrane Review update the Wikipedia reference and/or the text
How long will it take? 5 minutes+, depending on whether the text needs updating in the Wiki article.
Project contact: JenOttawa

2. Improving the Evidence Base of Wikipedia Using Cochrane Reviews.

Link to Project Page: [2]
About the project: Volunteers can go to our project page to access a list of all Cochrane Reviews not presently used in Wikipedia. You can search for a Review that interests you, paraphrase the conclusions, and find a place for the evidence in Wikipedia.
How long will it take? 5-10 minutes/Cochrane Review.
Project contact: JenOttawa

3.Get free access to Cochrane publications!

Since 2013 Cochrane has provided subscriptions to its journals to experienced Wikipedia contributors who would use them to develop Wikipedia's medical content. These subscriptions and others are provided by The Wikipedia Library.



"A Cochrane and Wikipedia Partnership", a 2016 3-minute video