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A COI declaration accomplishes the goal of acknowledging and announcing where you have a potential conflict of interest. COI declarations are best placed on your personal userpage, or on a subpage of your userspace.

The guideline that governs conflict of interest is Wikipedia:Conflict of interest. The section governing public relations and other forms of financial conflict of interest can be read at Wikipedia:Conflict of interest#Paid advocacy, public relations, and marketing. In case of inconsistency between this essay and the guideline, the guideline takes precedence.


A COI declaration should:

  • introduce you to the community;
  • state who your employer or client is;
  • identify the articles related to your COI and confirm your intention to follow the conflict of interest guideline.

COI declaration on your userpage[edit]

A generic COI declaration:

'''COI declaration'''

Hi, my name is Mark Sampson and I work for Client Relations Inc. ~~~~

COI declaration in your signature[edit]

Ideally a link to your COI declaration should be placed in your signature. This can be done by going to your preferences, scrolling down to the Signature section, and typing in something like the following code:

  • If your COI declaration is on your userpage:
  • If your COI declaration is on a subpage of your userspace:

COI declaration examples[edit]

Here are some examples of COI declarations:

See also[edit]

  • WP:COI – the Wikipedia conflict of interest guideline
  • WP:PSCOI – the Plain and simple conflict of interest guide