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Wikipedia currently has no policy with regard to the accuracy, validity, or proper verification of academic or professional credentials of our editors. Proposals to verify as well as to reject them have both been considered and have been decided against. In the absence of an official policy, editors are free to make claims regarding their own credentials as they see fit, but there is no official requirement for any other editors to treat credentials in the same manner.

Any information about credentials that is displayed on our user pages (for example, in a userbox) has been placed there by its author, as Wikipedia does not have procedures for verifying it. Editors may interpret existing Wikipedia policy as supporting a certain credential policy, but such interpretations may not necessarily be shared by the community and do not necessarily reflect official policy.

Rejected proposals[edit]

The following proposals to verify credentials were rejected:

The following proposals to disallow credentials were rejected:

Other related proposals[edit]

Related projects in sister projects[edit]

  • de:Wikipedia:Persönliche Bekanntschaften A project where Wikipedians testify that they have met the owner of a particular account in person (designed mainly to mitigate the effects of malicious sockpuppetry, it does not verify real names or credentials)


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