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This is a list of cue sports game articles that needs to be created, at least as well-source stubs.

Priority should be determined by a combination of popularity of the game, its historical importance, sourceability, and how much it is redlinked in extant articles.



  • American four-ball billiards. (high priority for historical importance, it is an American version of English billiards but played with four balls and was the predominant billiards game played in the US prior to about 1860; same as "four-ball caroms" in BCA rules?; see also this note)
  • Hand billiards (carom version of finger pool, and they might be best as same article unless there is evidence of organized competition in both disciplines; redlink from Cue sport; Napoleon was a notable player, as sourced in Stein & Rubino; redir should exist at Finger billiards; mention Boccette in "See also")
  • Pin billiards see #Obstacle, Pin billiards
  • others?



Obstacle and target[edit]

  • Pin billiards (presently a DAB page; should be a general article, to cover Danish pin billiards, which is still played in national championships - uses much larger skittles; and see-main-article mini-sections on bar billiards, five-pin billiards and goriziana; should go into the history, and the relationship to bowling, and cover skittle pool/pin pool (redirs) unless and until such time as that needs its own article)
  • Devil's pool (redlink at Devil's pool (disambiguation); User:SMcCandlish has found a .au source via eBay, but another is probably needed; Australian/New Zealand pin billiards, in which the "pins" are flat obelisks like miniatures of the one in 2001: A Space Odyssey. A not very authoritative set of rules can be found here, and at least two 1970s Aus. rulebooks also provided rules, but are extremely difficult to find, the Southern Billiards Rules and the Charlton Rule Book. One variant known to use 3 balls, probably but not certainly carom-size, and probably but not certainly on a pocketless table, is known as victory billiards or victory pool. - a made-up variant using poker pocket billiards balls was featured in the weird Aus. sci-fi movie Hard Knuckle.)
  • "Ten-pin pool" ?!? (effective redlink from Pool Shark 2; may be a real pin billiards game, may be something the video game designers just made up)
  • Several noteworthy games aside from bar billiards and bagatelle; Stein & Rubino go into a few of them briefly, but Shamos covers many of them in detail, incl. with pre-1900 pics that can be legally scanned as public domain)



Lowest priority.

Definitely non-notable[edit]

Not wanted! WP:NFT junk that was deleted or simply shouldn't appear here, so no need to (re-)create articles about them.