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Add your username to the list here using the format below. You can simply copy and paste the code and then edit the relevant information:

Name: Michaelh.dick (talk · contribs) Michael Dick
Topic: The Avengers (TV series)
Sandbox: (User:Michaelh.dick/sandbox)

NOTE: Please use this section only for signing up on our course page. Messages to individual tutorial leaders should be left on their respective talk page.

Section 101: Michael Michaelh.dick (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: AyeshaAm (talk · contribs) Ayesha Am
Topic: Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC
Sandbox: (User:AyeshaAm/sandbox)

Name: Usamahmonir (talk · contribs) Usamah Monir
Topic: 2011 Bangladesh coup d'état attempt
Sandbox: (User:Usamahmonir/sandbox)

Name: Ldavs (talk · contribs) Luisa David
Topic: Philippine Assembly
Sandbox: (User:Ldavs/sandbox)

Name: JaredLam (talk · contribs) JaredLam
Topic: Workaholics
Sandbox: (User:JaredLam/sandbox)

Name: RheaPuri (talk · contribs) Rhea Puri
Topic: Ryerson Rams
Sandbox: (User:RheaPuri/sandbox)

Section 201: Michael Michaelh.dick (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: Jojo07206 (talk · contribs) Joseph Tsu-Hao Chang
Topic: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Sandbox: (User:Jojo07206/sandbox)

Name: Klassy1 (talk · contribs) Victoria Klassen
Topic: Jungle Cat World
Sandbox: (User:Klassy1/sandbox)

Name: Alaaharbz (talk · contribs) Alaa Harb
Topic: They Would Never Hurt a Fly
Sandbox: (User:Alaaharbz/sandbox)

Name: Riley.oconnell (talk · contribs)
Topic: Hamstringing
Sandbox: (User:Riley.oconnell/sandbox)

Name: Siddharth Singh Chaudhari (talk · contribs)
Topic: Bloody Falls Massacre
Sandbox: (User:Siddharthsc/sandbox)

Name: Fizzelo (talk · contribs) Faiza Rahman
Topic: STAT5
Sandbox: (User:Fizzelo/sandbox)

Name: Geeks rule the world (talk · contribs) Cherry Salib
Topic: 9q34 deletion syndrome
Sandbox: (User:Geeks rule the world/sandbox)

Name: Melisa.perez (talk · contribs) Melisa.perez
Topic: undecided)
Sandbox: (User:Melisa.perez/sandbox)

Name: Yanahunt (talk · contribs) Yana Pikulak
Topic: Western Woolly Lemur
Sandbox: (User:Yanahunt/sandbox)

Name: HoaDavidNguyen (talk · contribs) Hoa Nguyen
Topic: Little Fighter
Sandbox: (User:HoaDavidNguyen/sandbox)

Name: isseyroquet (talk · contribs)
Topic: Natural morality
Sandbox: (User:isseyroquet/sandbox)

Name: Shnmr93 (talk · contribs) Shaan Mir
Topic: Kawasaki motorcycles
Sandbox: (User:Shnmr93/sandbox)

Name: Connachts (talk · contribs) Connor Kelly
Topic: Impairment Cost
Sandbox: (User:Connachts/sandbox)

Name: Davidraff (talk · contribs) David Raffaghello
Topic: Baseball Canada
Sandbox: (User:Davidraff/sandbox)

Name: Mariahowenn (talk · contribs) Mariah Owen
Topic: Cheerleading in Canada
Sandbox: (User:Mariahowenn/sandbox)

Name: Briac.tier (talk · contribs) Briac Tier
Topic: G8 Climate Change Roundtable
Sandbox: (User:Briac.tier/sandbox)

Name: JoannaZahreddine (talk · contribs) Joanna Zahreddine
Topic: Chow Chow
Sandbox: (User:JoannaZahreddine/sandbox)

Name: Abbasaur (talk · contribs) Abbas Mehdi
Topic: Chorea Acanthocytosis
Sandbox: (User:Abbasaur/sandbox)

Name: Markvmanalili (talk · contribs) Mark Manalili
Topic: Bone cyst
Sandbox: (User:Markvmanalili/sandbox)

Name: {{User|Ini nyong} Ini Nyong
Topic: 2001 Jos riots
Sandbox: (User:Ini nyong/sandbox)

Section 301: Harrison Ambiveillance (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: Jimyjoo (talk · contribs) Song Joo
Topic: Reintegrative shaming
Sandbox: (User:Jimyjoo/sandbox)

Name: Kzjlee (talk · contribs) Keizac Jurdhan Lee
Topic: SCMP Group
Sandbox: (User:Kzjlee/sandbox)

Name: Tingsumlau (talk · contribs) Tingsumlau
Topic: Hong Kong Higher Level Examination
Sandbox: (User:Tingsumlau/sandbox)

Name: Olga Otten (talk · contribs) Olga Otten Topic: Sarkodie Hip hop artist
Sandbox: (User:Olga otten/sandbox)

Name: HayaKotob (talk · contribs) Haya Kotob
Topic: Nicolette Bethel
Sandbox: (User:HayaKotob/sandbox)

Name: Siddine (talk · contribs) Neha Siddiqui
Topic: Halifax Gazette
Sandbox: (User:Siddine/sandbox)

Name: Jawadrok (talk · contribs) Roksar Jawad
Topic: Zohra Daoud

Name: KaitieKarma (talk · contribs) Kaitlin Woodward
Topic: Virtual Families
Sandbox: (User:KaitieKarma/sandbox)

Name: C.sharma16 (talk · contribs) Christine Sharma Topic: James Ready (beer) Sandbox: (User:C.sharma16/sandbox)

Name: UbaidAbbas (talk · contribs) Ubaid Abbas
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:UbaidAbbas/sandbox)

Name:{{User| Monica Marszal(talk · contribs) Monica Marszal
Topic: Sylvia Plath (American Author)
Sandbox: (User:marsmoni/sandbox)

Name: qxp994 (talk · contribs) Yahya Al-Mashni
Topic: Rashed Al-Majed
Sandbox: (User:qxp994/sandbox)

Name: Rsaggar11 (talk · contribs) Rishi Saggar
Topic: Excess supply

Name: Brett.CCT (talk · contribs) Brett Elliott
Topic: Finn the Human
Sandbox: (User:Brett.CCT/sandbox)

Name: Khamicabingham (talk · contribs) Khamica Bingham
Topic: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
Sandbox: (User:Khamicabingham/sandbox)

Name: SaifCCIT (talk · contribs) Saif Malik
Topic: Neil Affleck
Sandbox: (User:SaifCCIT/sandbox)

Name: Zi Heng Su (talk · contribs) Zi Heng Su
Topic: Jōō (Edo period)
Sandbox: (User:Zi_Heng_Su/sandbox)

Name: Lindarin (talk · contribs) Linda Nguyen
Topic: Earth and Sky
Sandbox: (User:Lindarin/sandbox)

Name: Shelbybells (talk · contribs) Shelby Hacskhaw
Topic: Alix Bancourt
Sandbox: (User:Shelbybells/sandbox)

Name: Andre-CCT (talk · contribs) Andre Lanzarotta
Topic: St. Marcellinius Secondary School
Sandbox: (User:Andre-CCT/sandbox)

Name: Durand.Pereira (talk · contribs) Durand Pereira
Topic: Baseball Canada
Sandbox: (User:Durand.Pereira/sandbox)

Name: Samantha kozicki (talk · contribs) Samantha Kozicki
Topic: Global feminism
Sandbox: (User:Samantha kozicki/sandbox)

Name: hollycwatson (talk · contribs) Holly Watson
Topic: Paul Caponigro
Sandbox: (User:hollycwatson/sandbox)

Name: Alexzander.Singh (talk · contribs) Alexzander Singh
Topic: List of Canadian Universities
Sandbox: (User:Alexzander.Singh/sandbox)

Name: Xiaohui Jiang (talk · contribs) Xiaohui Jiang
Topic: Tei (singer)
Sandbox: (User:Xiaohui Jiang/sandbox)

Name: Miadav (talk · contribs) Mia David
Topic: Patrick Robinson (fashion designer)
Sandbox: (User:Miadav/sandbox)

Section 401: Harrison Ambiveillance (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: VergilZero (talk · contribs) Michael Kryszajtys
Topic: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Sandbox: (User:VergilZero/sandbox)

Name: Jacquelinelag (talk · contribs) Jacqueline Lagos
Topic: Canadian Film Institute
Sandbox: (User:Jacquelinelag/sandbox)

Name: T.Miji (talk · contribs) Mijidra Theivendra
Topic: Gaming Control Act (Ontario)
Sandbox: (User:T.Miji/sandbox)

Name: Emily Min LIng (talk · contribs) Min Ling LI
Topic: Tourism in Macau
Sandbox: (User:Emily Min LIng/sandbox)

Name: chelcie.may (talk · contribs) Chelcie May
Topic: Aerobic Conditioning
Sandbox: (User:Chelcie.may/sandbox)

Name: Michael A T13 (talk · contribs) Michael Tsirakis
Topic: Willits House
Sandbox: (User:Michael A T13/sandbox)

Name: VergilZero (talk · contribs) Michael Kryszajtys
Topic: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Sandbox: (User:VergilZero/sandbox)

Name: Darkclaw91 (talk · contribs) Liam Orlita
Topic: Psycho-Pass
Sandbox: (User:Darkclaw91/sandbox)

Name: Ggsammak91 (talk · contribs) Ghaith Assamak
Topic: Yosri Fouda
Sandbox: (User:Ggsammak91/sandbox)

Name: Karam Dawood Topic: Volition
Sandbox: (User:Strygon/sandbox)

Name: Lekhachopra (talk · contribs) Lekha Chopra
Topic: Yash Chopra
Sandbox: (User:Lekhachopra/sandbox)

Name: T.Kanasamoorthy (talk · contribs) Tharmila Kanasamoorthy
Topic: Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines
Sandbox: (User:T.Kanasamoorthy/sandbox)

Name: AmandaaRosee (talk · contribs) Amanda Ierullo
Topic: Vault (gymnastics)
Sandbox: (User:AmandaaRosee/sandbox)

Name: Fran.fernan (talk · contribs) Francival Fernandez
Topic: Arado E.340
Sandbox: (User:Fran.fernan/sandbox)

Name: Baena205 (talk · contribs) Baena Alando
Topic: Nike SB
Sandbox: (User:Baena205/sandbox)

Section 501: Drew Drewcrocker (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: ShannonRevie (talk · contribs) Shannon Revie
Topic: undecided
Sandbox: (User:ShannonRevie/sandbox)

Name: Svedjosh (talk · contribs) Josh Sved
Topic: Julio Cesar de Almeida
Sandbox: (User:Svedjosh/sandbox)

Name: CassandraChalmers (talk · contribs) Caysi Chalmers
Topic: Krofne
Sandbox: (User:CassandraChalmers/sandbox)

Name: Nataliewhy (talk · contribs) Natalie Wong
Topic: Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild
Sandbox: (User:Nataliewhy/sandbox)

Name: Chanpri1 (talk · contribs) Priscilla Chan
Topic: Egypt Exploration Society
Sandbox: (User:Chanpri1/sandbox)

Name: Sagal Osman (talk · contribs) Sagal Osman
Topic: Albert Aguayo
Sandbox: (User:Sagal Osman/sandbox)

Name: Chloe Receno (talk · contribs) Chloe Receno
Topic: John Paul Mitchell Systems
Sandbox: (User:Chloe Receno/sandbox)

Name: SammyBoy82 (talk · contribs) Samuel Lee
Topic: Ducati Streetfighter
Sandbox: (User:SammyBoy82/sandbox)

Name: Ben.gryschuk (talk · contribs) Samuel Lee
Topic: Crazy Taxi: Catch a Ride
Sandbox: (User:Ben.gryschuk/sandbox)

Name: Noworyta (talk · contribs) Nicole Noworyta
Sandbox: (User:Noworyta/sandbox)

Name: NicBeee (talk · contribs) Nicole Bynoe
Topic: Telecommand
Sandbox: (User:NicBeee/sandbox)

Name: sabbahma (talk · contribs) Margo Sabbah
Topic: Relaxation (psychology)
Sandbox: (User:sabbahma/sandbox)

Name: Bishoy Mossad (talk · contribs) Bishoy Mossad
Topic: undecided
Sandbox: (User:Bishoy Mossad/sandbox)

Name: CCT110SANCH (talk · contribs) Janssen David Sanchez
Topic: Bogotá Botanical Garden
Sandbox: (User:CCT110SANCH/sandbox)

Name: Isabellanatale (talk · contribs)
Topic: endurance
Sandbox: (User:Isabellanatale/sandbox)

Name: Manikular7 (talk · contribs) Maninder Kular
Topic: Honda Aviator
Sandbox: (User:Manikular7/sandbox)

Name: AnnaBonar (talk · contribs) Anna Bonar
Topic: Entrepreneur Magazine
Sandbox: (User:AnnaBonar/sandbox)

Name: Mexxxian (talk · contribs) Xian Liang
Topic: undecided
Sandbox: (User:Mexxxian/sandbox)

Name: LakGunPOwder (talk · contribs) Abdullah Farooq
Topic: Oil Spill Eater II
Sandbox: (User:LakGunPOwder/sandbox)

Name: Lovepreet01 (talk · contribs) Lovepreet Singh
Topic: Catalytic oxidation
Sandbox: (User:Lovepreet01/sandbox)

Section 701: Drew Drewcrocker (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: Drewcrocker (talk · contribs) Example name
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:Drewcrocker/sandbox)

Name: Drewcrocker (talk · contribs) Example
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:Drewcrocker/sandbox)

Name: Connor McGillivray (talk · contribs)
Topic: SYBO Games
Sandbox: (User:Cmcgill03/sandbox)

Name: Takayuki Maruyama (talk · contribs)
Topic: Heatbeat
Sandbox: (User:Takayuki Maruyama/sandbox)

Name: BasirJanAhmad (talk · contribs)
Topic: Swiss Chalet
Sandbox: (User:BasirJanAhmad/sandbox)

Name: Affan Wali (talk · contribs) Topic: Joachim Trier
Sandbox: (User:Affan Wali/sandbox)

Name: Klarice Segeren (talk · contribs)
Topic: Key Lime Cove
Sandbox: (User:Klaricees/sandbox)

Name: Sana Chishti(talk · contribs)
Topic: Toffifee
Sandbox: (User:Sanach123/sandbox)

Name: Sana Saeed (talk · contribs)
Topic: Westfield Citrus Park
Sandbox: (User:Sana.saeed1822/sandbox)

Name: Ibad Mukhtar (talk · contribs)
Topic: Drumstick (ice cream)
Sandbox: (User:ibad.mukhtar18/sandbox)

Name: Joana Abu-Ajamiah (talk · contribs)
Topic: ABC Entertainment
Sandbox: (User:JoannaAbu/sandbox)

Name: Sarah Yassine (talk · contribs)
Topic: Booster Juice
Sandbox: (User:Sarah.Y44/sandbox)

Name: Megan Politeski (talk · contribs)
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:megjosephine/sandbox)

Name: Taekyu Lee (talk · contribs)
Topic: 4A Games
Sandbox: (User:Taekyulee/sandbox)

Name: Connor Dawson (talk · contribs)
Topic: Geek & Sundry
Sandbox: (User:Connor Dawson/sandbox)

Name: Nadine.r42 (talk · contribs) Nadine Guo
Topic: Gran Hotel (Costa Rica)
Sandbox: (User:nadine.r42/sandbox)

Name: Rachit Srivastava (talk · contribs)
Topic: Chess Crusade
Sandbox: (User: Rachit24/sandbox)

Name: Laura Hincapie (talk · contribs)
Topic:María Teresa Hincapié
Sandbox: (User:Laura Hincapie/sandbox)

Name: Yu-Shan, Ho (Judy)(talk · contribs)
Topic:Facebook Messenger
Sandbox:(User: judyho723/sandbox)

Name: Haroonmalik7 (talk · contribs) Haroon Malik
Topic: Mr. Sub
Sandbox: (User:haroonmalik7/sandbox)

Name: Agnieszka Masznicz (talk · contribs)
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:Agamash/sandbox)

Name: Karuna Gul Israni(talk · contribs)
Topic:Keegan Allen
Sandbox: (User:karuna94/sandbox)

Name: Og.Ize-Iyamu (talk · contribs)
Topic: Environmental issues in Africa
Sandbox: (User:Og.Ize-Iyamu/sandbox)

Name: Mendameister (talk · contribs) Jay Menda
Topic: Canadian_University_of_Dubai
Sandbox: (User:Mendameister/sandbox)

Name: Alistair Jude D'Cruz(talk · contribs)
Topic: Essel World
Sandbox: (User:Alleydcruz/sandbox)

Section 901: Hannah hannahe.turner (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: hannahe.turner (talk · contribs) Hannah Turner
Topic: The Avengers (TV series)
Sandbox: (User:hannahe.turner/sandbox)

Name: alamijum (talk · contribs) Jumana Al-Alami
Topic: Hamd
Sandbox: (User:alamijum/sandbox)

Name: Jinghui Su (talk · contribs) Jinghui Su
Topic: Coffee production in Mexico
Sandbox: (User:Jinghui Su/sandbox)

Name: affan123 (talk · contribs) Affan Akbar
Topic: Mohammad Ilyas
Sandbox: (User:affan123/sandbox)

Name: Mahreen.Khan12 (talk · contribs) Mahreen Khan
Topic: Mallein test
Sandbox: (User:Mahreen.Khan12/sandbox)

Name: Fariha Karim (talk · contribs) Fariha Karim
Topic: The Mississauga News
Sandbox: (User:Fariha Karim/sandbox)

Name: Ayser Al-Ali (talk · contribs) Ayser Al-Ali
Topic: Arteritis
Sandbox: (User:Ayser Al-Ali/sandbox)

Name: BlakedTaylor (talk · contribs) BlakedTaylor
Topic: Axe (brand)
Sandbox: (User:BlakedTaylor/sandbox)

Name: Zain, Murtaza (talk · contribs) Zain Murtaza
Topic: Mohammad Irfan, Cricket player
Sandbox: (User:Zain Murtaza/sandbox)

Name: Pammalhotra (talk · contribs) Pam Malhotra
Topic: Design Education
Sandbox: (User:Pammalhotra/sandbox)

Name: Song Roujun (talk · contribs) Song Roujun
Topic: Academic mobility
Sandbox: (User:Song Roujun/sandbox)

Name: Asiya A (talk · contribs) Asiya Atcha
Topic: Mental Health Commission of Canada
Sandbox: (User:Asiya_A/sandbox)

Name: Rebfield (talk · contribs) Rebecca Field
Topic: Giga Pet
Sandbox: (User:Rebfield/sandbox)

Name: Tianyi Liu (talk · contribs) Tianyi Liu
Topic: Yihaodian
Sandbox: (User:Tianyi Liu/sandbox)

Name: Ola.telesz (talk · contribs) Ola Telesz
Topic: Tobacco Act (Canada)
Sandbox: (User:Ola.telesz/sandbox)

Name: Mark Calkowski (talk · contribs) Mark Calkowski
Topic: Nocturnal epilepsy
Sandbox: (User:Mark Calkowski/sandbox)

Name: Dijongme (talk · contribs) Megan Dijong
Topic: Golden Monkey Tea
Sandbox: (User:Dijongme/sandbox)

Name: SanaMaqbool93 (talk · contribs) Sana Maqbool
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:SanaMaqbool93/sandbox)

Name: Zhuoqiao Li (talk · contribs) Zhuoqiao Li
Topic: Guangshen Expressway
Sandbox: (User:Zhuoqiao Li/sandbox)

Name: Gabiden18 (talk · contribs) Gabiden Myrzashev
Topic: Kok Tobe
Sandbox: (User:Gabiden18/sandbox)

Name: AlexandreJS (talk · contribs) Alexandre Strain
Topic: Sixteen Mile Creek (Ontario)
Sandbox: (User:AlexandreJS/sandbox)

Name: PBovoletis (talk · contribs) Peter Bovoletis
Topic: Greater Toronto Hockey League
Sandbox: (User:PBovoletis/sandbox)

Name: SidaCCT (talk · contribs) Sida Luan
Topic: Sun Nan
Sandbox: (User:SidaCCT/sandbox)

Name: Naidiao (talk · contribs) Tian Meng
Topic: Huang Bo
Sandbox: (User:Naidiao/sandbox)

Name: Anton (talk · contribs) Anton Titov
Topic: Medeo
Sandbox: (User:Anton Titov/sandbox)

Name: Jonerdmann (talk · contribs) Jonerdmann
Topic: Røde Microphones
Sandbox: (User:Jonerdmann/sandbox)

Name: Ying Meng (talk · contribs) Ying Meng
Topic: Linder-nia montana (Bl) Koord
Sandbox: (User:Ying Meng/sandbox)

Name: Llcclc (talk · contribs) Cheng Lu
Topic: Huanggang Port Control Point
Sandbox: (User:Llcclc/sandbox

Section 1001: Hannah hannahe.turner (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: Brynnblackwood (talk · contribs) Brynnblackwood
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:Brynnblackwood/sandbox)

Name: Noha_Abou_Hashima (talk · contribs) Noha Abou Hashima
Topic: Secondary animation
Snadbox: (User:Noha_Abou_Hashima/sandbox)

Name: NewKindofMedia (talk · contribs) Rhiannon Carruthers
Topic: Cruelty-free
Sandbox: (User:NewKindofMedia/sandbox)

Name: hannahe.turner (talk · contribs) Hannah Turner
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:hannahe.turner/sandbox)

Name: Muhammad.Riaz (talk · contribs)Muhammad Riaz
Topic: Hyundai HB20
Sandbox: (User:Muhammad.Riaz/sandbox)

Name: Muhammad Sameer Khan (talk · contribs)Hannah Turner
Topic: Illegal immigration in Canada
Sandbox: (User:khanmu30/sandbox)

Name: Waiz Akhtar (talk · contribs)Hannah Turner
Topic: Children's Health Act
Sandbox: (User:Waiz Akhtar/sandbox)

Name: Sheikhf6 (talk · contribs)Fatima K Sheikh
Topic: Tuberculosis in India
Sandbox: (User:sheikhf6/sandbox)

Name: Zain, Murtaza (talk · contribs) Hannah Turner
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:Zain Murtaza/sandbox)

Name: David Durose, James Eugene (talk · contribs) Hannah Turner
Topic: Orbiting Vehicle
Sandbox: (User:Daviddje/sandbox Daviddje (talk) 19:53, 25 March 2013 (UTC)

Name: laurak.gillis (talk · contribs) Laura Gillis
Topic: Auckland Island Pig
Sandbox: (User:laurak.gillis/sandbox)

Name: saxby_93 (talk · contribs) Danielle Saxby
Topic: Megaron
Sandbox: (User:saxby_93/sandbox)

Name: Haoyun.shan (talk · contribs) Haoyun Shan
Topic: Nanjing Audit University
Sandbox: (User:Haoyun.shan/sandbox)

Name: Shaleeza.gordon (talk · contribs) Shaleeza Gordon
Topic: Family Law Act (Alberta, Canada)
Sandbox: (User:shaleeza.gordon/sandbox)

Name: NoLimitOnImagination (talk · contribs) Kyle Johnson
Topic: Colonization in Europe
Sandbox: (User:NoLimitOnImagination/sandbox)

Name: Shruti.shirke (talk · contribs) Shruti Shirke
Topic: Visual pollution
Sandbox: (User:shruti.shirke/sandbox)

Name: tengc (talk · contribs) Chantel Teng
Topic: Telephone phobia
Sandbox: (User:tengc/sandbox)

Name: Miguellatino25 (talk · contribs) Miguel Santillan
Topic: Colegio de la Inmaculada
Sandbox: (User:Miguellatino25/sandbox)

Name: Alex083815 (talk · contribs) Tsai, Tsung-Lin
Topic: FaceKoo
Sandbox: (User:Alex083815/sandbox)

Name: SafeerAhmad01 (talk · contribs) Safeer Ahmad
Topic: Muslim Television Ahmadiyya International
Sandbox: (User:SafeerAhmad01/sandbox)

Name: Yanli Chen (talk · contribs) Yanli Chen
Topic: Sanmao (author)
Sandbox: (User:Yanli Chen/sandbox)

Name: alvin_ych (talk · contribs)Chin Ho Yeung
Topic: Cha chaan teng
Sandbox: (User:alvin_ych/sandbox)

Name: Menalkhan92 (talk · contribs) Menal Khan
Topic: Cervical spine disorder
Sandbox: (User:Menalkhan92/sandbox)

Name: Zohairh (talk · contribs) Zohair Hussain
Topic: 1997 Guanabara Bay oil spill
Sandbox: (User:Zohairh/sandbox)

Name: Shangdu (talk · contribs) Shang Du
Topic: Rollable display
Sandbox: (User:Shangdu/sandbox)

Name: Jieting Wang (talk · contribs) Jieting Wang
Topic: Changsha University
Sandbox: (User:Jieting Wang/sandbox)

Name: 123Lina (talk · contribs) 123Lina
Topic: Joannie Rochette
Sandbox: (User:123Lina/sandbox)

Name: Saadkhan04 (talk · contribs) Saadkhan04
Topic: Stephen Lewis Secondary School
Sandbox: (User:Saadkhan04/sandbox)

Name: Jasminema (talk · contribs) Chen Hui Ma
Topic: Global Diversity Marketing
Sandbox: (User:Jasminema/sandbox)

Name: Kawanoem (talk · contribs) Emiri Kawano
Topic: Yukata
Snadbox: (User:Kawanoem/sandbox)

Name: Eminaltay (talk · contribs) Emin Altay
Topic: Tibetan Terrier
Sandbox: (User:Eminaltay/sandbox)

Section 1101: Hervé Hervé Utoro (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: William Vrbensky (talk · contribs)
Topic: E-lancing
Sandbox: (User:William Vrbensky/sandbox)

Name: AntoniaUTM (talk · contribs)
Topic:: celestial observation
Sandbox: (User:AntoniaUTM/sandbox)

Name: Hira112394 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Both Sides of Time
Sandbox: (User:Hira112394/sandbox)

Name: Andreea Mihai (talk · contribs)
Topic: Nobles of the Sword
Sandbox: (User:Andreea Mihai/sandbox)

Name: Lisawong2009 (talk · contribs) Lisa Wong Un
Topic: Écorché
Sandbox: (User:Lisawong2009/sandbox)

Name: Jwong94 (talk · contribs)
Jennifer Wong Topic: Grocery Gateway
Sandbox: (User:Jwong94/sandbox)

Name: KevinCyr (talk · contribs)
Kevin Cyr Topic: Dictys
Sandbox: (User:KevinCyr/sandbox)

Name: Stefania Diaz (talk · contribs)
Stefania Diaz Topic: undecided
Sandbox: (User:Stefania Diaz/sandbox)

Name: jingxue (talk · contribs)
Topic: Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Sandbox: (User:jingxue/sandbox)

Name: luwang92 (talk · contribs) Lu Wang
Topic: Shanghai Theatre Academy
Sandbox: (User:luwang92/sandbox)

Name: Japgun Banga (talk · contribs)
Topic: Russian ratsnake
Sandbox: (User:Japgun Banga/sandbox)

Name: Zihang Yang (talk · contribs) Zihang Yang
Topic: Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
Sandbox: (User:Zihang Yang/sandbox)

Name: Ycpluss (talk · contribs) Yap Cheng SIew
Topic: Piracy in Indonesia
Sandbox: (User:Ycpluss/sandbox)

Name: DsouzaRyan (talk · contribs)
Ryan D'Souza Topic: Destiny (video game)
Sandbox: (User:DsouzaRyan/sandbox)

Name: Cameron.gossmann (talk · contribs)
Cameron Gossmann Topic: Vehicle restoration
Sandbox: (User:Cameron.gossmann/sandbox)

Name: shaygunz (talk · contribs)
Topic: Racial segregation
Sandbox: (User:shaygunz/sandbox)

Name: Samsadasivan (talk · contribs)
Topic: Darlington Memorial Fountain
Sandbox: (User:Samsadasivan/sandbox)

Name: TheGpop (talk · contribs) Gianmarco Castro
Topic: Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4
Sandbox: (User:TheGpop/sandbox)

Name: CondorTalon (talk · contribs) Richard Seo
Topic: Theme Park Inc.
Sandbox: (User:CondorTalon/sandbox)

Name: Patrick.Rucinski (talk · contribs)
Topic: Undecided Topic
Sandbox: (User:Patrick.Rucinski/sandbox)

Name: YueSongCCT110 (talk · contribs)
Topic: 20 30 40
Sandbox: (User:YueSongCCT110/sandbox)

Name: Thl94 (talk · contribs) Tiffany Haoxin Lam
Topic: Gelato University
Sandbox: (User:Thl94/sandbox)

Name: Themaxaugust (talk · contribs)
Topic: 2011 Mexican fire season
Sandbox: (User:Themaxaugust/sandbox)

Name: JonathanGaller (talk · contribs)
Topic: Tatsumi Kimishima
Sandbox: (User:JonathanGaller/sandbox)

Name: Makv24 (talk · contribs) Michael Alexander Kay Volkwijn
Topic: Annunciation (church of San Salvador)

Name: Shreya.Narang (talk · contribs)
Topic: banded rock lizard
Sandbox: (User:Shreya.Narang/sandbox)

Name: pavit paul (talk · contribs)
Topic: Scorpion mud turtle
Sandbox: (User:pavit paul/sandbox)

Name: Sugarchen27 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Beijing Sport University
Sandbox: (User:Sugarchen27/sandbox)

Name: hammad.attique (talk · contribs)
Topic: Meher Bukhari
Sandbox: (User:hammad.attique/sandbox)

Name: Lindaschuck (talk · contribs)
Topic: Nars Cosmetics
Sandbox: (User:Lindaschuck/sandbox)

Name: Laurenchristine1589 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Georgetown Hospital
Sandbox: (User:Laurenchristine1589/sandbox)

Name: SanBotero (talk · contribs)
Topic: E-commerce
Sandbox: (User:SanBotero/sandbox)

Name: niannianli (talk · contribs)
Topic: Vinyl banner
Sandbox: (User:niannianli/sandbox)

Name: MsProvidenceMek (talk · contribs)
Topic: Genevieve Nnaji
Sandbox: (User:MsProvidenceMek/sandbox)

Section 1201: Hervé Hervé Utoro (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: LillyWang (talk · contribs)
Zili Wang

Topic: Kiko Mizuhara

Sandbox: (User:LillyWang/sandbox)

Name: Maenza23 (talk · contribs) Diego Maenza
Topic: Yordy Reyna
Sandbox: (User:maenza23/sandbox)

Name: JoseLC (talk · contribs)
JoseLC Topic: Power gamer
Sandbox: (User:JoseLC/sandbox)

Name: Tyler Daigle : Daigle11 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Kyle Newacheck
Sandbox: (User:Daigle11/sandbox)

Name: Yilong1110 (talk · contribs) Yilong Song
Topic: 2005 NBA All-Star Game
Sandbox: (User:Yilong1110/sandbox)

Name: Michelle Bonsu : Michbgirl (talk · contribs)
Topic: Year of the Carnivore
Sandbox: (User:Michbgirl/sandbox)

Name: Harbani.k (talk · contribs)
Harbani Kaur Topic: The Money Trap
Sandbox: (User:Harbani.k/sandbox)

Name: nighttimenicholas (talk · contribs)
Nicholas Tsangarides Topic: undecided
Sandbox: (User:nighttimenicholas/sandbox)

Name: Michael Grande : Michael Grande11 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Megamarketing
Sandbox: (User:Michael Grande11/sandbox)

Name: Carrie Tang : Carrietg (talk · contribs)
Topic: Kira Isabella
Sandbox: (User:carrietg/sandbox)

Name: suetman kung (talk · contribs)
SuetMan Kung Topic: Edwin Siu
Sandbox: (User:suetman kung/sandbox)

Name: Emily VanLingen : Emily Grace VL (talk · contribs)
Topic: Jaromir Funke
Sandbox: (User:Emily Grace VL/sandbox)

Name: agng035 (talk · contribs) aust g
Topic: Off-Track Betting
Sandbox: (User:agng035/sandbox)

Name: Ming Cheng (talk · contribs)
Ming Cheng Topic: Han Hong (singer)
Sandbox: (User:Ming Cheng/sandbox)

Name: Linxuehong (talk · contribs)
Linxuehong Topic:Types of engines
Sandbox: (User:Linxuehong/sandbox)

Name: salemation (talk · contribs)
JoseLC Topic: MYSL
Sandbox: (User:salemation/sandbox)

Name: Lynn Bizreh (talk · contribs) Lynn Bizreh
Topic: Pentosuria
Sandbox: (User:Lynn Bizreh/sandbox)

Name: Simranveer Dhillon : Sdhillon1601 (talk · contribs)
Topic: BET Awards 2009
Sandbox: (User:Sdhillon1601/sandbox)

Name: Chelsea Jainarain : Cjai24 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Content Designers
Sandbox: (User:Cjai24/sandbox)

Name: Christopher Kung  : Chris.Kung87 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Knowledge Based Decision Making
Sandbox: (User:Chris.Kung87/sandbox)

Name: Saad Rabbani: Rabbani6 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Velocity - Video Game
Sandbox: (User:Rabbani6/sandbox)

Name: wanfei1989 (talk · contribs) Wan Zhengfei
Topic: Feng Gong
Sandbox: (User:wanfei1989/sandbox)

Name: Christinehong1 (talk · contribs)
Topic: Feminist pornography
Sandbox: (User:Christinehong1/sandbox)

Name: Cameron Franks: Cameron Franks (talk · contribs)
Topic: Telecommunications in Finland
Sandbox: (User:Cameron Franks/sandbox)

Name: Bogachev (talk · contribs) Natalia Bogacheva
Topic: Feline Asthma
Sandbox: (User:Bogachev/sandbox)

Name: wangyayun (talk · contribs)
Topic: Qingming Festival
Sandox: (User:wangyayun/sandbox)

Name: Mitchell Prati: Mitchell.prati (talk · contribs)
Topic: Spider-Man: The Video Game
Sandbox: (User:Mitchell.prati/sandbox)

Name: Cucucoco (talk · contribs) Fang Yu Han(Alice)
Topic: Anne Boleyn
Sandbox: (User:Cucucoco/sandbox)

Section 1301: ginger Gingercoons (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: Geethaa.Pillai (talk · contribs) Geethaa Velauthampillai
Topic: (FreshCO.)
Sandbox: (User:Geethaa.Pillai/sandbox)

Name: Thecsly (talk) Caleb Siu
Topic: 2-step (breakdance move)
Sandbox: (User:Thecsly/sandbox)

Name: Aislinnshanahan (talk · contribs) (talk)Aislinn Shanahan
Topic: Q (Greek Mythology - Creon)
Sandbox: (User:Aislinnshanahan/sandbox)

Name: Caravaggio905 (talk) Alex Caravaggio
Topic: Tourism in Paris
Sandbox: (User:Caravaggio905/sandbox)

Name: thatguyluka (talk · contribs) Luka Milosavljevic
Topic: Yellowknife Catholic School Board
Sandbox: (User:thatguyluka/sandbox)

Name: Littlenac (talk) Alex Naccarato
Topic: Peltogyne
Sandbox: (User:Littlenac/sandbox)

Name: JimmyYuGG (talk) Jimmy Yu
Topic: Gu Yu, Chinese amateur Boxer
Sandbox: (User:JimmyYuGG/sandbox)

Name: Fatima Zahra H. (talk · contribs) Fatima Zahra Hamaimou
Topic: Q (radio show)
Sandbox: (User:Fatima Zahra H./sandbox)

Name: Dommrivera (talk) Dominique Rivera
Topic: IMAX Corporation
Sandbox: (User:Dommrivera/sandbox)

Name: AshleyEN (talk) 23:49, 27 March 2013 (UTC)
Topic: Eukanuba
Sandbox: (User:AshleyEN/sandbox)

Name: Jjolano (talk · contribs) John Olano
Topic: Feed Me Oil
Sandbox: (User:jjolano/sandbox)

Name: Enygone (talk · contribs) Eny Gone
Topic: Fruit Stand
Sandbox: (User:enygone/sandbox)

Name: Dggiordano (talk) 13:29, 27 March 2013 (UTC) David Giordano
Topic: Super 8 (video game accessory)
Sandbox: (User:dggiordano/sandbox)

Name: Hello there. Terence Chung
Topic: St. Paul's Co-educational (Kennedy Road) Primary School
Sandbox: (User:chungte4/sandbox)

Name: tiffany1ting (talk · contribs) Tiffany Ip
Topic: Hang Seng Bank
Sandbox: (User:tiffany1ting/sandbox)

Name: Priscillasuen (talk · contribs) Priscilla Suen
Topic: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong
Sandbox: (User:Priscillasuen/sandbox)

Name: laranderson (talk · contribs) Lara Lechner-Anderson
Topic: On Top of the World (Imagine Dragons song)
Sandbox: (User:laranderson/sandbox)

Name: MikePitocco (talk · contribs) Mike Pitocco
Topic: Scott Borchetta
Sandbox: (User:MikePitocco/sandbox)

Name: Winniewat (talk · contribs) Wat Yeuk Nam, Winnie
Topic: Henry Appenzeller
Sandbox: (User:winniewat/sandbox)

Name: DConnor11 (talk · contribs) Dana O'Connor
Topic: Jean-René Jérôme
Sandbox: (User:DConnor11/sandbox)

Name: Dan Berdusco (talk · contribs) Dan Berdusco
Topic: Tourism in Vatican City
Sandbox: (User:Dan Berdusco/sandbox)

Name: Abutreg (talk · contribs) Tarek Al Bashir
Topic: Alex Rafael
Sandbox: (User:Abutreg/sandbox)

Name: CRamsaran (talk · contribs) Carol Ramsaran
Topic: Corporate Social Media
Sandbox: (User:CRamsaran/sandbox)

Name: Erai19 (talk · contribs) Ekas Rai
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:Erai19/sandbox)

Name: Rcorpin (talk) Rizielle Corpin
Topic: Endongo
Sandbox: (User:Rcorpin/sandbox)

Name: Zhaojes2 (talk · contribs) YiBing Zhao, Jessica
Topic: Undecided
Sandbox: (User:Zhaojes2/sandbox)

Name: Vladyslava.p (talk · contribs) Vladyslava Petrenko
Topic: Internet sexual addiction
Sandbox: (User:Vladyslava.p/sandbox)

Section 1401: ginger Gingercoons (talk · contribs)[edit]

Name: Chaudhry Asfandyar: Chaudhry.Asfandyar (talk · contribs)
Topic: Gold Flex
Sandbox: (User:Chaudhry.Asfandyar/sandbox)

Name: Anica Kilibarda AnicaKilibarda (talk · contribs)
Topic: Fashion Television (TV channel)
Sandbox: (User:AnicaKilibarda/sandbox)

Name: Sophia Bustos SophiaBustos (talk · contribs)
Topic: Ecologically sustainable development
Sandbox: (User:SophiaBustos/sandbox)

Name: Denisha George denishaG (talk · contribs)
Topic: Maternal-fetal medicine

Name : Regine Faye Acibar Waw(o,o)ng (talk · contribs)
Topic:Silver cord
Sandbox: (User:Waw(o,o)ng/sandbox)

Name: Henry Adusei Henry.Adusei (talk · contribs)
Topic: V-commerce
Sandbox: (User:Henry.Adusei/sandbox)

Name: TheAtomicNacho (talk · contribs) Isaac Tan
Topic: Lupine Games
Sandbox: (User:TheAtomicNacho/sandbox)

Name:Katyyeung (talk · contribs) Katy Yeung
Topic: Women in Hong Kong
Sandbox: (User:Katyyeung/sandbox)

Name:jayque (talk · contribs) Jeffrey Quiambao
Topic: Stephen Lunsford
Sandbox: (User:jayque/sandbox)

Name:Anthonyc125 (talk · contribs) Anthony Chen
Topic: Chetumal International Airport
Sandbox (User:Anthonyc125/sandbox)

Name:Tyrell Subban (talk · contribs) Tyrell Subban
Topic: Low Comedy
Sandbox: (User:Tyrell Subban/sandbox)

Name:Aksemah Lone (talk · contribs) Aksemah Lone
Topic: Ethical monotheism
Sandbox: (User:Aksemah Lone/sandbox)

Name: Zafir Haque (talk · contribs) Zafir Haque
Topic: Civilization World
Sandbox: (User:Zafir Haque/sandbox)

Name: Adamwolski0 (talk · contribs) Adam Wolski
Topic: Mario's Tennis
Sandbox: (User:Adamwolski0/sandbox)

Name: Samina1S (talk · contribs) Samina Sultana
Topic: Ellen Goodman
Sandbox: (User:Samina1S/sandbox)

Name: Chenzijia (talk · contribs) Zijia Chen
Topic: Fashion Group International
Sandbox: (User:Chenzijia/sandbox)

Name: Gabby_fung118 (talk · contribs) Gabrielle Fung
Topic: Hang Lung Group
Sandbox: (User:Gabby_fung118/sandbox)

Name: XLSUN XLSUN (talk · contribs) XIN SUN
Topic: Lu Yi (actor)
Sandbox: (User:XLSUN/sandbox)

Name: Arkwan (talk · contribs) Vincent Kwan
Topic: Pinball (video game)
Sandbox: (User:Arkwan/sandbox)

Name: EM1711 (talk · contribs) Essra Mostafa
Topic: AT&T Canada
Sandbox: (User:EM1711/sandbox)

Name: fawazral (talk · contribs) Ralph Fawaz
Topic: AMD Livebox
Sandbox: (User:Fawazral/sandbox)

Name: Tsetiff4 (talk · contribs) Tiffany Tse
Topic: Surveillance abuse
Sandbox: (User:Tsetiff4/sandbox)

Name: kkkjj1992 (talk · contribs) Yangchen Ye
Topic: King Fuchai of Wu
Sandbox: (User:Kkkjj1992/sandbox)

Name: Mitchell Prati: Mitchell.prati (talk · contribs)
Topic: Spider-Man: The Video Game
Sandbox: (User:Mitchell.prati/sandbox)

Name: DanielleSuppa (talk · contribs)
Topic: Prue Acton
Sandbox: (User:DanielleSuppa/sandbox)

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