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This is an internal project of Wikipedia:Canadian wikipedians' notice board to review which Canadian cities do or don't qualify for page moves according to the current naming conventions as spelled out at Wikipedia:Canadian Wikipedians' notice board/Style guide. The goal of this project is to limit disambiguation as much as possible. For Canadian communities, a plain title (such as Toronto or Flin Flon) should always be either an article or a disambiguation page rather than a redirect to a disambiguated title. Whenever the Canadian town is not the most common name, it should be disambiguated as "Town, Province" (such as London, Ontario).

When trying to decide if a Canadian town should be disambiguated, be sure to check Special:PrefixIndex to see if it really in the most common usage.

Some Canadian settlements that are currently at undisambiguated titles are listed here. That list is provided for reference's sake — the cities listed there are not part of the current discussion.

In one special case, Greater Sudbury, the title is undisambiguated but is located at the legal name of the municipality rather than the common one. The common name gives rise to a disambiguation conflict with a place in the United Kingdom, but the extended name is unique. If you want the link to say just Sudbury rather than the full legal names of the municipalities, you must use pipetext rather than simply linking to "Sudbury".


This is an incomplete list of all Canadian cities for which the undisambiguated title "City" exists as a redirect to "City, Province" or is a redlink with no content. Per Canadian city naming conventions, all such cities should be reviewed and discussed with one of the following two options in mind:

  1. article to be moved to "City",
  2. "City" becomes a disambiguation page instead.

At present, this list is only comprehensive for places which are legally designated as cities. Some towns and other types of municipalities have now been added as well, but this latter process is not yet complete.

For the new lists, organized by categories, move the category to the "finished" section when all items in it have been checked.

For the old lists of cities, do not remove titles from this list right away. If and when a discussion has taken place, move the city to the above section if the discussion resulted in a move. If a discussion did not result in a move, or if the city is deemed not suitable for a page move in advance of any discussion taking place, strike it with <s> </s> tags.

Discussion about placenames listed here should take place on Wikipedia talk:Canadian wikipedians' notice board/Cities or on the talk page of a specific place's article, not inserted directly into this list.

British Columbia[edit]




Red links: Treherne.

Disambiguation pages to review: Lac du Bonnet, Minnedosa.



Not finished[edit]


Status: Only villes have been listed or resolved to date.

New Brunswick[edit]

Newfoundland and Labrador[edit]

Last update: 20:36, 14 June 2010 (UTC)


Not finished[edit]

Northwest Territories[edit]

Status: All settlements listed here or resolved.

Dab pages for review: Colville Lake, Tulita.

Nova Scotia[edit]

Dab pages for review: Pugwash.


Status: All settlements listed here or resolved.


Status: All settlements listed here or resolved.

Discussion: Ibex Valley is a two-line unreferenced stub which does little besides point people to the municipality of Ibex Valley, Yukon. Should it be expanded into a proper article about the valley itself, or just merged with the municipality?

Converted to dab page[edit]

The following cities have been reviewed and converted to valid dab pages instead of redirects by this project after reviewing. These should be monitored from time to time to ensure that links to these pages are corrected to point to the disambiguated title if the Canadian city is the intended topic.