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This is a list of articles pertaining to Canadian communities for which, in accordance with the naming convention at WP:CANSTYLE, the titles are in the [[city]] (usually undisambiguated) format, rather than the [[city, province]] format.

See also Wikipedia:Canadian wikipedians' notice board/Cities, an ongoing project to review which Canadian cities are likely or unlikely to qualify for plain titles. Any discussion about page titles, whether moved or not, should take place at Wikipedia talk:Canadian wikipedians' notice board/Cities or on the talk page of the specific city article being discussed, not here.

Municipalities and unincorporated communities[edit]

The following list contains articles on incorporated municipalities and unincorporated communities located at the plain title. Articles on neighbourhoods should be referenced in the section below (preferably through inclusion in the relevant neighbourhoods category).

British Columbia[edit]


Urban municipalities (cities, towns, villages and summer villages)
Specialized municipalities and rural municipalities (municipal districts, special areas and improvement districts)
Metis settlements
Unincorporated communities (hamlets, townsites, urban service areas, etc.)
Other communities





New Brunswick[edit]

Prince Edward Island[edit]

Nova Scotia[edit]

Newfoundland and Labrador[edit]


Northwest Territories[edit]


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