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A Wikipedia editor refocusing and relaxing after a tense editing interaction.

CANDOR is an acronym used to resolve conflicts, edit wars and fights that arise between editors. The word candor means honest and frank expression. Memorizing CANDOR can be beneficial before an editing disagreement gets worse.

  • Cease what you are doing. Count to 10. Take a break. Read a book. Watch some enjoyable videos on the website of your choice. Don't edit. Don't press the "publish changes" button. Do what you have to do to cool down.
  • Ask yourself, what is going on? How many editors are involved? What exactly is happening with the other editors? Does an admin need to come sort things out?
  • Name the problem as you see it. Describe it to the other editors without blaming anyone. Adding fuel to the fire is an easy way to get burned.
  • Discover a problem-solving plan with those involved. Make a compromise. Ask another person not involved for an opinion.
  • Operate that plan. Put it into effect with the cooperation of the others involved. Make sure everyone involved knows the problem-solving plan.
  • Re-evaluate the plan. Often people do not complete the process of putting a plan of action in place because they feel better after talking things over or they get distracted. When the problem arises again, they think their problem-solving efforts have been wasted. Instead, resolve to use the plan.

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