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The following is an alphabetical index of decisions made at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion.

Category Decision Discussion_log
Category:1870s fads Delete (empty) July 3
Category:1980s Retro Movement to Category:1980s retro movement rename both July 3
Category:2006 Triple Crown contenders Delete (empty) July 5
Academy Awards rename all July 9
Category:Active United Kingdom military aircraft to Category:Active British military aircraft no consensus July 8
Category:Actors who portrayed Lana Lang Delete (empty) July 5
Category:Adulterers delete July 23
Category:African American Senators to Category:African American United States senators no consensus July 11
Category:AIPAC rename/merge as nominated July 26
Category:Aircraft manufacturers to Category:Aircraft manufacturers by country split out country categories (cfd not needed for this) July 15
Category:Airports in British Overseas Territories to Category:Airports in British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies rename July 11
Category:Ajax rename July 25
Category:Ajitha Hemaratne delete July 20
Albums by (artist) rename/merge July 3
Category:Albums by sales and subcategories delete July 15
Category:Albums that have been remixed to Category:Remix albums delete July 18
Category:Alburg, Vermont to Category:Alburgh, Vermont category redirect July 4
Category:Alchem Delete July 8
All subcategories of Category:AWACS aircraft merge as nominated July 13
Category:Alligators killed and spam removed as well July 29
Category:Alligators relisted on July 29 July 19
Category:AM radio stations delete July 17
Category:Ambidextrous people delete July 11
Category:American dramatic actors delete July 26
American people by ethnic or national origin Keep July 3
Category:American people by state to Category:American people by state or territory keep July 11
Category:American philatelists Withdrawn July 15
Category:American Roman Catholics Overwhelming Keep July 8
American rosh yeshivas, Israeli rosh yeshivas, European rosh yeshivas merge all July 19
Category:American saints Merge Category:United States saints back to Category:American saints. × July 3
Category:American singer-lyricists to Category:American singer-songwriters merge as nominated July 16
Category:American Tour de France stage winners keep/withdrawn July 26
Category:Americans of French Descent delete July 1
Category:Americans who grew Hemp before 1900 delete July 24
Category:American_saints to Category:United States saints speedy keep based on the strong consensus of July 3rd's discussion. × July 11
Category:Amon Amarth Albums to Category:Amon Amarth albums rename/merge as nominated July 24
Category:Amorphis albums Overwhelming Keep July 9
Category:Amphibious warfare ships to Category:Amphibious warfare vessels delete/empty July 18
Category:Ancient Constructions of Sri Lanka and Category:Ancient constructions of Sri Lanka Delete July 6
Category:Andrew Jackson keep, category no longer underpopulated July 13
Category:Andrew W. K. albums to Category:Andrew W.K. albums rename as nominated July 14
Category:Angels and Demons Delete July 2
Category:Anglo-Asian relations merge to Category:Foreign relations of the United Kingdom July 5
Category:Animal liberation movement to Category:Animal rights movement no consensus July 12
Category:Animals by country, Category:Flora by country and all the subcategories no consensus July 3
Category:Anime and manga inspired webcomics to Category:Anime and manga webcomics keep July 11
Category:Anime influenced animation delete July 22
Category:Antbirds category redirect July 19
Category:Antenna terminology to Category:Antennas rename to Category:Radio frequency antennas July 6
Category:Anti-Aging medicine to Category:Anti-aging rename/merge as nominated July 25
Category:Anti-Arab people delete July 30
Category:Anti-Lithuanism delete July 26
Category:Anti-neo-Nazi activism no consensus July 17
Category:Anti-neo-Nazi activism relist for more opinions July 8
Category:Apple litigation to Category:Apple Computer litigation or Category:Litigation of Apple Computer rename. × July 4
Category:Arabian Slaveholders no consensus July 27
Category:Archaeological artefacts to Category:Archaeological artifacts no consensus July 27
Category:Architecture by nationality to Category:Architecture by country rename as nominated July 22
Category:Art Ross winners to Category:Art Ross Trophy winners rename July 30
Category:Articles lacking sources delete July 21
Category:Articles with multiple video files delete July 21
Category:Articles with possible offensive pictures delete July 22
Category:Articles with unsourced statements delete July 8
Artists featured on MTV Unplugged and subcategories Delete all July 1
Category:Ashevillians redirect July 15
Category:Asian pirates delete July 29
Category:Assassinated kings to Category:Assassinated monarchs merge as nominated July 11
Category:Assassinated ministers to Category:Assassinated politicians merge as nominated July 11
Assorted Darkness from Sybrexx Delete (empty) July 3
Athletics venues rename July 7
Category:Atlanta-based organizations to Category:Organizations based in Atlanta rename July 20
Category:Attalids to Category:Attalid dynasty rename July 7
Category:AU-SR shields delete July 11
Category:Australian aikidoka delete July 26
Category:Australian journalists of sport and Category:Australian journalists of surfing merge as nominated July 11
Australian people by residence rename all July 2
Category:Australian plants to Category:Flora of Australia merge as nominated July 14
Australian politicians by residence rename July 2
Category:Automobile manufacturers Category Redirect to avoid another recreation July 1
Category:Automotive companies to Category:Motor vehicle industry rename to Category:Motor vehicle companies July 19
Category:Aviation Accidents delete July 4
Category:Avifauna of Georgia to Category:Avifauna of Georgia (U.S. state) merge as nominated July 16
Category:AWMTOWM Delete July 8
Category:Ayyubids to Category:Ayyubid dynasty rename July 4
Category:Bands that Dick Witts was in delete July 29
Category:Bands with only one constant member no consensus July 24
Category:Banks of the European Union delete July 22
Category:Barefooters delete July 12
Category:Baseball coaches to Category:Major League Baseball coaches keep July 19
Bassists and Bass guitarists, Expert help needed Relisted here, none of the cats were tagged. July 30
Category:Batman locations to Category:DC Comics locations merge per nom July 10
Category:Batman stories merge as nominated July 12
Beach Boys and Beatles singles merge as nominated July 21
Beaches relist here, none of the cats were tagged July 13
Beaches rename as nominated July 21
Category:Beano places merge as nominated July 11
Category:Beethoven to Category:Ludwig van Beethoven rename (tho I'm going to keep a catredirect on beethoven) July 8
Category:Billy West-portrayed characters delete July 26
Category:Bjork to Category:Björk rename and {{category redirect}} July 15
Category:Blatinos Delete July 6
Category:Box Office Bombs Delete July 6
Category:Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies Speedy delete G4 recreated same day as deleted July 1
Category:Brazilian games to Category:Computer and video games developed in Brazil rename July 10
Category:Brazilian sex symbols Delete (already emptied) July 10
Breweries no consensus July 17
Category:British Anglicans keep July 31
Category:British Colonial Flags no consensus July 25
Category:British Columbian actors cat redirect July 20
Category:British cycling rename July 30
Category:British English books that have American English translations delete July 22
Category:British rule in Singapore to Category:Singapore under British rule no consensus July 12
Category:Bronxites to Category:People from the Bronx Renaming in progress, please have patience July 13
Category:Brothers in English Football delete July 17
Category:Buckwheat Boys songs no consensus July 14
Category:Buildings and structures in India by state rename/merge as nominated July 26
Category:Bus Category Redirect July 6
Category:Buttonquails Category Redirect July 1
Category:Caliphates to Category:Caliphate Relisting here, Caliphate was not tagged for merging. July 29
Category:Campus Response Teams delete July 17
Canadian city demonyms rename all (and I will create {{category redirect}}s per ProveIt as happened with the US demonyms referred to) July 24
Category:Canadian international soccer players to Category:Canadian men's international soccer players rename July 19
Category:Canadian Sports Hall of Fame to Category:Canada's Sports Hall of Fame rename July 23
Category:Canadian Students' Associations to Category:Canadian students' associations rename as nominated July 22
Category:Canals of Italy to Category:Canals in Italy rename July 1
Category:Canceled Mac OS games Delete (already empty) July 2
Cancer deaths rename/merge as nominated July 27
Captains Delete all July 4
Category:Casinos in England no consensus July 23
Categories for defunct NYC subway stations Delete all (empty) July 5
Categories named after people subcategories rename as nominated July 12
Category:Category:Family saga novels delete July 25
Category:Catholic liturgy to Category:Roman Catholic liturgy no consensus July 11
Category:Catholic religious life to Category:Roman Catholic religious life no consensus July 11
Category:Catholic Religious delete July 22
Category:Celebrity Whovians delete July 21
Category:Censored Singles delete July 24
Category:CFL teams rename July 29
Category:Chairmen of Chelsea F.C. to Category:Chelsea F.C. chairmen and investors rename July 19
Category:Channel Four no objections, so convert to redirect July 26
Category:Charles Roberts award winners to Category:Charles S. Roberts Award winners rename (corresponding article has been moved) July 20
Category:Charlotteans cat redirect (other demonym discussions have suggested redirect as a good way of discouraging their recreation) July 26
Category:Charmed Wikipedians to Category:Wikipedians who like Charmed merge July 5
Category:Chattanooga FM stations to Category:Radio stations in Chattanooga rename as nominated July 17
Category:Chess problemist delete July 28
Category:Children of famous people delete July 9
Category:Children's opera delete July 16
Category:Children's TV characters to Category:Children's television characters relisted on July 29 July 19
Category:Children's TV characters to Category:Children's television characters rename to Fictional characters in children's television July 29
Category:Chilean companies merge July 15
Category:Chilean Navy ships to Category:Naval ships of Chile merge as nominated July 17
Category:Christian rappers not involved in Christian hip hop Delete, but the other categories mentioned need their own debate July 9
Category:Christian30 Networks delete both July 20
Category:Churches in Georgia rename/merge as nominated July 31
Category:Churches in Vancouver merge July 30
Category:Cinema to Category:Film merge July 6
Category:Cities and towns in Iran delete July 15
Cities and towns in Italy rename as nominated July 13
Category:Cities and towns in Portugal delete July 24
Category:Cities with some evidence of world city formation - GaWC Inventory of World Cities (1999 Edition) delete also with Category:Cities with minimal evidence of world city formation - GaWC Inventory of World Cities (1999 Edition) (per common sense) July 31
Category:Classical mediators of ancient Egyptian wisdom Delete July 7
Category:Closed British Breweries to Category:Defunct brewery companies of the United Kingdom rename/merge as nominated July 26
Category:College dropouts delete July 17
Category:Colombian men delete July 19
Category:Colonels rename to Category:Kentucky colonels July 6
Category:Comedy recordings to Category:Comedy albums merge as nominated July 13
Category:Companies named after an internet protocol delete July 8
Category:Companies of Tasmania to Companies based in Tasmania rename/merge to Category:Companies based in Tasmania July 24
Category:Companions of the Order of the Bath no consensus (btw, if you're going to say reverse merge, it might be a good idea to make sure both categories are tagged for merging) July 26
Category:Computer and video game fan fiction delete July 25
Category:Computer and video games with special editions to Category:Computer and video games with limited editions rename July 19
Category:Congress Presidents to Presidents of the Indian National Congress rename July 17
Category:Contemporary Theocracy no consensus July 28
Category:Controversial road traffic legislation delete July 13
Category:Convention centers in Canada to Category:Convention centres in Canada merge July 6
Category:Cornwall, Connecticut delete July 27
Category:Corwood Industries albums to Category:Jandek albums merge as nominated July 20
Category:CPLP member states rename July 25
Category:Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial images delete July 26
Category:Cricket lore rename/merge as nominated July 31
Category:Crime Epics Delete July 10
Category:Cuban-born United States political figures rename to Category:Cuban-American politicians July 3
Category:Cult actors delete July 31
Category:Cultural icons delete all July 11
Category:Curiosities delete July 22
Category:Current albums delete July 22
Category:Current British colonies merge July 6
Category:Current English Premiership players to Category:Current FA Premier League players rename as nominated July 17
Category:Current Minnesota Twins players delete July 11
Category:Current national leaders who are relatives of a former leader delete July 21
Dance music categories rename/merge as nominated July 25
Category:Danube Countries delete July 17
Category:DC Thomson Comics locations to Category:DC Thomson Comics towns and cities rename as nominated July 11
Defunct New York City Subway categories Delete (already empty) July 6
Category:Defunct sports facilities to Category:Defunct sports venues rename July 10
Category:Delaware Routes to Category:Delaware state routes no consensus July 27
Category:Derivative sample songs and Category:Sampled songs delete (is listified at List of sampled songs) July 19
Category:Destroyers of the United States Navy to Category:Destroyers of the United States no consensus July 14
Category:Disgusting fictional characters delete July 17
Category:Disney TV Series & Movies Delete July 9
Category:District of Columbia rename/merge as nominated July 31
Dominican Republic sportspeople rename as nominated July 12
Category:Dopplegangers category (soft) redirect; hard redirects don't work with categories July 26
Category:Dublin places of worship to Category:Places of worship in Dublin rename July 15
Dutch politician types keep July 31
Category:Dutch television channels rename to Category:Television channels in the Netherlands July 28
Category:East Orangeites to Category:People from East Orange, New Jersey rename (I made a category redirect) July 10
Ecoregions by country rename July 3
Educational institutions founded in <year> delete July 26
Category:Eglinton West Subway Line speedy delete (by July 4
Category:Eighty Years' War (Persons) to Category:Eighty Years' War people rename July 10
Category:ELDR to Category:European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party rename/merge as nominated July 24
Category:Elections in Ecuador delete July 27
Category:Electronic sports games no consensus July 17
Category:Emigrants by nationality delete as empty, no consensus on others July 17
Category:English & British princes to Category:Princes of England and Britain replace ampersand July 9
Category:English & British princesses to Category:Princesses of England and Britain replace ampersand July 9
Category:English inside-forwards delete July 16
Category:English Italians delete July 8
Category:English lyric songs with spanish titles rename/merge to Category:Multilingual songs July 24
Entertainers by age at death no consensus July 20
Category:Entertainers who played football no consensus July 26
Category:Environment of Cunninghame found deleted July 29
Category:Environmental pressure groups of the United Kingdom to Category:Environmental organisations based in the United Kingdom rename July 1
Category:Epic drama delete July 18
Category:Epsilonism no consensus July 25
Category:Ethology to Category:Animal behaviour reverse merge July 1
Category:Evil Clone Wikipedians delete July 31
Category:Exalted (role-playing game) to Category:Exalted rename July 6
Category:Excellent cadavers rename to category:People murdered by the Mafia July 14
Category:Executive branches to Category:Executive branches of government rename July 12
Category:Expandable PCs delete July 31
FA Premier League subcategories rename July 7
Category:Fabaceae rename. No objections expressed; I think the implication is that the community trusts Petaholmes on this one :-) July 26
Category:Fam-Lay delete July 14
Category:Famous members of Red Sox Nation delete July 27
Category:Famous people named O'Keefe delete July 24
Category:Famous Tests delete/merge July 21
Category:Far right leagues delete July 29
Category:Fardella crime family delete July 19
Fauna by country rename/merge as nominated July 16
Category:Fauna of Georgia to Category:Fauna of Georgia (U.S. state) rename as nominated July 15
Category:Fauna of the United States subdivisions to Category:Fauna of the United States by state rename July 9
Category:Fauna of the Wildlife Ranch at San Antonio, Texas delete July 8
Category:FC Baia Mare footballers to Category:FC Baia Mare players found deleted July 12
Category:FCU Politehnica Timişoara players withdrawn/keep July 12
Category:Fellows of the AAAS to Category:Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science rename July 19
Category:Female U.S. Governors to Category:Female state governors of the United States Delete (6:4), more appropriate to a list July 10
Category:Fenerbahce players to Category:Fenerbahce footballers relist on July 29 July 19
Category:Fenerbahce players to Category:Fenerbahce footballers rename/merge as nominated July 29
Category:Fictional areas in space to Category:Fictional regions of space rename July 6
Category:Fictional Businesses to Category:Fictional businesses relisting here, category:Fictional companies wasn't tagged. July 12
Category:Fictional Businesses to Category:Fictional businesses rename Category:Fictional Businesses and Category:Fictional companies to category:Fictional businesses July 21
Category:Fictional characters by actor and subcategories delete all July 12
Fictional characters by hair color speedy delete as recreation of deleted content July 13
Fictional characters by subjective character trait no consensus July 18
Fictional characters by unwieldy age range delete July 18
Fictional characters categories rename July 5
Category:Fictional characters who can fly Delete July 3
Category:Fictional crossovers rename/merge to Category:Crossover fiction July 23
Category:Fictional fiction do what Mike Selinker said July 3
Category:Fictional fictional television programming found deleted July 11
Category:Fictional teachers category redirect July 29
Category:Fictional towns and cities in Connecticut keep July 28
Category:Fictional warriors delete July 15
Category:Fictional windows defenestrate July 12
Category:FIFA World Cup 2010 qualificationCategory:2010 FIFA World Cup qualification rename July 29
Category:Film directors from Serbia to Category:Serbian film directors rename July 29
Category:Films associated with Generation X delete July 31
Films by language no consensus on Esperanto; rename others July 8
Category:Films sword choreographer Murat Mümtaz Gök and Category:Films associate producer Murat Mümtaz Gök delete July 3
Category:Flemish activists no consensus July 27
Category:Flight simulation computer games rename July 23
Category:Flora and fauna of Hong Kong to Category:Biota of Hong Kong rename as nominated July 14
Category:Folk opera delete July 16
Category:Food portal selected articles to Category:Selected articles from food and drink portals found deleted July 12
Category:Food portals to Category:Food and drink portals rename July 10
Category:Football (soccer) lore rename/merge as nominated July 31
Category:Football World Cup qualification to Category:FIFA World Cup qualification unanimous support, so I think I may close it without making someone unhappy July 6
Category:Foreign policy to Category:International politics merge to Category:International relations July 2
Category:Foreign support of Apartheid delete July 3
Category:Former Federal ministers of Nigeria to Category:Federal ministers of Nigeria merge as nominated July 14
Category:Former Jews Delete with prejudice (already emptied) July 9
Foundations by country categories rename as nominated July 12
Category:Freemason Wikipedians to Category:Wikipedian Freemasons merge July 3
Category:Freguesias of Portugal Delete (already emptied) July 7
Category:Freguesias of the Azores Islands Delete (already emptied) July 7
Category:French air disasters keep July 12
Category:French defunct newspapers merge July 31
Category:French far right leagues to Category:French nationalist leagues keep July 20
Category:French language schools in Ottawa keep July 17
Category:French liberal parties delete July 11
Category:French nationalist parties delete July 8
French people by ethnic or national origin Keep July 3
Category:French Rap Delete (empty) July 5
Category:French royalist parties to Category:French monarchist parties no consensus July 9
Category:French royalist parties found deleted July 18
Category:French school of spirituality no consensus July 8
Category:Future businesses Delete (empty) July 5
Category:Gabrovo province Delete (empty) July 5
Category:Gangsta/Ghetto/ThugLife/Indastreets delete July 26
Category:Gangster Wikipedians Deleted as nonsense, and we are not going to let a bunch of astroturfers decide stuff like this July 30
Category:George Armstrong Custer delete July 23
Category:Georgia navigational boxes to Category:Georgia (U.S. state) navigational boxes rename as nominated July 18
Category:German military personnel rename/merge as nominated July 25
Category:German ministers to Category:Government ministers of Germany merge July 12
Category:German philosophers to Category:German-language philosophers Withdrawn July 5
Category:Ghost in the Shell locations delete July 20
Category:Girl Scouts of America Local Councils to Category:Girl Scouts of the USA Local Councils rename as nominated July 18
Category:Global television network shows to Category:Global Television Network shows no consensus July 15
Category:Global television network shows to Category:Global Television Network shows relisted for more opinions July 5
Category:Gnatcatchers {{category redirect}} July 20
Category:God Wikipedians delete July 16
Category:Golf Course in Klang Valley to Category:Golf clubs and courses in Klang Valley rename July 20
Category:Government houses of the British Empire to Category:Government Houses of the British Empire and Commonwealth rename July 17
Category:Governmental ministers of France to Category:Government ministers of France merge as nominated July 11
Category:Governors' mansions to Category:Governors' mansions in the United States rename July 17
Category:Great Lost Albums and Category:Lost classic albums Delete both July 5
Category:Great Old Ones delete July 25
Category:Greedy fictional characters delete July 18
Category:Greek organizations cat redir to Category:Organizations based in Greece July 17
Category:Groups of Students' Unions to Category:Groups of students' unions rename as nominated July 22
Category:Guantanamo attorneys to Category:Guantanamo Bay attorneys rename July 11
Category:Guatemalan people by profession and Category:Guatemalan people by occupation merge July 1
Category:Guttural R delete July 9
Category:Habsburg to Category:House of Habsburg rename, plus rename Category:Habsburg-Lorraine to Category:House of Habsburg-Lorraine July 4
Category:Hairspray delete July 18
Category:Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network Studios series merge into Category:Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network Studios series and characters merge as nominated July 11
Category:Hawaii native fauna to Category:Native fauna of Hawaii rename per nom July 9
Category:Heavy metal singers by nationality to Category:Heavy metal singers merge as nominated July 21
Category:Heirs to the English & British thrones to Category:Heirs to the thrones of England and Britain replace ampersand July 9
Category:Heraldo Filipino delete July 24
Category:Herbivorous dinosaurs Delete July 4
Category:Heretic-HeXen to Category:Serpent Riders series delete (empty) July 10
Category:Heretic-HeXen found deleted July 13
Category:HGTV series delete July 25
Category:Highways in Israel rename as nominated July 12
Category:Highways with full control of access and no cross traffic no consensus July 21
Category:Hindu nationalist historians merge as nominated July 20
Category:Hip hop producers to Category:Hip hop record producers rename July 10
Category:Historic houses in North Carolina to Category:Houses in North Carolina merge as nominated July 16
Category:Historical African monarchies to Category:Ancient Empires of Africa no consensus July 14
Category:Historical bears merge July 29
Category:Histories of Polish cities to Category:Histories of cities in Poland rename July 16
Category:History of Basque Country delete July 17
Category:History of foreign relations of the United States to Category:History of the foreign relations of the United States rename as nominated July 16
Category:History of the Basque Country to Category:Basque history merge as nominated July 17
Hockey alumni to Hockey players no consensus July 23
Hockey trophies and seasons rename all July 23
Category:Holiness Wikipedians Speedy Deleted by DragonflySixtyseven (talk · contribs) July 7
Category:Hood Films no consensus July 16
Category:Hotel chains in Pakistan delete July 28
Category:Huddersfield Town A.F.C. rename main cat and two sub-cats July 24
Category:Human rights violations attributed to anti-communism Delete (empty) July 3
Category:Humboldt to Category:Humboldt family rename July 8
Category:Hunyadi to Category:Hunyadi family rename July 22
Category:Hurricane Devon's uploads Delete, but first check for copyvios July 10
Category:Hurricanes in Turks and Caicos Islands to Category:Hurricanes in the Turks and Caicos Islands rename/merge as nominated July 23
Category:ICUSTA to Category:International Council of Universities of Saint Thomas Aquinas rename July 6
Category:Identified Chemical Substances delete, empty July 16
Category:Images claimed as photographs delete July 28
Category:Images for presentations found deleted July 12
Category:Images of Australian cities to Category:Images of cities in Australia rename July 22
Images of cities by country categories rename as nominated July 12
Immigrant categories no consensus to delete; rename will probably go through, but to what is unknown; recommend renominate as rename July 25
Category:Important Seabird Colony Sites rename/merge to Category:Seabird colonies July 23
Category:Impressionistic operas Delete (already empty) July 6
Category:Impressionists to Category:Impressionist entertainers rename as nominated July 15
Category:Indoor soccer cat redirect July 16
Category:Infrastructure of Poland delete July 16
Category:Inorganic sulfur compounds No consensus July 1
Instant messengers rename all July 26
Category:Intelligence relist here, Category:Cognitive intelligence was not tagged for the reverse merge. July 26
Category:International Democrat Union to Category:IDU keep July 21
International demonyms rename and redirect all except four Scottish demonyms which MaisOui! struck through as late nominations, and which could (should?) be re-nominated July 26
Category:International politics to Category:International relations merge July 2
Category:Interscope to Category:Interscope Records artists rename July 3
Category:Irish charts to Category:Irish record charts rename July 22
Category:Irish Film Delete (already empty) July 8
Category:Irish Roman Catholics no consensus July 11
Category:Irish-American models delete July 12
Category:IRT Broadway-Seventh Avenue stations Delete (already empty) July 6
Category:Islamic dynasties to Category:Muslim dynasties found merged July 29
Category:Islamic empires to Category:Muslim empires found merged July 29
Category:Israel and Zionism to Category:Zionism rename as nominated July 21
Category:Israeli members of Knesset to Category:Members of Knesset rename per nom July 9
Category:Issues in the culture wars delete July 11
Italian people by ethnic or national origin Keep July 3
Category:Italian physicians by field Delete (already emptied) July 10
Category:Italian_saints to Category:Roman_saints keep July 28
Category:Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis delete July 22
Category:JammXKids Members delete July 30
Category:Japan history of foreign relations to Category:History of foreign relations of Japan no consensus July 12
Category:Japan history of foreign relations to Category:History of the foreign relations of Japan rename July 21
Category:Japanese garden to Category:Japanese style of gardening rename per nom July 6
Category:Japanese Media Popular in the Philppines delete July 28
Category:Jericho rename/merge as nominated July 31
Category:Jewish cowboys Delete July 10
Category:Jewish holy days to Category:Jewish holidays keep July 13
Category:Jewish terrorists delete July 19
Category:John & Yoko albums to Category:John Lennon albums and Category:Yoko Ono albums re-sort and delete July 5
Category:Jurassic Park games keep July 25
Category:Jurists of Hawaii found deleted July 18
Category:Kidz Bop songs delete July 24
Category:Killer7 characters delete July 16
Category:King George's Field to Category:King George's Fields rename/merge as nominated July 23
Category:Latin actors and Category:Latino actors delete both July 15
Category:Latino atheletes delete July 29
Category:Latino-based organizations to Category:Latino organizations rename July 2
Category:Law enforcement agency delete July 12
Category:Law of Gabon to Category:Gabonese law rename as nominated July 11
Category:LDS Wikipedians to Category:Latter Day Saint Wikipedians merge as nominated July 16
Category:Leaders of cities in the United States to Category:American mayors no consensus July 10
Left and Right in France Keep (6k:4d) July 9
Left and Right keep July 19
Legend of Zelda deletions delete July 10
Legend of Zelda games delete (empty) July 3
Legend of Zelda renaming Rename (with capitalised "The") July 10
Category:Legends of New York City Nightlife no consensus, but highly NPOV, so being bold and renaming to Category:New York City nightlife July 27
Category:Letran alumni to Category:Colegio de San Juan de Letran alumni rename as nominated July 15
Category:Lieutenant colonels Delete July 7
category:Life in the United States delete July 14
Category:Limited-access roads to Category:Freeways No consensus to rename, relisted pursuant to Wikipedia:Deletion review/Log/2006 July 10 July 1
Category:Limited-access roads to Category:Freeways no consensus July 11
Category:Limnodynastinae Category Redirect (to match article) July 7
Category:List of Legends of the Dark Knight Stories merge as nominated July 15
Category:List of songs performed on The X Factor(UK TV series) delete July 17
Category:Lists of Australian Mayors and Lord Mayors to Category:Lists of Mayors and Lord Mayors of places in Australia rename as nominated July 22
Category:Lists of bands by US state delete July 17
Category:Lists of Fish Markets rename July 24
Category:Lithuanian voivodships rename July 28
Category:Liverpool F.C. managers keep July 26
Category:Liverpool F.C. staff rename/merge as nominated July 26
Category:Locations featured in Time Team delete (already listified at Time Team) July 12
Category:Locomotive engineers rename/merge as nominated July 27
Category:Louisiana-Monroe Indians football players to Category:Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks football players rename July 11
Category:Louisiana-Monroe Indians football delete July 11
Category:Love songs delete July 11
Category:Lyric comedy delete July 18
Category:Lyric drama delete July 19
Category:Lyric legend and Category:Lyric fairy tale Delete (already empty) July 6
Category:Lyric tragedy Delete (already empty) July 6
Category:Mac users rename July 28
Category:Macau attractions to Category:Visitor attractions in Macau rename July 13
Category:Mafiosi by origin rename to Category:Gangsters by origin July 19
Category:Major label debuts to Category:Major label debut albums rename July 18
Category:Major League Baseball regular seasons no consensus July 13
Category:Malayalam Film Stars to Category:Malayalam film actors rename/merge to Category:Malayalam-language film actors July 27
Category:Malaysian Heroes delete July 23
Category:Mangoes delete July 17
Category:Manos: The Hands of Fate delete July 26
Category:Maya ruins in Belize rename/merge as nominated July 27
Mayors by sub-national categories rename as nominated July 13
Mecca mosques and Medina mosques rename as nominated July 16
Category:Medici rename July 29
Category:Medicine and health in Brazil to Category:Health in Brazil merge July 10
Category:Mega Man ZX characters Delete (already empty) July 2
Category:Melvin Simon and Associates to Category:Simon Property Group rename as nominated July 12
Category:Members of Knesset to Category:Members of the Knesset rename July 18
Category:Members of the United Kingdom Parliament from Scottish constituencies no consensus July 23
Category:Members of the United States House of Representatives from California keep July 22
Category:Memorable moments in baseball to Category:Baseball lore rename/merge as nominated July 31
Category:Memorable moments in sports rename to Category:Sports lore July 18
Merge all Philatelist Categories merge July 30
Merge Category:Irish entrepreneurs and Category:Irish businesspeople no consensus July 12
Category:Methodist Americans to Category:American Methodists merge as nominated July 22
Category:Metropolis Delete July 3
Category:Mexican colonels delete July 19
Category:Mexican non-governmental organizations delete July 17
Category:Mexican Roman Catholics keep July 23
Category:Michelin Starred Restaurants rename/merge as nominated July 23
Category:Microbreweries keep July 11
Category:Military brats delete July 26
Category:Military leaders to Category:Military people keep July 12
Category:Military media of the United States to Category:Media of the military of the United States rename as proposed July 28
Category:Ministers to Category:Ministers of religion rename per nom as least ambiguous suggestion July 11
Category:Minneapolitans to Category:People from Minneapolis, Minnesota category redirect July 3
Miss Porter's School no consensus July 23
Category:Missouri Supreme Court justices Delete (already emptied) July 7
Category:Modern destroyers Keep, and not properly nominated July 10
Category:Modernist operas and Category:Surrealist drama Delete (already empty) July 8
Category:Moldavian composers delete July 15
Category:Monaco flags and arms to Category:Images of flags and coats of arms of Monaco rename as nominated July 12
Category:Monasteries in Serbia and Montenegro to Category:Monasteries in Serbia Renamed by Joy (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA) July 1
Category:Monoid theory to Category:Semigroup theory merge July 6
Category:Monopoly (economics) to Category:Monopoly no change. I will take advice on what best to do about the idea of "locking" the ambiguous category. I may be able to devise something, an {{ambiguous category}} template, perhaps? July 13
Category:Monopoly to Category:Monopoly (game) rename July 13
Category:Montenegrin actresses merge as nominated July 15
Category:Morality plays and Category:Grotesque operas Delete (already empty) July 8
More "United States" to "American" categories rename as nominated July 12
More Academy Award categories rename as nominated July 21
More demonyms rename as nominated July 14
More fictional character categories rename July 7
More singles to songs rename/merge all July 11
Category:Mosaic art to Category:Mosaic merge as nominated July 22
Category:Motor Neuron Disease to Category:Motor neuron disease and Category:People with Motor Neuron Disease to Category:People with motor neuron disease rename July 25
Motor racing circuits to Motor racing venues rename both July 8
Category:Movies that portray the 1970's delete July 26
Category:MTV Music Award Winners delete July 23
Category:Multan to Category:Multan images rename to Category:Images of Multan July 5
Multiracial categories delete July 14
Category:Murdered Romans to Category:Roman murder victims rename (I boldly implemented Carlossuarez46's suggestion as less ambiguous) July 11
Category:Museums in Georgia, United States to Category:Museums in Georgia (U.S. state) rename as nominated July 16
Category:Music from Manchester, England to Category:Music from Manchester rename July 20
Category:Musical activists to Category:Activist musicians delete July 15
Category:Musical Theatre characters to Category:Musical theatre characters merge July 2
Category:Musicals based on movies to Category:Musicals based on films rename July 7
Category:Muslim Indians Merge to Category:Indian Muslims (edit | talk | history | links | watch | logs) July 2
Category:Myspace wikipedians and Category:Myspace users to Category:MySpace users merge all to Category:Wikipedians who use MySpace July 3
Category:Narcotics cat redir as it is the same July 17
Category:Nardwuar Interview Subject Delete July 7
Category:Nathan Fillion characters delete July 29
Category:National final songs delete July 27
Category:National Historic Landmark to Category:National Historic Landmarks of the United States merge as nominated July 12
Category:National professional leagues to Category:Professional sports leagues merge as nominated July 12
Category:Nationalist operas delete July 22
Category:Natives of Montenegro to Category:Montenegrin people by place Delete (already empty) July 2
Natural satellites keep July 17
Category:NBA Playoffs to Category:National Basketball Association playoffs rename July 3
Category:NBDL teams rename July 24
Category:NBL seasons to Category:National Basketball League (Australia) seasons rename July 9
Category:Neanderthal Wikipedians Delete July 9
Category:Neighbourhoods of England to Category:Neighbourhoods in England rename July 13
Category:Neighbourhoods of Scotland to Category:Neighbourhoods in Scotland rename July 13
Category:Neighbours actors who are also musicians Supermajority Delete (7d:4k), already a List of Neighbours and Home and Away actors turned musicians, and all the members are already in Category:Neighbours actors and Category:Australian musicians -- no need for intersection category July 8
Category:New Right (Europe) to Category:Nouvelle Droite no consensus July 15
Category:New Right (United States) to Category:New Christian Right no consensus July 13
Category:Newark City Subway stations rename/merge as nominated July 23
Category:Newshounds characters delete July 24
Newspapers published in Canada rename as nominated July 14
Newspapers published in the United States rename July 28
Category:Niagara Falls, Ontario buildings to Category:Buildings and structures in Niagara Falls merge/split per nom July 19
Category:Nigerian Yoruba Article delete July 16
Non-profit organizations by country rename all as modified for locality July 8
Category:North Atlantic Islands to Category:Islands in the North Atlantic rename July 22
Category:Norway at war to Category:Military history of Norway merge as nominated July 12
Category:Norwegian royals merge July 26
Category:Notable baseball fans delete July 18
Category:Notable ice hockey fans delete July 15
Category:Notable Lay Catholics to Category:Roman Catholics merge as nominated July 22
Number-one album categories delete (list articles already exist for UK and US - I will wait a week or so before doing Australia to give someone a chance to listify it) July 15
Category:Oasis (landform) to Category:Oases Early Rename by Keenan Pepper (talk · contribs) July 8
Category:Obese people delete July 18
Category:Ocarina of Time characters delete July 28
Occupations in Western Australia alternative rename July 2
Category:Ohio Dams merge July 12
Category:Old-school Mac users delete July 28
Category:Omahans renamed July 25
Category:Ontario Hockey Association coaches to Category:Ontario Hockey League coaches merge July 19
Category:Ontario provincial highways to Category:King's Highways of Ontario keep July 8
Category:Opendisc Delete, article deleted July 9
Organisations by city rename July 6
Category:Organizations with royal patronage rename/merge as nominated July 26
Category:Overweight people delete July 18
Category:Owen Sound Platers delete July 19
Category:Pages been edited by WikiProject Dad's Army to Category:WikiProject Dad's Army articles Out of process deletion by Kingboyk (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA) July 5
Category:Pages been edited by WikiProject Dad's Army to Category:WikiProject Dad's Army Withdrawn July 5
Category:Pakistani people by category delete July 31
People by Chinese city rename/merge as nominated July 14
People by city categories rename/merge as nominated July 23
People by language Delete all July 1
People by language No consensus to delete: Welsh speaking people, delete others July 19
People by Polish city rename both July 2
Category:People by religion and nationality to Category:People by nationality and religion rename July 8
People by South African city rename all; delete Natives of… July 2
Category:People from Canada category redirect July 5
Category:People from Cape Girardeau County, Missouri no consensus July 25
Category:People from Chaoshan category redirect July 5
Category:People from Decatur, Alabama {{category redirect}} Category:Decaturites to Category:People from Decatur, Alabama July 19
People from Indian states rename as proposed July 29
Category:People from Osaka cat redirect July 15
Category:People from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Category:People from Hampton Roads withdrawn/keep July 11
Category:People in Japan to Category:Japanese people merge July 6
Category:People in the health professions to Category:People in health professions Rename to "People in health professions" July 25
Category:People involved with "Wicked" delete July 18
Category:People noted for being in rare medical or psychological categories rename to Category:People by medical or psychological condition July 19
Category:People of African descent no consensus July 16
Category:People of Assam to Category:People from Assam rename July 30
Category:People of Jewish descent in Great Britain merge to Category:British Jews July 10
Category:People of Kolkata to Category:People from Kolkata rename July 29
Category:People of Mumbai to Category:People from Mumbai & Category:People of West Bengal to Category:People from West Bengal rename as nominated July 18
Category:People of Serbia and Montenegro Deleted by Joy (talk · contribs · blocks · protections · deletions · page moves · rights · RfA) July 1
Category:People On Tru Calling to Category:Tru Calling actors rename July 19
Category:People who use their mother's surname delete July 18
Category:People with an ocular prosthetic delete July 25
Category:People with disabilities keep as metacat July 25
Category:People with Power in Canada delete July 24
Category:People with repeated names Delete July 5
Category:Performers by record label to Category:Musicians by record label relisting here, Musicians by record label was not tagged for deletion. July 28
Category:Peruvian Physiographic Regions to Category:Physiographic regions of Peru rename as nominated July 20
Category:Peruvian Regions with a population of over 1 million delete July 20
Category:Philippine Muslim Affairs to Category:Islam in the Philippines rename as nominated July 13
Category:Philippine spies to Category:Filipino spies no consensus July 1
Category:Philosophers by language Keep July 6
Category:Philosophy and religion portals delete July 11
Category:Physicians by specialty to category:Medical doctors by specialty rename July 1
Category:Piscifauna of Utah to Category:Fish of Utah rename July 5
Category:Plagiarists delete July 11
Category:Planned or proposed stadia to Category:Planned or proposed stadiums rename July 7
Category:Plants and Pollinators no consensus to delete; rename to Category:Plants and pollinators July 25
Playboy Cyber Club Out of process deletion at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Playboy Cyber Club. Warning, not emptied before deleting July 9
Category:Police forces of the British Isles delete July 9
Category:Polish national symbols to Category:National symbols of Poland rename July 20
Category:Polish resistance to Category:Polish resistance during World War II rename July 13
Category:Political journals to Category:Political magazines merge as nominated July 20
Category:Political parties in Germany considered extremist by the Verfassungsschutz delete July 8
Category:Pop culture television Delete July 2
Category:Popular musical groups and Category:American popular musical groups delete July 4
Category:Pornographic movie studios to Category:Pornographic film studios rename July 8
Category:Portlanders to Category:People from Portland, Oregon rename per nom July 1
Category:Postal codes of the United States to Category:ZIP codes of the United States rename July 21
Category:Potential Amtrak Routes delete July 20
Category:POW camps in Great Britain rename/merge as nominated July 23
Category:Power plants to Category:Power stations rename in line with main article, and cat-redirect July 15
Category:Pre-Code to Category:Pre-Code films rename to Category:Films made before the MPAA Production Code July 22
Category:Presidents of the Indian National Congress keep July 25
Category:Presidents of the United States of America albums Delete (already emptied) July 7
Category:Preteen Wikipedians DELETE July 25
Category:Primary school delete (empty: no merging to do) July 26
Category:Princes of England and Britain to Category:English and British princes found renamed July 18
Category:Pro-gun politicians delete July 23
Category:Pro-whaling nations Listify and Delete July 7
Category:Products containing high fructose corn syrup Delete (empty) July 3
Category:Programs broadcast on Lifetime to Category:Lifetime network shows merge per nom July 5
Category:Pseudoscientists delete July 28
Category:Public organizations Delete (already emptied) July 10
Category:Puerto Rican sights to Category:Visitor attractions in Puerto Rico rename July 18
Category:Pundits to Category:Political pundits rename July 21
Category:Punjabi films to Category:Punjabi-language films rename as nominated July 17
Category:Queensland Political Figures Delete July 2
Category:Radio DJs in the UK to Category:British radio personalities no consensus July 29
Radio stations in Atlanta rename/merge as nominated July 17
Category:Rapid transit systems that operate around the clock to Category:24-hour rapid transit systems delete July 21
Category:Rapid transit systems that operate around the clock to Category:24-hour rapid transit systems duplicate nomination. See Wikipedia:Categories for deletion/Log/2006 July 21 July 25
Category:Rare Steak to Category:Wikipedians who prefer rare steak Rare-name July 8
Recreate Category:Automobile manufacturers Keep, recently decided on July 1 July 5
Category:Red giant branch stars to Category:Red giants merge July 1
Category:Religion portals to Category:Philosophy and religion portals No consensus to merge July 10
Category:Remarkable categories delete July 18
Category:Residence halls to Category:Halls of residence no consensus/withdrawn July 22
Category:Residence halls to Category:University and college dormitories keep July 13
Category:Residential architecture in London to Category:Housing in London rename as nominated July 16
Category:Restaurateurs {{category redirect}} the wrong one to the correct one. So Category:Restauranteurs will redirect to Category:Restaurateurs; I am trusting Dhartung that "Restaurateurs" is correct! July 19
Category:Reward websites no consensus July 21
Category:Right-handed people and Category:Left-handed people Delete both, already listified July 7
Category:Roads in Warwickshire merge as nominated July 12
Category:Rochdale F.C. players Delete (already emptied) July 7
Category:Rocky Horror no consensus July 26
Category:Rogues galleries to Category:Fictional villains merge July 11
Category:Role playing game merge July 8
Category:Roman Catholic Canadians to Category:Canadian Roman Catholics merge as nominated July 16
Category:Romance languages talk pages Delete all July 5
Category:Romance opera merge July 6
Category:Romanian-Australians category redirect July 19
Category:Romanov to Category:House of Romanov rename July 8
Category:Romantic comedies and Category:Miracle operas and Category:Psychological dramas delete July 16
Category:Rotary Club members delete July 11
Category:Routes in Oregon to Category:Oregon state routes rename/merge as nominated July 27
Category:Royal Dynasties delete July 29
Category:Royal Navy battlecruisers keep July 14
Category:Royal Navy destroyers to Category:Destroyers of the United Kingdom keep July 14
Category:Royal palaces in Sweden rename July 24
Category:Royalty of Finland to Category:Finnish royalty already renamed by W.A.Simpson July 5
Category:Ruslana concerts delete July 12
Category:Russian Americans already a category redirect July 26
Category:Russian and Soviet aircraft engines to Category:Soviet and Russian aircraft engines rename as nominated July 15
Category:Russian-Italians to Category:Russian Italians Delete July 2
Category:Saints born into the monied classes Delete July 3
Category:Salad Fingers delete July 13
Category:Sandbox delete category and subcategory July 27
Category:Sarcastic fictional characters Delete July 10
Category:Saskatoon keep, and convert Category:Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to category redirect per ProveIt July 12
Category:Saturday Night Live musical guests delete (already listified) July 18
Category:Scary Movie actors keep July 26
Category:Scooby-Doo episodes Delete (already empty) July 2
Category:Scottish law to Category:Scots law rename July 22
Category:Scottish Students' Unions to Category:Scottish students' unions no consensus July 22
Category:Sea_and_river_deities_to_Category:Water_deities rename as nominated July 16
Category:Secretaries of State for Foreign Affairs (UK) no consensus, delete as empty July 22
Category:Serie B players articles already merged, delete July 12
Category:Since the Ninth Doctor delete July 21
Category:Singapore TV Artists to Category:Singaporean television artists rename to Category:Singaporean television personalities July 4
Category:Singaporean professors to Category:Singaporean academics cat redirect July 20
Singles by artist into Songs by artist merge all July 5
Category:Sister cities to Category:Twin towns merge both to Category:Sister cities and twin towns July 16
Category:Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Northern Ireland delete July 31
Category:Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Preseli & South Pembrokeshire to Category:Sites of Special Scientific Interest in Pembrokeshire rename as nominated July 14
Smash Bros. to Super Smash Bros. rename July 9
Category:Smith College alumni to Category:Smith College alumnae keep July 21
Category:Snooker players of Ireland Delete (already empty) July 8
Category:Snoop Dogg promo videos no consensus July 11
Category:South African directors delete until needed July 29
Category:South-East Asian historians to Category:Historians of Southeast Asia rename July 6
Category:Space Marine Chapters (Warhammer 40,000) to Category:Space Marine Chapters rename July 10
Category:Spanish Prime Ministers to Category:Prime Ministers of Spain merge July 14
Category:Spiders keep and {{category redirect}} Category:Araneae to it July 19
Sport in Canada by province, territory, or city rename July 8
Category:Sport WikiProjects to Category:WikiProject Sports merge as nominated July 16
Category:Sportspeople by religion delete cat and subcats per verifiability issues July 25
Category:Sri Lanka History Delete July 3
Category:Star Fox Playing Wikipedians to Category:Star Fox playing Wikipedians rename/merge to Category:Wikipedians who play Star Fox July 23
Category:Star Trek fans delete July 22
Category:State highways in Alaska to Category:Alaska state highways rename/merge as nominated July 27
Category:State Routes in New Jersey to Category:New Jersey state routes no consensus July 27
Category:Steaua Bucharest footballers to Category:Steaua Bucureşti players rename to Category:Steaua Bucharest players July 12
Category:Steaua Bucuresti category redirect July 29
Category:Steven Blum-potrayed characters delete July 12
Category:Stock charts to Category:Images of stock charts rename July 14
Streets and squares by city rename as nominated July 16
Category:Subways no consensus July 23
Category:Suspected Wikipedia sockpuppets of Some guy from tennessee delete July 12
Category:Swiss brands Withdrawn July 10
Category:Tax Acts of the United States rename July 27
tax evaders keep July 14
Category:Tehran Neighbourhoods to Category:Neighbourhoods in Tehran rename as nominated July 15
Category:Television anchors by city no consensus July 28
Category:Television channels to Category:Television stations no consensus, suggest starting separate discussions July 5
Category:Television characters by series keep July 18
Category:Television meterologists delete July 14
Television series by company rename all July 10
Category:Television stations in El Dorado/Monroe to Category:Television stations in Monroe-El Dorado rename July 7
Category:Terrorism of Apartheid delete July 3
Category:Texas lists to Category:Texas-related lists rename July 11
The Legend of Zelda games merge July 3
Category:The most beautiful villages of France rename to Category:Plus Beaux Villages de France July 4
Category:The Rothschilds rename July 24
Category:Theatres in Georgia to Category:Theatres in Georgia (U.S. state) rename per nom July 9
Category:Theodore Kaczynski delete July 15
Think tanks by country rename as nominated July 20
Category:Tickling delete July 30
Category:Tolstoy to Category:Tolstoy family rename July 8
Category:Tombstone to Category:Images of tombstones delete July 19
Category:Totalitarian and political youth organizations to Category:Totalitarian youth organizations Delete July 10
Category:Towns in Oregon category redirect July 4
Category:Tragedy delete July 19
Category:Tragic melodrama and Category:Historic drama delete July 19
Transport in Africa no consensus July 14
Transport in Asia no consensus July 15
Transport in South America no consensus July 14
Transport in Spain rename July 25
Category:Trapezuntine Empire category redirect July 27
Category:Travolta family to Category:Travolta-Burke family Withdrawn July 1
Category:Treehouse TV shows delete July 15
Category:Trip hop artists to Category:Trip hop musicians rename/merge as nominated July 27
Category:Triple Accreditation Busniess Schools delete July 30
Category:Troubled former child stars delete July 17
Category:Truck Category Redirect July 6
Category:Tuning theory delete/empty July 26
Category:Turkish-Americans relisted here because Category:Turkish Americans wasn't tagged for deletion July 25
Category:U Cluj to Category:U Cluj players rename as nominated July 17
Category:UK conservative activists (extra-parliamentary) rename/merge as nominated July 25
Category:Unassessed-Class_college_football_articles Speedy Deleted July 5
Category:Uncyclopedians to Category:Wikipedians on Uncyclopedia merge July 4
Category:Undefeated national football teams delete July 19
Category:Underweight people delete July 19
Category:Unfabulous characters delete July 2
unhyphenated-American no consensus July 14
Category:United Kingdom Students' Unions to Category:United Kingdom students' unions no consensus July 22
Category:United States 7th Cavalry Regiment people delete July 23
United States judicial cases No consensus to rename -- so I looked up the practice at When used in a sentence, they are "United States district courts". Thus, it appears that the person that made each category had some clue about legal naming. Sure enough, the creator is a fairly newly minted lawyer, knowledgable about current case citations. To reflect the actual world, both are properly named July 10
Category:United States media history to Category:American media history rename July 9
Category:United States Navy aircraft carriers to Category:Aircraft carriers of the United States merge as nominated July 17
Category:United States Presidents Who Served Only One Term to Category:United States Presidents who served only one term Delete July 9
Category:Universal Postal Union withdrawn July 15
Category:University of Hull Alumni Delete (empty) July 5
Unnecessary Gilbert and Sullivan categories Delete (already emptied) July 7
Category:User ??-? delete July 16
Category:User pages of Emir214 delete July 15
Category:User religion... to Category:Wikipedians interested in religions rename as nominated July 16
userboxes to user templates rename all July 4
Category:Users who are hot delete July 31
Category:Users with huge penises delete, lol July 23
Category:Vancouver Churches delete, see [1] July 29
Category:Vehicles with front bench seating delete July 13
Category:Verkehrsverbund rename July 25
Category:Vermont state highways to Category:Vermont routes no consensus July 26
Category:Video compilations and Category:Music DVDs to Category:Music videos and DVDs merge as nominated July 12
Visitor attractions in Australia rename both July 17
Vocalists to singers rename as nominated July 12
Category:Voivodships of Poland to Category:Voivodeships of Poland rename (action has already taken by July 16
Category:War in the Honorverse Delete, it has only two articles, not appropriately categorized, no opportunity for expansion July 1
Category:Warmia-Masuria to Category:Warmian-Masurian Voivodship rename to Category:Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship July 14
Category:Waterfalls in the United States merge all to "of" July 5
Category:WCAU no consensus July 24
Category:Webcomics that use Clickwheel to Category:Clickwheel webcomics rename as nominated July 11
Category:West Ham United F.C. players that never played for the 1st team merge to Category:West Ham United F.C. players July 15
Category:Wheatears category redirect July 19
Category:Wi-Fi to Category:Wireless networking No consensus to merge or rename July 9
Category:Wikify from January 2006 Speedy deleted 3 times over 2 months July 7
Category:WikiP difference with Commons Cats rename/merge as nominated July 27
Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians to Wikipedia:Users not currently active misplaced request, use the move button, the talk page, or WP:RM if there's a disagreement July 11
Wikipedian supporters of Western Sahara rename both as nominated July 16
Wikipedians by location merge as nominated July 22
Wikipedians by music genre rename July 3
Wikipedians by musician rename/merge July 3
Wikipedians by skill rename July 3
Wikipedians by time period delete July 14
Category:Wikipedians from John Carroll University to Category:Wikipedians by alma mater: John Carroll University rename/merge as nominated July 23
Category:Wikipedians in the NFL to Category:Wikipedians in the National Forensic League rename July 19
Wikipedians interested in anime and manga rename/merge as nominated July 31
Category:Wikipedians who are cute Delete July 1
Category:Wikipedians who insist on having the word lobster in every article poach in an emulsified butter sauce July 12
Wikipedians who like television by series rename all as nominated except Category:Wikipedians interested in TV July 16
Category:WIKIPEDIANS WHO USE cAPS LOCK dELETE and Category:User cAPS as well per common sense (this CFD is discussing the same issue) July 31
Category:Wikipedians who want a kebab to Category:Wikipedians who like Peep Show delete July 23
Category:Wikipedians who watch The Shield to Category:Wikipedians who like The Shield rename/merge as nominated July 31
Wikipedians with an age delete July 14
Category:Wikipedians with an IQ delete July 23
Category:WikiProject Catholicism 101 to Category:WikiProject Catholicism rename as nominated July 20
WikiProject participants no consensus July 20
Category:Wildlife of North Carolina rename to Category:Biota of North Carolina July 19
Category:Wildlife of North Carolina relist July 9
Category:William Shatner keep (no consensus) July 3
Category:Windows NT to Category:Microsoft Windows no consensus July 15
Category:Wisconsin local politicians delete July 24
Category:Wizard rock speedy deleted by July 27
Category:Women of Pakistan keep July 16
Category:Women to Category:Women and girls keep July 12
Women no consensus July 18
Category:Works by Arthur Sullivan to Category:Compositions by Arthur Sullivan rename July 7
Category:Wrestlers who have died speedy delete as recreation of deleted content July 21
Category:Young Entrepreneurs to Category:Child entrepreneurs rename July 6
Category:Youth Groups in Ireland merge July 19
Category:Zen movies to Category:Zen films move, and also move article July 3