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The following is an alphabetical index of decisions made at Wikipedia:Categories for discussion.

Category Decision Discussion_log
"People known in connection..." rename/merge as nominated October 18
Category:'Sama Samaja' Parties rename October 22
Category:*NSYNC albums speedy delete as misnamed fork October 11
Category:18 Wheels of Steel Fansites delete October 30
Category:2006 in ALMS rename to Category:2006 in the American Le Mans Series October 24
Category:2006 United States Congressional election candidates delete (senate not included, wasn't tagged) October 17
Category:2006 United States Senate candidates delete October 26
Category:4chan delete October 2
Category:ABA (1967-1976) All-Star Game Venues delete October 29
Category:Abortion and reproductive rights advocacy groups in the United States no consensus October 20
Category:Abortion and reproductive rights advocacy groups in the United States rename/merge as nominated October 31
Category:Acquaintances of Lewis Carroll delete October 14
ACT Parliament rename/merge as nominated October 28
Category:Activists of Taiwan independence movement rename October 24
Actors / Actresses who portrayed delete October 5
Category:Actors who appeared in MST3K movies delete October 20
Category:Actors who have played gay characters delete October 15
Category:Actors who have played serial killers delete October 10
Category:Actors who played HIV-positive characters delete October 29
Category:Actresses by nationality delete October 23
Category:Actresses who portraying Sandy Olsen to Category:Actresses who portrayed Sandy Olsen Delete Clear consensus below and in previous cfd debates October 13
Category:Actresses rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:ACTWAFL League Clubs category already deleted October 31
Additional DC Comics Groups no consensus October 18
Category:Adopted fictional characters merge and delete October 2
Category:Adult Spin-offs delete October 24
Category:Advocacy websites rename/merge both to Category:Internet activism October 14
Category:African American football players delete October 1
Category:African American Reality TV Participants delete October 19
Category:African Female rappers rename/merge to Category:Female rappers October 15
Category:Age Speculations delete (the articles I checked did in fact have a DOB listed; nothing to speculate about) October 1
Category:Ageless fictional characters delete October 22
Category:AIDS in film speedy rename per creator October 12
Category:Ailurophiles no consensus October 25
Category:Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research rename to Category:Recipients of the Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research October 11
Category:Alleged cults delete October 15
Category:Alumni of Cambridge University rename October 22
Category:American Actresses rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:American actresses rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:American fraudsters no consensus October 25
Category:American mystery writers keep October 12
Category:AN CAFE singles rename/merge as nominated October 28
Category:Ancestors of President Bush rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:Ancient Near East Paganism rename/merge as nominated October 4
Category:Ancient people rename/merge as nominated October 6
And other such categories delete all October 26
Category:Andrew delete October 17
Category:Anglican Religious to Category:Members of Anglican religious orders rename October 5
Category:Animal control rename October 8
Category:Animal homosexuality delete October 21
Category:Animal liberation movement rename October 9
Animals in fiction rename/merge as nominated October 24
Category:Animals in literature rename/merge as nominated October 24
Category:Animation heroes delete October 8
Category:Antenna merge October 19
Category:Anthropomorphic comic book titles rename as follows: October 7
Category:Anti-gay marriage politicians delete October 10
Category:Anti-gay rights media personalities delete October 9
Category:Anti-hero delete October 31
Category:Aquaman television series delete October 10
Category:Architectural glossary delete October 15
Category:Arnim rename October 24
Category:Art Galleries in Sheffield rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:Articles containing one or more rants delete October 1
Category:Articles that have been Wikified delete October 26
Category:Articles to be merged since December 2005 already deleted October 12
Category:Articles with example pidgincode delete October 17
Category:Athenians (Ohio) rename October 5
Category:Athletes suffering strange injuries delete October 14
Category:Athletes who have maliciously stepped on other athletes during competition already deleted October 18
Australian state cricketer categories do not rename October 2
Category:Australian Superannuation Funds delete October 6
Category:Autonomous University of Nuevo Len alumni rename/merge as nominated October 8
Category:Axis of evil delete October 11
Category:Baby Pokémon keep October 8
Category:Baltic Political parties delete' October 19
Category:Bandy in USA rename October 26
Category:Bank Robbery to Category:Bank robbery rename to Category:Bank robberies October 29
Category:Batman actors delete October 17
Category:Battles of the Indian Empire rename October 5
Category:Battleships of the United States Navy merge October 16
Category:Bavarian Soviet Republic no consensus, but as it's empty, delete October 20
Category:Baywatch Project rename October 19
Category:Belgian Christian people rename/merge as nominated October 28
Category:Belizean dramatists speedy rename per nom October 24
Category:Bengali fictional characters rename to Fictional Bengali ("Bengali" is both singular and plural) October 15
Big Brother rename Australia to Category:Big Brother (Australian TV series), keep the others October 23
Category:Billboard Adult Contemporary number-one singles rename October 26
Category:Binary minor planets no consensus October 8
Category:Birthplaces of United States presidents delete/listify. Listing begun at List of birthplaces of United States presidents October 15
Category:Black lawyers no consensus October 31
Category:Blanked discussion pages delete October 4
Bluegrass musicians by nationality rename/merge as nominated October 8
Category:Body horror 'delete October 26
Category:Bollywood's Oscar entries delete October 20
Category:Born-again Christians rename/merge as nominated October 3
Category:Breton Composer already deleted October 23
Category:Breton cyclists merge into Category:French cyclists October 30
Category:British actresses rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:British capitals no consensus October 24
Category:British skeptics No Consensus - Rename and relist. I can see a strong move to delete, but I think there's a general agreement that this whole issue should be settled with discussion on all the categories in Category:Skeptics rather than simply take one out of the chain. So am renaming per our spelling usage conventions, but relisting as part of an umbrella nomination. This close should not be taken as endorsement of the category or a keep October 13
Category:British television shows merge and redirect October 24
Category:British-Filipinos delete, the intros may be different, but the contents are the same October 17
Building and structure images rename all October 14
Category:Buildings and structures in Palestine and its sub sections Category:Archaeological sites in Palestine and Category:Places of worship in Palestine delete October 12
Category:Bushisms Delete October 20
Business people no consensus October 11
Category:C programming language no consensus October 11
Category:California History rename/merge as nominated October 17
Category:Canadian pundits merge per nom October 31
Category:Candlewick Press delete October 12
Category:Cape verdean-portuguese people Rename October 15
Category:Carteret Family speedy rename (lowercasing) October 22
Category:Category IRIB rename/merge as nominated October 28
Category:Caterpillar rename October 9
Category:Catholic Comedians rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:Catholic lay societies no consensus October 21
Category:Caused over 1 million deaths Delete. — October 16
Category:Celebrities by nationality and subcats delete October 16
Category:Celebrity Gamers delete October 26
Category:Celebrity Roleplayers/Wargamers delete October 31
Category:Cemeteries in Georgia Rename October 18
Category:Challenged books delete October 7
Category:Chancellor of the University of Durham to Category:Chancellors of the University of Durham see below October 22
Category:Chancellors of Trinity College, Dublin rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:Chancellors rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:Characters from the movie City of God rename October 19
Category:Cheap fictional characters delete October 12
Category:Chick flicks delete October 17
Category:Chief Dark Lords delete October 31
Category:Chief executive officers rename/merge as nominated October 15
Category:Chinese Japanese people no consensus October 4
Category:Christian Arab singers delete October 26
Category:Christian prophets no consensus October 28
Category:Christian Right delete October 19
Category:Cities in Eretz Yisrael already deleted. October 9
Category:City halls to category:City halls and town halls rename to Category:City and town halls October 12
Category:Clones of other computer games rename October 28
Category:Clouds keep October 21
Category:College football defunct bowls rename October 13
Category:Collin County parks delete October 24
Category:Colorado State University women's basketball players rename October 7
Category:Comic book fathers delete October 23
Category:Comic Book Movie actors already deleted October 8
Category:Communist architecture delete October 27
Category:Companies based in Orange County, New York Speedy delete, creator requested deletion per last comment in debate October 17
Category:Compositions by Antonín Dvorák SPEEDY DELETED; deletion requested by only contributor for mistakenly created duplicate category October 20
Category:Comptrollers rename October 19
Category:Computer and video game additions delete, empty October 26
Category:Computer and video game content rated by the ESRB delete October 27
Category:Computer tile-based games rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:Congressional districts of Northwest Territory speedy delete per creator October 14
Category:Controlled substances delete October 2
Category:Copenhageners rename October 7
Category:Corsica football team delete October 9
Counter missionary and Christian criticism speedy deleted (recreations) October 10
Category:Crack Rock Steady 7 no consensus October 4
Category:Criminal suspects delete October 13
Category:Current governors of the United States delete October 28
Category:Curtiss rename October 19
Category:Czech Painters speedy delete October 5
Category:Dates in baseball delete October 9
DC Comics group members delete and listify October 9
Category:DC Superhero actors delete October 18
Category:Dead fictional characters Added {{deletedcategory}}, since it's a recreation; a bot will depopulate it October 18
Category:Deadspin Hall of Fame delete October 29
Category:Death by heart disease category already deleted October 25
Category:Deltona, Florida delete October 10
Category:Department stores disestablished in 2006 rename/merge as nominated October 3
Category:Depowered mutants delete October 20
Category:Derivatemes delete October 4
Category:Dialects of Italy speedily deleted (db-author) October 28
Category:Dictionary Corner delete October 9
Category:Districts of Ukraine rename. Despite "raion" not being a common (English) word, per people's remarks below it like "oblast" is used to discriminate between country subdivisions that would otherwise be (mis)label/led "district" or the like. Hope that makes sense October 20
Category:Doctor Who companions who were killed delete October 30
Category:Doctoral degree holders delete October 24
Category:Dr. Seuss actors delete October 22
Category:Dragonlance templates delete October 31
Category:Dubious historical resources delete October 14
Category:E-RPG System delete October 13
Category:Early Canadian business leaders to Category:Canadian businesspeople rename/merge to Category:Pre-Confederation Canadian businesspeople October 9
Category:Early Canadian feminists to Category:Canadian feminists rename/merge as nominated October 9
Category:Early settlers of Canada to Category:Settlers of Canada rename/merge as nominated October 9
Category:Early settlers of the Ottawa area to Category:Settlers of the National Capital Region of Canada rename/merge as nominated October 9
Category:Eastern European Political parties rename/merge as nominated October 14
Category:Ecchi anime nom withdrawn October 20
Category:Education in Palestine delete October 12
Category:Education, Social-Emotional Learning delete October 29
Category:Electric Light Orchestra singles rename October 18
Category:Emirates rename October 12
Category:English horn players rename/merge as nominated October 12
Category:Entertainers who performed for troops during the Vietnam War delete October 1
category:Entertainers who played football delete October 6
Erdős number categories keep all October 8
Category:Eridanus cluster rename/merge as nominated October 28
Category:Escort carriers of the United States Navy rename/merge as nominated October 6
Category:Escorts no consensus October 13
Category:Estudios Churubusco films no consensus October 13
Category:European politicians merged with Politicians of European nations and {{categoryredirect}} left October 26
Category:Existentialist films delete October 26
Category:Exploration of Antarctica rename/merge arctic, keep antarctic October 18
Category:Failed media formats rename to category:Discontinued media formats October 12
Category:Fake News anchors no consensus October 22
Category:Famous American Military Defeats delete October 13
Category:Famous authors of memoirs rename/merge as nominated October 29
Category:Famous Bankrupts rename/merge to Category:People who declared bankruptcy October 17
Category:Famous comic book readers delete October 20
Category:Famous diamonds rename/merge as nominated October 14
Category:Famous gems rename/merge as nominated October 14
Category:Famous numbers to Category:Numbers used in pop culture rename/merge as nominated October 15
Category:Famous patients delete October 23
Category:Famous redheads delete October 13
Category:Famous transport infrastructures delete October 14
Category:Farnese rename (to Category:House of Farnese) October 5
Category:Fauna of the Scottish Highlands delete October 20
Category:Fauna of the United States by state and its subcategories no consensus October 13
Category:Fefe Dobson delete October 24
Category:Fictional Bryn Mawr College alumnae delete October 26
Category:Fictional bug-eyed characters delete October 7
Category:Fictional Californians rename/merge as nominated October 19
Category:Fictional characters created by Chris Claremont delete October 29
Category:Fictional characters created by Grant Morrison delete/listify. List of current membership created at List of fictional characters created by Grant Morrison October 28
Category:Fictional characters created by Stan Lee delete October 29
Category:Fictional characters from Arkansas rename/merge as nominated October 18
Category:Fictional characters played by more than one actor delete October 1
Category:Fictional characters with spiritual awareness delete October 27
Category:Fictional characters with the power to manipulate energy delete October 18
Category:Fictional characters with the power to move at superhuman speeds no consensus October 29
Category:Fictional characters with the power to resurrect themselves delete October 10
Category:Fictional eyepatch wearers delete October 14
Category:Fictional gambling addicts merge October 11
Category:Fictional justice vigilantes delete October 28
Category:Fictional nerds delete October 21
Category:Fictional personifications of evil delete. List consisting of category's curent membership begun at List of personifications of evil in fiction October 19
Category:Fictional Scientologists delete October 9
Category:Fictional stallholders rename to Category:Fictional market stallholders October 30
Category:Fictional trouble makers delete October 30
Category:Film music composers merge October 21
Category:Films based on H G Wells rename October 2
Category:Films by Studio sub-cats rename/merge as nominated October 13
Category:Films directed by Hussein Tajvidi speedy delete October 26
Category:FIM and AMA Motocross Champions delete October 22
Category:Fitness models delete October 3
Category:Flash locations rename/merge as nominated October 16
Category:Flash television series delete October 10
Category:Former BBC newsreaders and journalists merge into Category:BBC newsreaders and journalists. List looks good btw :-) October 8
Category:Former Muslims keep October 24
Category:Former USSR area Political parties delete October 19
Category:Free forum hosts rename October 24
Category:Freedom delete October 14
Category:Freight terminals rename, although renamed to Railway freight terminals per other subcategories of Rail infrastructure October 20
Category:French classical music rename/merge as nominated October 6
Category:Freshwater fish of New Zealand no consensus October 27
Category:Fuck delete October 31
Category:GA-Class country articles delete Category:GA-Class Countries articles October 15
Category:Galactic groupings rename/merge to Category:Galaxy clusters October 21
Category:Galaxy cluster template delete October 3
Category:Ganguly Family Connection category already deleted October 31
Category:Gay Conservatives to Category:Gay conservatives delete October 22
Category:Generals of the Indo-Pakistani Conflicts delete October 22
Category:Geography of Georgia delete (and protected) October 11
Category:Georgian poets rename October 9
Category:Glossaries keep October 15
Category:Glossary of Sikh TermsCategory:Sikh terms rename/merge as nominated October 15
Category:Goa trance musicians rename/merge as nominated October 3
Category:Golden Globe Award winners delete October 6
Category:Golden Globe winners delete October 6
Category:Goldsmiths College rename/merge as nominated October 28
Category:Golf courses by state merge October 18
Category:Good Charlotte singles merge October 20
Category:Grammatical semantics rename/merge as nominated October 4
Category:Great Lakes Avengers villains delete October 30
Category:Greek Punk Groups rename/merge as nominated October 21
Category:Green Lantern television series delete October 10
Category:Ground warfare rename/merge as nominated October 4
Category:Haïtian music rename/merge as nominated October 17
Category:Haitian Slaves speedy delete (empty) October 17
Hammer Films rename/merge to Category:Hammer Film Productions films October 26
Category:Harrisburg Area Roads rename to Category:Roads in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area October 17
Category:Hellenic Navy ships rename and redirect to Category:Ships of the Hellenic Navy October 7
Category:Heroscape delete October 17
Category:Hindu athletes delete both October 24
Category:Hispanic Rappers delete October 24
Category:Historic military defeats delete October 26
Category:History of English cricket from 1890 to 1914 rename/merge to Category:English cricket seasons from 1890 to 1918 October 26
Category:History of the Kurds no consensus October 8
Category:Holocaust rename/merge as nominated October 26
Category:Howard rename October 25
Category:Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form no consensus October 15
Category:Human diseases delete October 24
Category:Human-animal conflict merge to Pest control October 25
Category:Hungarian footballers in Spain delete October 27
Category:Hungarian-born people delete October 31
Category:Husbands of Elizabeth Taylor } delete October 31
Category:Hybrid citrus rename/merge as nominated October 29
Category:Hymn writers no consensus (but seeing as not all hymns are christian, I'll make it a supercat) October 18
Category:Hypothetical extrasolar minor planets delete October 3
Category:Hypothetical solar system stars delete October 3
Category:IBM omnibus delete October 31
Category:ICAR rename October 26
Category:Icelandic to English translators rename/merge as nominated (for consistency); personal opinion, "foo to English translators" makes no sense; presumably, if someone can translate foo to English, they can also translate English to foo, so "foo-bar translators" makes sense; As for the supercat, that should be left as is to differentiate between "Translators to English" and "Translators to (insert language here)" October 2
Category:Illegal foods delete October 15
Category:Illegitimate children delete October 4
Category:Independant comics delete October 21
Category:Indian Film Family rename October 25
Indian political party "leaders" Rename both per the fact that not all politicians are leaders October 16
Category:Indiana Jones characters no consensus October 6
Category:Individuals in the history of France Delete. The consensus formed here feels the category is superfluous to French people. Although the process was interfered with, I think a quick glance through the contributions of the category emptier would allow a precis of what the category contained, and given only one user felt that was an impediment, I don't see that as an obstruction to closing the debate. 10:32, 20 October 2006 (UTC) October 13
Category:Injustice Society members delete October 17
Category:Intertemporal rename October 21
Category:IPN alumni rename/merge as nominated October 8
Category:Irgun and Lehi delete October 28
Category:Israel Prize winners rename October 5
Category:Italian language keep October 21
Category:Italian-American classical pianists merge to Category:American classical pianists to ensure membership remains categoriz/sed October 15
Category:Italian-American organists delete October 15
Japan prefectures rename all except stub categories. Because of the macrons that are not easily typed on a qwerty keyboard, I will leave existing categories as {{category redirect}}s October 11
Category:Jewish Prophets rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:Julian Cannonball Adderley albums rename/merge as nominated October 19
Category:Justice League television series delete October 10
Category:Karloff-Awards delete October 15
Category:Keele University academics rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:Kurds rename/merge as nominated October 8
Category:Lady Sovereign EPs rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:Latter Day Saint temples rename/merge to Category:Mormon temples October 6
Category:Lay Philosophers delete October 28
Category:Lazy fictional characters delete October 12
Leaders of alleged cults delete October 16
Category:Leeds City FC managers no consensus October 31
Category:Leeds United AFC no consensus October 31
Category:Left-wing terrorism delete October 11
Category:Leo cluster delete, empty October 21
Category:Leo Triplet merge all with Category:Leo Triplet October 28
Lewis and Clark Rename to Category:Lewis and Clark Expedition October 13
Category:Leyland DAF delete October 23
Category:LGBT rights movement no consensus October 14
Category:LGBT television series delete October 14
Category:Lightgun_games delete October 1
Category:List Blasians delete October 23
Category:List of CSI: Miami characters rename/merge as nominated October 6
Category:List of Czech Painters speedy delete October 5
Category:List of Ohio State University people rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:List of Painters speedy delete October 5
Category:List of shopping malls in Maryland rename/merge as nominated October 9
Category:Lists of Governors speedy merge then delete October 6
Category:Lists of webisodes upmerge to Category:Internet television series October 24
Category:Living centenarians rename/merge as nominated October 26
Category:Living classical composers merge with 21st century classical composers and suggest result evaluated per below October 26
Category:Livingston dynasty in New York rename October 15
Category:Long Island Rail Road Merge to Category:Long Island Rail Road stations keep October 21
Category:Longest Film Career delete October 21
Category:Loop lines rename per nom October 19
Category:Low Saxon rename/merge as nominated October 13
Category:LSU faculty rename October 11
Category:M.U.G.E.N related reverse merge. The article is titled M.U.G.E.N (without the final period) see Talk:M.U.G.E.N#Move back to M.U.G.E.N ? October 21
Category:M101 subgroup delete October 16
Category:M51 subgroup delete October 16
Category:M96 Group merge all with Category:M96 Group October 28
Category:Mac OS X-only software made by Apple Computer keep October 7
Macau vs. Macanese in people categories if I'm reading this correctly, the decision is to keep both sets of categories. Since I don't know which articles would go into which category, someone with more knowledge of the subject will need to finish this. October 27
Category:Major league players from California no consensus October 29
Category:Malta articles with bad orthography speedy delete October 8
Category:Manchester University people rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:Manga and anime anti-heroes delete October 7
Category:Manga and anime sidekicks no consensus October 7
Category:Mark Foley scandal delete October 2
Category:Marvel animated characters delete October 20
Marvel Comics films rename/merge as nominated October 24
Category:Marvel Comics mutants with superhuman strength rename/merge as nominated October 30
Marvel Comics superhero team memberships delete October 17
Category:Marvel Comics supervillains no consensus October 30
Category:Marvel Comics Villains merge Category:Marvel Comics Villains to Category:Marvel Comics villains. Category:Marvel Comics villains, non-superpowered has been nominated separately, and Category:Marvel Comics supervillains was not tagged so I will nominate now October 21
Category:Marvel Comics villains, non-superpowered merge October 23
Category:Marvel films Speedy delete g3, vandalism October 10
Category:Marvel Legends and Category:Spider-Man Classics delete both October 8
Category:Marvel Super Hero actors delete October 18
Category:Marvel vs. Series characters delete. Current membership now listed at List of Marvel vs. Series characters October 20
Category:Mass casualty atrocities rename/merge as nominated October 4
Category:Massacres no consensus October 4
Category:Members of alleged cults speedied October 23
Category:Members of the Académie des sciences morales et politiques keep October 2
Category:Memorization shooters delete October 25
Category:Metal Slug arcade series delete October 30
Category:Metalcore groups rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:Methodist Canadians rename/merge as nominated October 17
Category:Metropolitan Charlotte rename/merge as nominated October 19
Category:Mexican universities alumni rename/merge as nominated October 8
Category:Midget and Dwarf actors rename/merge as nominated October 3
Category:Military defeats delete October 14
Category:Military districts of Russia and the Soviet Union no consensus (but if someone wants to split this into two, have at it) October 28
Category:Military of Palestine,Category:Weapons of Palestine delete October 12
Military Units Rename all. (I will probably do the some moves with AWB, and hope that others can help out October 18
Category:Minor planet satellites no consensus October 8
Category:Minority languages delete October 21
Category:Miscellaneous Vancouver articles keep October 21
Category:Missions of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints delete October 25
Category:MLFA teams rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:MLFA venues rename/merge as nominated October 22
Modern ships Rename, consensus below and here October 13
Mongooses in fiction rename/merge as nominated October 24
Category:Monotesticular people delete October 20
Category:Monster anime delete October 7
Category:Montclair University alumni rename October 25
Category:Montreal Canadians draft picks delete October 4
Category:Moroccan Portugueses delete October 21
MOTD categories delete Category:MOTDuser; Category:MOTD rename/merge to Category:Wikipedians who contribute to Motto of the day October 12
Category:Mountain Men speedy rename October 2
Category:Movie theatre chains in the United States keep October 4
Category:Music educators Music teachers redirected to Music educators October 31
Category:Musicians who play left-handed delete October 19
Category:Mythic Online Games delete, empty October 29
Category:Mythological characters in fiction delete, empty October 22
Category:National Park in Vietnam speedy delete as misnamed and still empty October 11
Category:National parks of the United States keep (cf also #National Parks discussion below) October 13
National Parks Rename all to variations of Category:National parks in Foo. Everyone noted that the P should be lower case in Parks but also that "in" was preferred to "of" October 13
Category:Nationalities by occupation rename Category:Occupations by nationality to Category:People by occupation and nationality and Category:Nationalities by occupation to Category:People by nationality and occupation October 11
Category:Native American wars rename October 5
Category:Natural monuments of South Korea delete October 18
Category:Naval battles of World War II delete October 2
Category:Nazi Party Organisations merge with Category:Nazi organizations October 15
Category:NBC Irish-Americans delete October 22
Category:Neighborhoods in Denver, Colorado rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:Neighborhoods of Indianapolis rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:NEISD rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:New Mexico train stations rename both to Category:New train stations in Mexico. Ha ha, just kidding. Reverse merge. October 20
Category:New York School artists delete October 15
Category:New York State poets rename/merge as nominated October 15
Category:New York State writers rename/merge as nominated (see NYS poets discussion below) October 15
Ngayarda language categories delete October 23
Category:NGC 6703 group delete October 19
Category:NHL on Versus rename/merge as nominated October 21
Category:NHL retired numbers rename to Category:National Hockey League players with retired numbers October 11
Category:Non-profit Organizations of Nepal rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:Norm rename to Norms (mathematics) October 13
Category:Northern Ireland symbols delete October 4
Category:Notable YouTube users delete October 16
Category:Nth-order/level administrative divisions rename October 12
Category:Nuclear power plants in the United States rename both October 7
Category:Occult Influenced musicians delete October 8
Category:Old West Lawmen rename/merge to Category:Lawmen of the American Old West October 20
Category:Olympic gold medalists for Soviet Union SPEEDY MERGE, redundant and misnamed October 30
Category:Opponents of capital punishment delete October 9
Category:Orange Country Wrestling Federation delete October 3
Category:Paintball marker operation no consensus (btw, paintball marker seems to be a fancified version of painball gun) October 17
Category:Panic! at the Disco no consensus October 18
Category:PBS Masterpiece Theater rename/merge to Category:Masterpiece Theatre October 17
Category:PC game covers delete October 1
Category:Peerage by surname delete October 25
Category:People by university in Northern Ireland keep October 27
Category:People from Haiti delete October 2
Category:People from Hannover {{category redirect}} October 28
Category:People from Yonkers rename/merge as nominated October 9
Category:People known by first name only rename to Category:People known by single-name pseudonyms October 1
Category:People of Ghanaian heritage rename/merge as nominated October 27
Category:People of Nigerian heritage merge per nom October 25
Category:People who carry swords delete October 1
Category:People with barbed wire tattoos already deleted October 15
Category:People with facial hair delete and block October 31
Performers by performance Moved As these were not cfd discussions that can be closed in a normal matter, but rather proposals for new speedy criteria, they have been moved to Wikipedia talk:Categories for discussion#Proposals for new csd criteria for categories, a more appropriate venue conducive to further discussion October 16
Category:Photography books merge October 9
Category:Photography museums merge October 9
Category:Photography Societies, Clubs and Associations to Category:Photography societies, clubs and associations rename/merge to Category:Photography organizations October 2
Category:Pink albums to Category:P!nk albums keep October 22
Category:Pirates by religion upmerge to Pirates October 20
Category:Piyo delete October 9
Category:Places in Cheshire rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:Planetary satellites no consensus October 8
Category:Planets of the solar system rename all using "Solar System". Corresponding articles noted below also (being) renamed October 8
Category:Players forced to retire because of an irregular heartbeat delete October 15
Category:Poetry Published delete all October 31
Category:Poison (substances) rename October 19
Category:Polish theater delete, empty October 20
Category:Political thriller novels delete (it's empty now) October 12
Category:Polymaths mark as {{deletedcategory}}. October 20
Category:Poor fictional characters delete October 12
Category:Popular Hasidic Entertainers rename/merge as nominated October 2
Category:Popular Tollywood films no consensus; rename to Category:Tollywood films to remove POV October 11
Category:POWER architecture rename October 21
Power stations rename all per nom October 11
Category:Powers of Charmed delete October 10
Category:Pre-1933 two-digit Virginia state highways delete October 6
Category:Pro-choice politicians / Category:Pro-life politicians delete both October 8
Category:Professors {{categoryredirect}} October 29
Category:Providence College graduates rename October 7
Category:Public corporations in India rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:Pui O delete October 15
Category:Pureblood Families rename to Pureblood families in the Harry Potter series October 19
Category:PvdA rename - will someone please nominate Category:VVD and Category:D66 per C mon? October 24
Category:Rachael Ray delete October 9
Category:Railroad Forum delete October 4
Category:Rape Hoaxes delete October 19
Category:Real Person Fic delete October 15
Category:Recipients of the Wolf Prize in Physics rename October 5
Category:Red haired kings delete October 28
Category:Relatives of celebrities delete October 24
Category:Religious Editors rename to Category:Editors of religious publications October 27
Category:Replicator upmerge October 5
Category:Republic of Singapore Air Force airbases delete October 22
Category:Republic of Singapore Navy bases delete October 25
Category:Resurrected fictional characters SPEEDY DELETE as recreation of prior deleted category October 10
Reviewed protected edit requests delete October 4
Category:Rivers of Miami-Dade County, Florida rename/merge as nominated October 8
Category:Robbi McMillen delete October 13
Category:Roman Catholic Ministries-Roman Catholic Lay Societies rename/merge as nominated October 31
Category:Roman Catholic secondary schools in Ayrshire delete October 15
Category:Romanian-speaking countries delete. I have also nominated Category:Catalan-speaking countries for deletion here October 30
Category:Roy Harper singles rename/merge as nominated October 29
Category:RPG Series rename October 13
Category:S.C.I.F.I. World delete October 14
Category:SACDs delete October 8
Category:Sade singles rename October 22
Category:Saintly person tombs in Israel no consensus October 10
Category:Samoan American football coaches delete October 29
Category:Saxophonists who are capable of circular breathing delete October 16
Category:Scholars and groups accused of cult apologism delete October 21
Category:Scholars of Japanese history rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:School accreditors in India delete October 6
Category:School massacres in the United States relist 12 Oct 2006, cat wasn't tagged October 5
Category:School massacres in the United States rename/merge to Category:School killings in the United States October 12
Category:Science fiction books stubs speedy rename October 12
Category:Secret Service already deleted October 1
Category:Secret Society of Super Villains delete October 17
Category:Serbian and Montenegrin footballers Delete. Clear consensus to delete formed in the below debate and per comments at the previous debate October 13
Category:Serbian theatre rename/merge as nominated October 28
Category:Settlers of the National Capital Region of Canada no consensus October 18
Seven-Year War rename first as nominated, rename second to Category:Battles of the Japanese invasions of Korea (1592-1598) October 20
Category:Sex moves ''and'' Category:Sexual acts rename/merge Category:Sex moves to Category:Sexual acts October 2
Category:Sforza rename as proposed October 17
Category:Shady anime characters delete October 3
Category:Ship disasters rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:Sign rename/merge as nominated October 4
Category:Silicon Valley people speedy delete October 25
Category:Silver Buffalo awardees Keep October 20
Skeptics and subcats no consensus October 20
Category:Sligo Rovers. players speedy rename October 11
Category:SNK vs. Series characters delete October 21
Category:Solar system natural satellites no consensus October 8
Category:Solid Steel delete October 11
Category:Songs heard at Kansas City Chiefs home games delete October 13
Category:Special protection areas in the United Kingdom rename October 30
Category:Sport in Palestine keep October 24
Category:Stage Actresses rename/merge as nominated October 24
Category:Stampede Wrestling alumni merge October 22
Category:Stanley Gallon novels delete October 6
Category:Star Fox members delete October 25
Category:State-specific Interstate highway articles delete October 28
Category:Streets in Los Angeles, California rename/merge as nominated October 3
Subcats of Category:Museum collections no consensus October 24
Category:Subnational entities rename/merge as nominated October 12
Category:Suburbs of Akron, Ohio delete October 15
Category:Superheroes without costumes delete October 11
Category:Superliga footballers rename October 22
Category:Superman actors delete October 17
Category:Superman II delete October 27
Category:Superman locations rename/merge as nominated October 16
Category:Supermodels from Montenegro rename per nom October 20
Category:Superstitious fictional characters delete October 12
Category:Supervillains without costumes delete October 17
Category:Swedish Actresses rename/merge as nominated October 23
Category:Tables delete October 3
Category:Taboo activities delete October 12
Category:Tamil sportspersons rename October 15
Category:Teachers merge with Schoolteachers and leave {{categoryredirect}}. Suggest, however, that this redirect is to Category:Educators as not all teachers are schoolteachers...?   October 27
Category:Techniques named for people delete October 5
Category:Teen comics delete October 15
Category:Teen idols delete October 18
Category:Teen Titans television series delete October 10
Category:Television stations in Eau Claire delete (empty) October 31
Category:Templates redirect October 23
Category:Tennessee Volunteers softball players rename/merge to Category:Tennessee Lady Volunteers softball players October 8
Category:Terrorists delete October 31
Category:The 4400 keep October 25
Category:The Canadian Centenary Series delete October 6
Category:The Corrs singles rename October 21
Category:The Fox River Eight delete October 28
Category:The Simpsons Guest stars delete October 21
Category:The Wildhearts singles rename October 15
Theatres of World War II no consensus October 24
Category:Throw Momma from the Train actors delete October 15
Category:Thursday Next series no consensus October 23
Category:Toho Kaiju who never fought godzilla mark with {{deletedcategory}} as recreation October 18
Category:Toho kaiju who never met Godzilla category speedily deleted October 27
Category:Toll roads in Ohio keep October 27
Category:Tong Fuk delete October 15
Category:Top-grossing films of 2006 delete (there was only one article left to merge) October 11
Category:Towns in Gippsland, Australia no consensus October 16
Category:Towns with Zombie Problems delete October 28
Category:Traditional grammar delete October 4
Category:Tree City USA cities delete October 19
Category:Triracial girl groups delete October 16
Category:Turkish military people rename as proposed October 17
TV chefs rename all October 24
Category:Tv show creators delete October 21
Two categories using the word "trivia"  : October 25
Category:Type-D stars rename/merge as nominated (for the record, a recreation from a cfd from a year ago probably shouldn't be speedied, no, but from a month or week ago? speedy.) October 26
Category:U.S. State Attorneys General rename October 24
Category:UAG alumni delete, empty October 8
Category:UCL academics rename October 22
Category:Ugliest buildings delete October 21
Category:Unintelligent fictional characters delete October 11
Category:United Basketball League teams delete (it's empty) October 31
Category:United States Army people rename/merge as nominated October 21
Category:United States Army soldiers keep October 21
Category:United States Courts of Appeals judges Opposed. No consensus for the proposed rename, in fact a clear consensus to keep the current name October 13
Category:United States Courts of Appeals judges rename/merge as nominated October 21
Category:United States Courts of Appeals judges Withdrawn. Followup nomination at Wikipedia:Categories for deletion/Log/2006 October 13#Category:United States Courts of Appeals judges October 10
Category:United States Courts of Appeals rename/merge as nominated October 14
Category:United States Navy people rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:United States Representatives from Oklahoma rename/merge as nominated October 23
University of Abertay rename/merge as nominated October 22
University of Durham rename/merge as nominated, except for alum, to Category:Durham University alumni October 22
Category:University of Reading alumni rename/merge as nominated October 22
Category:University of York alumni no consensus October 22
Category:Upcoming segregates of Olacaceae Deleted. The category was deleted on 00:50, 18 October 2006 by USer:MPF as over-categorisation October 16
Category:Upper St. Clair Alumni rename October 28
Category:Urban counties of Greater Poland rename/merge as nominated October 24
Category:US Television shows without a theme song delete October 10
Category:US Trotskyist and splinter organisations rename October 22
Category:User:Amrykid/Pages speedy delete, as user-orientated. October 8
Category:User:Amrykid/Pages/Edits speedy delete, as user-orientated. October 8
Category:Userboxes for speedy deletion delete October 20
Category:Uzbek delete October 29
Category:Vampire Slayers rename per nom. (Comment: I guess that by the time someone reached this category they'd be more rather than less likelt to know/infer to what "Buffyverse" refers.) October 25
Category:Vertical lift bridges keep October 12
Category:Video Game characters rename/merge as nominated October 28
Category:Volcanoes of Israel no consensus October 11
Category:VRE stations rename October 20
Category:W. S. Gilbert plays rename/merge as nominated October 16
Category:Warfare by period rename/merge as nominated October 1
Category:Wario characters rename/merge as nominated October 24
Category:WarioWare characters delete October 11
Category:Washington University alumni redirect October 18
Category:Waterfalls of Georgia rename October 11
Category:Wealthy fictional characters delete October 12
Category:Webcast webisodic series delete October 24
Category:Wellesley College alumnae rename/merge as nominated October 3
Category:Wellesley College alumni no consensus October 17
Western Kentucky University basketball rename both October 7
Western movie actors and actresses rename/merge as nominated October 11
Category:Wikipedia critics delete October 17
Category:Wikipedia sockpuppets of Outoftuneviolin keep October 4
Category:Wikipedians for Tampa 2008 delete October 26
Category:Wikipedians who support the Bahujan Samaj Party delete October 20
Category:WikiProject Reference pages Rename. No objections noted below October 13
Category:Wild West merge October 20
Category:Wilderness areas of Tennessee merge as nominated October 11
Category:Women lawyers merge October 30
Category:Wonder Woman television series delete October 10
Category:Word lists to be moved to Wiktionary rename October 16
Category:Works rename/merge to Category:Creative works October 2
Category:World Champion boxers rename/merge as nominated October 19
World cities delete October 16
Category:World War II cruisers of Greece delete October 3
Category:World War II operations and battles of the Pacific Theatre keep October 24
Category:World War II Pacific Campaign withdrawn October 24
Category:Worldwide animals delete October 26
WW2 South Pacific Campaign delete October 24
Category:Years in Pakistan keep October 10
Yu-Gi-Oh GX categories delete October 15
Category:ZZ Top singles merge October 15