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December 28[edit]

Bird orders[edit]

Category:Penguins to Category:Sphenisciformes[edit]

Category:Trans-Canada highway[edit]

Category:Tall buildings in London to Category:Tall buildings and structures in London[edit]

Category:Famous horseback riders[edit]

Category:Wikipedians that don't believe in Santa[edit]

Category:User Wikipedia/Anti-Administrator[edit]

Category:User pepsi[edit]

Category:Wikipedians by stuff[edit]

Category:Users who will probably be using a different account if they ever return, unless the stalking situation is dealt with, et al[edit]

Category:Opera houses in Aregentina[edit]

Category:Opera houses of the Czech Republic[edit]

Category:Places/Institutions/Technologies in Left Behind to Category:Left Behind[edit]

Category:Typhoons in Philippines[edit]

Category:United States cities[edit]

Category:Universities in Ottawa and Category:Colleges in Ottawa[edit]

Category:Population of Paris[edit]

Category:Star Wars Rebel Alliance characters and Category:Star Wars Rebel Alliance and New Republic characters[edit]

Category:Hawks to Category:True Hawks[edit]