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July 12[edit]

Category:Fictional characters by actor and subcategories[edit]

Category:FC Baia Mare footballers to Category:FC Baia Mare players[edit]

Category:Steaua Bucharest footballers to Category:Steaua Bucureşti players[edit]

Vocalists to singers[edit]

Category:Fictional Businesses to Category:Fictional businesses[edit]

Category:National professional leagues to Category:Professional sports leagues[edit]

Category:National Historic Landmark to Category:National Historic Landmarks of the United States[edit]

Category:Images for presentations[edit]

Category:Law enforcement agency[edit]

Category:Irish-American models[edit]

Merge Category:Irish entrepreneurs and Category:Irish businesspeople[edit]

Category:Women to Category:Women and girls[edit]

Category:British rule in Singapore to Category:Singapore under British rule[edit]

Category:Melvin Simon and Associates to Category:Simon Property Group[edit]

More "United States" to "American" categories[edit]

Category:Batman stories[edit]

Category:Roads in Warwickshire[edit]

Category:Food portal selected articles to Category:Selected articles from food and drink portals[edit]

Category:Highways in Israel[edit]

Category:Fictional windows[edit]


Category:FCU Politehnica Timişoara players[edit]

Category:Suspected Wikipedia sockpuppets of Some guy from tennessee[edit]

Foundations by country categories[edit]

Category:Monaco flags and arms to Category:Images of flags and coats of arms of Monaco[edit]

Category:Ruslana concerts[edit]

Category:Ohio Dams[edit]

Category:Norway at war to Category:Military history of Norway[edit]

Images of cities by country categories[edit]

Category:Japan history of foreign relations to Category:History of foreign relations of Japan[edit]

Dominican Republic sportspeople[edit]

Category:Military leaders to Category:Military people[edit]

Category:Executive branches to Category:Executive branches of government[edit]

Category:German ministers to Category:Government ministers of Germany[edit]

Category:Locations featured in Time Team[edit]

Categories named after people subcategories[edit]

Category:Wikipedians who insist on having the word lobster in every article[edit]

Category:Serie B players[edit]


Category:Video compilations and Category:Music DVDs to Category:Music videos and DVDs[edit]

Category:Animal liberation movement to Category:Animal rights movement[edit]

Category:French air disasters[edit]

Category:Steven Blum-potrayed characters[edit]