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June 13[edit]

Members of Category:American musical groups by state[edit]

Category:Fictional flight attendants[edit]

Category:One-of-a-kind game consoles[edit]

Category:Pixel image editor[edit]

Category:Anti-Semitic people to Category:Anti-Semitism (people)[edit]

Category:Operations of the 2003 Iraq conflict to Category:Battles and operations of the 2003 Iraq conflict[edit]

Category:Wikipedians with an age[edit]

category:Children's ITV television programmes to category:ITV children's television programmes[edit]

Category:Vespa scooter riders[edit]

Category:Fictional table tennis players[edit]

merge Category:Aboriginal conflicts in Canada with Category:Conflicts in Canada[edit]

Category:Freccia class destroyers to Category:Destroyer classes[edit]