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June 22[edit]

Category:Anti-Aging Medicine[edit]

Category:Street Names List to Category:Street names by city[edit]

Category:Jewish day schools[edit]

Category:Fictional token characters to Category:Token characters[edit]

Category:Amarilloans to Category:People from Amarillo[edit]

Armored fighting vehicles by nationality[edit]

Category:United Kingdom political history to Category:Political history of the United Kingdom[edit]


Category talk:User Wikipedia/Anti-Administrator to Category:Wikipedians who don't wish to become administrators[edit]

Category:Fictional cold characters to Category:Fictional cryokineticists[edit]

Category:Orphaned unfree images[edit]


Category:USPS stamps to Category:Post-1978 USPS stamps[edit]

Category:Republic of Ireland organisations to Category:Organisations based in the Republic of Ireland[edit]

Charities by country[edit]

Category:Racehorses bred in the United States[edit]

Category:SFWA Writer Beware Worst Literary Agents[edit]

Category:Indian administrators(govt) to Category:Indian civil servants[edit]

Category:Vilnius mayors to Category:Mayors of Vilnius[edit]

Category:Carter family[edit]

Category:Staal family to Category:National Hockey League families[edit]

Category:June 2006 singles[edit]

Category:Railway stations in Ayrshire[edit]

Mighty Ducks[edit]


Dozens of categories by Imthehappywanderer (talk · contribs)[edit]

Category:Cities and towns in FATA to Category:Cities and towns in Federally Administered Tribal Areas[edit]


Category:FATA to Category:Federally Administered Tribal Areas[edit]

Category:World Cities[edit]

Category:African American intellectuals to Category:African Americans[edit]

Category:Monpelier, Vermont[edit]