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March 5[edit]

Category:Nippon Pro Baseball Teams[edit]

Category:Canadian sports teams[edit]

Category:Knife Rock groups[edit]

Category:Lecturers by university in the United Kingdom to Category:Academics by university in the United Kingdom[edit]


Category:Lesbian sportspeople[edit]

Category:Napoleonic wars and subcategories (multiple renaming request)[edit]

Category:Revolution people and subcategories (multiple renaming request)[edit]

Category:Places on Placeopedia[edit]

Category:Wikipedians by stuff[edit]

Category:Fictional parents[edit]

Category:University and college types to Category:Universities and colleges by type[edit]

Category:Schools of art to Category:Art schools[edit]

Category:Gabrielite Brothers' Schools[edit]

Category: Images of MEPs for Italy (6th term)[edit]

Category:Coastal towns in Pakistan[edit]

Category:Rat Baiting dogs breeds[edit]

Category:Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet[edit]