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May 6[edit]

Category:People of Greenland to Category:Greenlandic people[edit]

Category:The Astors to Category:Astor family[edit]

Trade unions by country[edit]

A previous discussion here [1] was unable to reach a consensus on converting to Category:Trade unions in **** from Category:****ian trade unions. Further discussion has been started at WikiProject Organized Labour. Comments and opinions are welcome. --Bookandcoffee 22:46, 6 May 2006 (UTC)

Law by country[edit]

Programming language families[edit]

Cultures by nationality[edit]

Category:Cities and towns of Sicily to Category:Cities and towns in Sicily[edit]

Category:Conservation areas of Mozambique to Category:Conservation in Mozambique[edit]

Category:Hill Stations in Pakistan to Category:Hill stations of Pakistan[edit]

Category:Law of Sabah[edit]

Category:Foreign relations of Sabah[edit]

Category:Political parties formed in Sabah[edit]

Category:News and media in Sabah[edit]

Category:Organizations in Sabah[edit]

Category:Non-Governmental Organizations in Sabah[edit]

Category:Welfare organizations in Sabah[edit]

Category:Recreation & Sports in Sabah[edit]

Category:Wikipedians with Alzheimer's disease[edit]

Category:NASCAR Rookie of the Year to Category:NASCAR Rookie of the Year award winners[edit]

Category:Anglo-Irish War (1919-1921) to Category:Irish War of Independence[edit]

Category:Journalism in Pakistan to Category:Pakistani media[edit]

Category:Kurdish cities[edit]

Category:War on terror[edit]

Category:People who have died in hotel rooms[edit]

Category:Dukes of Osuna[edit]

Category:English architecture writers[edit]

Category:Disney Character to Category:Images of Disney characters[edit]


Category:Indo China[edit]

Category:Childrens Books on Homosexuality to Category:Children's books about sexuality[edit]

Category:Urban Culture[edit]

Merge Category:Middlesbrough Borough into Category:Middlesbrough[edit]