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October 18[edit]

Category:Dead fictional characters[edit]

Category:Electric Light Orchestra singles[edit]

Category:Teen idols[edit]

Military Units[edit]

Category:Hymn writers[edit]

Category:Marvel Super Hero actors[edit]

Category:DC Superhero actors[edit]

Category:Fictional Arkansans[edit]

Category:Fictional characters from Arkansas[edit]

Category:Golf courses by state[edit]

Category:Toho Kaiju who never fought godzilla[edit]

Category:Washington University alumni[edit]

Category:Fictional characters with the power to manipulate energy[edit]

Category:Cemeteries in Georgia[edit]

Category:Exploration of Antarctica[edit]

Additional DC Comics Groups[edit]

"People known in connection..."[edit]

Category:Settlers of the National Capital Region of Canada[edit]

Category:Panic! at the Disco[edit]

Category:Athletes who have maliciously stepped on other athletes during competition[edit]

Category:Natural monuments of South Korea[edit]