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This is a styleguide for writing about cemeteries. An example (former FA) cemetery article is Oakland Cemetery (Atlanta, Georgia).

Inclusion in article namespace[edit]

A cemetery should have at least one of the following:

  • A cemetery should be the "subject of multiple, reliable, independent, non-trivial, published works".
  • A cemetery is on the National Register of Historic Places or on an individual state's list.
  • A cemetery should have at least three people with a Wikipedia biography buried there to have its own article listing.

Inclusion in township or city articles[edit]

If a cemetery doesn't warrant its own article space, it should be merged into the geographic entity article.

List of cemeteries[edit]

Other cemeteries should be listed in their list by county and state.


See a typical cemetery entry at Fairmount Cemetery, Newark. Follow the link to the category and see the subcategories and supercategories.

United States[edit]

Cemeteries are named with the city they are in: Holy Name Cemetery is named Holy Name Cemetery, Jersey City. If there are two cemeteries in two cities with same name, further disambiguation should use the state: Greenwood Cemetery, Franklin should become Greenwood Cemetery, Franklin, New Jersey and Greenwood Cemetery, Franklin, New York


It also helps to create a disambiguation page for common cemetery names.


Links to people buried that have biographies should be under the heading:

  • ==Notable burials==



Notable burials[edit]

there is no need to wikify the dates in a list. There is no need to provide a lengthy description of someone who already has an entry in Wikipedia. However if the person is not in Wikipedia, and you think they are notable please add enough information so that someone who will be writing their biography later will be able to distinguish them. The lengthy description below would be useful if there was no entry in Wikipedia.





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