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Centralized discussion
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Note: inactive discussions, closed or not, should be archived.

This page contains archived centralized discussion listings. The listings are grouped by the date in which they were archived, not when they were first posted, so this page is a record of the archiving rather than the posting. The links in the listings go to discussions which may have their own dedicated page or to talkpages which are subject to their own archiving, as such the links may not always lead directly to the actual discussions. Updates are ongoing.

While it may be useful to examine previous discussions on a topic, especially if planing to re-open a discussion on that topic, consensus does change. The relevance of past discussions depends on how long ago the discussion took place, how many people were involved, and the manner in which the information was presented. Decisions on whether to link to previous discussions will depend on the circumstances.

Category:Wikipedia proposals has more discussions (approved, rejected, and proposed) some of which may not have been listed for centralized discussion.

January 2014[edit]

February 2014[edit]

  • An alternative idea to make orphan tags invisible in the mainspace, rather than move them to the talk page. Added 2 January 2014, archived 9 February 2014.
  • An RfC on making the guideline on signatures a formal policy. Added 2 January 2014, archived 4 February 2014.
  • A request for the film Fuck to be featured on the main page as Today's featured article. Added 2 February 2014, archived 10 February 2014.
  • A CfD on whether to delete Category:Articles created via the Article Wizard, which has 33,000 pages. Added 5 January 2014, archived 12 February 2014.
  • An RfC on requiring QPQ for Did You Know nominations of pages created by other editors. Added 5 January 2014, archived 16 February 2014.
  • An RfC for AfC reviewer permission implementation. Added 21 January 2014, archived 16 February 2014.
  • An RfC on creating a speedy deletion criterion for pages in violation of WP:NOTWEBHOST. Added 13 January 2014, archived 16 February 2014.
  • An RfC to approve a bot adding stress marks to Russian words. Added 8 January 2014, archived 16 February 2014.
  • An RfC on how MOS:YEAR should be applied to sports year ranges: 2010/2011 vs. 2010/11 or 2010–11 vs. 2010–2011 depending on length of season. Added 29 December 2013, archived 16 February 2014.
  • Should Wikipedia provide a more prominent disclaimer in general, or on health and medical content? Archived 16 February 2014.
  • An RfC on the use(s) of the summary-style template main and its allies. Added 26 December 2013, archived 16 February 2014.
  • An RfC on which abbreviations and parameters should be included in {{Marriage}}. Added 23 January 2014, archived 23 February 2014.

March 2014[edit]

April 2014[edit]

  • An RfC about indefinitely blocked IP addresses Added 16 February 2014, archived 1 April 2014.
  • An RfC to promote the links section of Wikipedia:Signatures to policy Added 16 February 2014, archived April 1 2014.
  • An RfC on resolving article title policy conflicts between MOS TITLE COMMONNAME etc. Added 7 February 2014, archived 8 April 2014.
  • An RfC to mark Wikipedia:Editor review as historical. Added 1 March 2014; archived 13 April 2014.
  • A discussion on the capitalization of bird names. Added 9 April 2014; Archived 14 April 2014
  • An RfC regarding changing the username policy to allow role accounts. Added 24 March 2014. Archive 24 April 2014.

May 2014[edit]

June 2014[edit]

July 2014[edit]

August 2014[edit]

September 2014[edit]

October 2014[edit]

November 2014[edit]

December 2014[edit]

January 2015[edit]

February 2015[edit]

  • Proposal to grant highly trusted users with the ability to view deleted content through a consensus-driven process. Added 4 January 2015, archived 2 February 2015
  • A proposal to change rollback from a user right to an editing gadget. Added 1 February 2015, archived 12 February 2015

March 2015[edit]

April 2015[edit]

May 2015[edit]

June 2015[edit]

July 2015[edit]

  • An RfC for a four-day delay period for deleting abandoned AfC submissions under G13. added 21 June 2015, archived 5 July 2015
  • A proposal to forbid IPs from participating in the RfA process. added 7 June 2015, archived 10 July 2015
  • An RfC on "edit in Wikidata" links, for templates using Wikidata. added 4 June 2015, archived 13 July 2015
  • Non-admin closure of TFD discussions. added 9 June 2015, archived 25 July 2015

August 2015[edit]

September 2015[edit]

October 2015[edit]