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Red x.png This Wikipedia page is currently inactive and is kept primarily for historical interest. If you want to revive discussion regarding the subject, you should ask for broader input, for instance at the village pump.
The first ever Wikipedia International Chess Championship has officially been opened!
To track progress in all games, you can use the games watchlist.
To track discussion on games, you can use the talk page watchlist.
To keep track of everything, you can use the all-encompassing watchlist.


  1. Linuxbeak. -- won Game 2, lost Game 9, won DE Game 8
  2. Natalinasmpf. -- lost Game 5, won DE Game 3, eliminated in DE Game 7.
  3. SDSUPinoy - lost Game 1, made first move in DE Game 1 and has been awaiting opponent Project2501a a long time.
  4. ugen64. -- lost Game 8, eliminated in DE Game 4.
  5. Luigi30. -- won Game 6, lost Game 11, and has not started DE Game 6 in a long time. DE Game 6 page not set up yet.
  6. Raul654. -- replaced Acela Express, won Game 1, won Game 9, and has not started Game 13 in a long time. Game 13 page not set up yet.
  7. Gkhan. -- lost Game 7, won DE Game 4, eliminated in DE Game 8.
  8. Project2501a. -- lost Game 2, and has not made any moves in DE Game 1, even though opponent SDSUPinoy made the first move a long time ago.
  9. H Padleckas -- won Game 4, lost Game 10, and won DE Game 7.
  10. Sam Hocevar. -- won Game 3, won Game 10, and has not started Game 13 in a long time. Game 13 page not set up yet.
  11. Hedley. -- lost Game 3, eliminated in DE Game 2.
  12. JRM. -- won Game 7 and has not started Game 12 in a long time, although this player was ready to start long ago according to the Game 12 Talk page.
  13. Ghost Freeman. -- lost Game 6, eliminated in DE Game 3.
  14. Jonathan Christensen. -- won Game 5, won Game 11, and awaits winner of Game 12.
  15. Jasmine. -- won Game 8, and has not started Game 12 in a very long time.
  16. Dysprosia-- lost Game 4, won DE Game 2
  17. User: EKN


The games should be played using Template:Chess position. Standard rules of chess applies. The time limit for each move is 24 hrs. Any questions should be directed to Wikipedia talk:Chess championship. User:Gkhan is the current game official, he will decide (randomly) who will play whom. Any disputes he will arbitrate. Who will play what colours are for the players to decide between themselves.

Any game which results in a draw will be replayed with opposite colours for the players.

Each move will be documented by the players using Algebraic chess notation in the section called "Moves"

There will be a section on each page for comments. Anyone can comment on a game there, but suggestions for future moves are not allowed.

Good Luck everyone!

Game tree[edit]

Game 1 (0-1)
SDSUPinoy (white) vs Raul654 (black)

Game 9 (1-0)
Raul654 (white) vs Linuxbeak (black)

Game 13
Raul654 vs Sam Hocevar

Game 15
Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 14

Game 2 (1-0)
Linuxbeak (white) vs Project2501a (black)

Game 3 (1-0)
Sam Hocevar (white) vs Hedley (black)

Game 10 (0-1)
H Padleckas (white) vs Sam Hocevar (black)

Game 4 (1-0)
H Padleckas (white) vs Dysprosia (black)

Game 5 (1-0)
Jonathan Christensen (white) vs Natalinasmpf (black)

Game 11 (0-1)
Luigi30 (white) vs Jonathan Christensen (black)

Game 14
Jonathan Christensen vs JRM

Game 6 (1-0)
Luigi30(white) vs Ghost Freeman(black)

Game 7 (0-1)
Gkhan (white) vs JRM (black)

Game 12 (1-0)
JRM (walkover) vs Jasmine

Game 8 (1-0)
Jasmine (white) vs ugen64 (black)

Double Elimination[edit]

There will be a double elimination tournament for the eliminated players

DE Game 1
SDSUPinoy (white) vs Project2501a (black)

DE Game 5
Loser Game 12 vs Winner DE Game 1

DE Game 9
Winner DE Game 5 vs Winner DE Game 6

DE Game 11
Loser Game 13 vs Winner DE Game 9

DE Game 13
Winner DE Game 11 vs Winner DE Game 12

DE Game 14
Loser Game 15 vs Winner DE Game 13

DE Game 2 (1-0)
Dysprosia (white) vs Hedley (black)

DE Game 6
Dysprosia (white) vs Luigi30 (black)

DE Game 3 (1-0)
Natalinasmpf (white) vs Ghost Freeman (black)

DE Game 7

Natalinasmpf (white) vs
H Padleckas (black)

DE Game 10
Linuxbeak (white) vs
H Padleckas (black)

DE Game 12
Loser Game 14 vs Winner DE Game 10

DE Game 4 (0-1)
Ugen64 (white) vs Gkhan (black)

DE Game 8

Gkhan (white) vs Linuxbeak (black)


Final Winner Game 15 vs Winner DE Game 14

Take note Winner Game 15 only needs to win 1 match, while Winner DE Game 14 needs to win 2 Matches.

  • This is due to the nature of double-elimination.

Whens the next championship?Caleb Napier 14:57, 14 May 2006 (UTC)
Yes, i wanna know when's the next tourney! -BratX at 17:25, 20 June 2006 (UTC) --Satyajit Malugu 05:16, 6 November 2006 (UTC) I too want to kno2 when the next championship and play in it